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Suppliers of coffee roaster machine

Suppliers of coffee roaster machine: Choosing a reputable supplier to buy a coffee roaster is one of the important factors determining quality. If you skillfully choose a suitable place to buy a machine, it is easy to buy the right product for the shop.

When choosing to buy, you need to pay attention to the after-sale services of the place of purchase such as: caring, repairing the machine, having a replacement machine during the repair period, having 24/7 customer support … To ensure that when the roaster has a problem, you are supported in time.

Top 9 coffee roasters of Phin Viet are the most selected today

Rostar Roaster coffee roaster

The Rostar 1.5kg coffee roaster is the best coffee roaster model for the shop in the price segment under 50 million. The machine is directly designed and assembled meticulously by Phin Viet, providing very high accuracy parameters, good and stable coffee roasting quality.

Outstanding advantages:

– The design is much more compact than the size of the 1-1.5kg roaster on the market. Only as small and light as a 0.6-1kg roaster, making transporting and carrying the Rostar Roaster roaster extremely easy.

– Roasting drums are made from carbon steel to help Rostar Roaster roasters have good heat transfer and heat retention.

– Professional gas meters. Phin Viet has chosen gas using a multi-line multipoint array to roast coffee on fire evenly.

– Rostar Roaster has a large capacity cooling table, capable of cooling in just 3 minutes

– In particular, the Rostar Roaster roaster has a Cyclone filter device. Phin Viet has chosen gas to use a multi-line multi-point system.

– There are 2 meters showing wind heat and drum heat

– The machine is designed in a modular form that is easy to assemble and remove parts easily for disassembly, transportation and maintenance. Stainless steel material, high strength

– Quality of coffee cooked evenly, whole grains.

Santoke Roaster R6

It is a professional coffee roaster line that is highly appreciated by professionals. In particular, the machine has 2 layers of interlocking drums and alternating blades, so it evenly divides the particle mass so that the spreading temperature is uniform.

Suppliers of coffee roaster machine
Suppliers of coffee roaster machine


– Users can easily install and uninstall that with quick operation.

– Easy to clean and maintain

– The smoke is quickly removed from the coffee barrel without the smell of smoke


– German PT100 thermometer pair with Fuji Japanese temperature controller, accurately showing the real temperature of coffee beans and exhaust air inside the drum.

– The flame burner is developed for high efficiency, the temperature dissipates evenly inside the drum to help coffee beans cook evenly. In particular, users can monitor the roasting process via the phone application easily and conveniently.

Professional coffee roaster Santoker R1.5 Pro

As a high-performance smart roaster with top quality, the system of modern components makes adjustment easy, through an industrial-grade temperature control system that improves your roasting performance.


– The double drum design helps the roasting batches achieve uniform quality, the control system easily controls the temperature, rotation speed of the drum, minimizes the risk of grain burn, edge burn, uneven cooking.

– There is a function to measure particle temperature and air temperature to help ensure the best roasting temperature.

– The high-efficiency burner is heated gently and evenly, the cooling fan is placed laterally, easily controlling the rotation speed of the drum

Proroast Professional Coffee Roaster ( 3.5kg )

The Proroast coffee roaster is one of the perfect products that meets export standards. Compared to other coffee roasters for other shops at the same price, Proroast is the most loved by customers up to now. Because in addition to the functions that mid-range machines are having, Proroast is improved and more complete to suit users.


– Using 18 high-end burners has the potential to save significant energy sources for more efficient roasting machines.

– The durable main motor is installed away from the roasting drum and driven through the gear system ⇒ Minimize heating during use

– Safety equipment with CE (European Union Standards) quality rules and standards.

– 4 separate motors: Roasting drum rotary motor, hot air circulation fan, coffee cooling motor and cooling coffee island motor


The roasting drum design has not changed over time to match the market and improve product quality.

OPP Professional Coffee Roaster 03kg

OOP coffee roasters are products chosen by consumers thanks to modern technologies and simple, luxurious and beautiful designs. Highly appreciated by consumers for its quality as well as price in accordance with the requirements of users.


– The body is made of powder coated black steel, solid frame design with high durability

– The roasting drum design according to German technology senses the temperature in the drum to help ensure that the coffee is roasted evenly.

– During the roasting process, the roasting temperature is manually adjusted to create 100% absolute aroma

– The burner of the machine is imported from Europe according to the latest technology of the current coffee roaster to ensure the quality of coffee beans

Royal 3.0 mini coffee roaster ( 3kg )

It is a gas energy machine, designed for small and medium-sized cafes and coffee brands. The machine is applied new energy technology, electronic control system instead of mechanics to bring quality roasting batches.


– The blower uses frequency modulation to control the exhaust fan to help the coffee roaster fully control the roasting drum temperature and coffee roasting speed to avoid burning and smoke phenomena.

– Gas vans have a pressure gauge that makes it easy for roasters to adjust the balance of gas during the roasting process

– Using infrared burner technology to help heat radiate evenly, limiting coffee burnt or uneven cooking.


The thin roasting drum is made of C45 steel, so it is easy to heat up and easy to lose heat, requiring users to manipulate and calibrate gas and wind regularly otherwise it will not ensure coffee quality.

Mini coffee roaster Hotter 3000 ( 3kg )

As a product with many advantages to bring satisfaction to users, the roaster with a compact, sleek design is not only convenient but also very beautiful to decorate the shop.


– Use very safely, do not cause smoke but also spread the aroma of coffee, you can adjust the roasting mode flexibly to ensure the quality of the coffee.

– The machine is compactly designed with a horizontal roasting cage combined with a red multi-layer powder coating body to create a luxurious look.

– The machine operates quietly without making noise

– Electronic components imported from Japan and Korea.Mechanical and electronic heat meters help observe roasting temperature control, to adjust the temperature in the roasting cage through adjusting the wind inside the roasting cage.


Electric roasters should be able to increase heat slowly, do not increase heat and reduce heat immediately.

GENE 101A Korean mini coffee roaster

As a genuine Korean imported product using low-smoke electric roasting technology suitable for the needs of roasting in small quantities, especially the finished batches of coffee always impress with the gentle and seductive taste.


– It is a combination of modern design, high-quality materials and expert skills. Genesis technology simplifies and automates the coffee roasting process, has self-shutdown, self-adjustment of roasting temperature …

– Can be used as a decoration for the shop because the roasting cage is tilted beautifully to see the roasting process inside.

– Roasting technology by the principle of blowing hot air helps the temperature rise quickly


As a mini roaster, it is only suitable for shops with little demand

Lysander coffee roaster

It is a line of mini roasters researched and built by a team of experts for many years to ensure that it meets the basic standards of coffee roasting. In addition, this model is also appreciated for its beautiful and luxurious design, providing perfect roasting quality.


– The roasting drum of the Lysander coffee roaster is made of stainless alloy and very strong.

– Integrated paddle design helps the seeds to be stirred evenly during the roasting process.

– The electric motor when operating does not shake, creating noise.

– Handy accompanying sampling spoon helps roasters directly monitor the results of the roasting process.

Why You Should Buy Helena Coffee Roaster Machine

– Saving the initial investment cost: With the quality of imports but the price “Vietnam,” Helena Jsc coffee roaster helps businesses; individuals, or units that use not have to spend too much capital but can still own a professional coffee roasting system; effectively; endurance

Suppliers of coffee roaster machine
Suppliers of coffee roaster machine

– Saving equipment operating costs: Not losing raw materials; taking advantage of finished products, fuel economy; Shortening the roasting time of each batch of coffee helps businesses save many types of costs during the operation and exploitation of equipment.

– Improve labor efficiencyHelena Jsc coffee roaster with high capacity; can operate continuously without changing the quality of finished roasted coffee; It does not affect the machine’s performance. Therefore, the user can improve labor efficiency without needing a lot of workforces.

– Improve business efficiency: The above advantages help any business when using Helena Jsc coffee roaster can improve business efficiency.

– Building a sustainable reputation in the market: With the perfect quality of roasted coffee, Helena Jsc coffee roaster products will accompany users to build a brand and sustainable reputation.

Notes when using a coffee roaster

In order for the machine to work well and have the most delicious batches of coffee, the selection of ingredients is extremely important.

Pay attention to the roasting process to adjust the temperature best for the perfect batch of roasting

Clean the machine after making the roasting batch to ensure the longevity of the machine as well as the quality of the coffee beans

Start the machine first and then put the coffee beans in to avoid jamming the coffee beans in the engine.

=> Hope the above useful information will help the owner choose the right product for his shop.

At Phin Viet we not only provide products but also reputable warranty and repair services, promptly ensuring the best benefits for customers.