Experience In Choosing Coffee roaster machine 20kg From A – Z And Standard Quote

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Coffee roaster machine 20kg

Coffee roaster machine 20kg: Enjoying coffee has become a habit of Vietnamese people, especially Southern people or men. Delicious coffee beans that are roasted without burning will produce the perfect coffee. To do so, you need to have quality coffee roasters. In this article, let’s explore all the experience of choosing coffee roasters and the best machines today!

Step 1: Research and understand the roasting coffee machine structure

Before deciding to buy a coffee roaster, owners should take the time to learn a little about the specifications of the product. A best quality coffee roaster, in addition to ensuring the quality of roasted coffee, must also provide accurate information to users.

For example, with gas coffee roasters, the meter needs to accurately measure the temperature and clear numerical dividers so that the user knows what size of fire he is roasting coffee. In addition, there should also be a numbered wind knob and a heat meter in both positions, including particle heat and wind heat. The coffee roaster will have to record all the necessary information such as heat, time, gas, so accurate and sensitive measuring components are essential.

Coffee roaster machine 20kg
Coffee roaster machine 20kg

Or maybe, prioritize choosing coffee roasters that can be connected to Artisan software. This software has the effect of recording information and building into charts to make it easier for users to observe. From there, there are changes and decisions in the roasting process without having to taste, look or smell directly.

Roasting cage

The roasting cage must be made from high-quality carbon steel material. Moreover, it must have the right thickness, the ability to withstand high temperatures, not rust or degrade when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Inside the roasting cage, it is necessary to set up a separation system from the coffee beans and the rotors to turn in accordance with the scientific ratio and speed. This will ensure that the coffee is roasted evenly, the skin is separated but does not change the quality of the coffee.

In addition, the ratio of length and diameter of the roasting cage must also meet the standard. Doing so will create the most favorable convective air flow during the roasting process. Note that you should not choose stainless steel roasting cages because it is easy to lose heat and reduce heat too quickly. It is also not recommended to use cages with too large a proportion of cast iron because slow heat up and cooling down also takes time.

Dust extraction system

It is necessary to balance factors as well as have accurate parameter calculations such as capacity, speed, air flow,… They have the effect of absorbing all smoke, dust, silk shells ,… with a superior filtration system. As a result, it produces clean, smooth coffee beans with excellent aroma without any impurities. At the same time, it also saves energy by minimizing heat loss.

Gas system

The gas unit must ensure sufficient capacity to supply the machine. In case the gas unit is too weak, the ability to heat the machine will limit the speed and roasting time. In addition, the meter corresponding to the gas unit must also display the clearest line and parameters to help the roaster to watch the fire size correctly.

Thermometer sensor

With mini coffee roasters, most manufacturers will remove the roasting drum heat sensor and only keep the coffee bean heat sensor. As for more professional industrial coffee roasters, there will be a full range of 2 thermal sensors. This helps control and monitor the temperature in the roasting batch will be more accurate. Besides, the placement of thermal sensors also needs to be in the right place and position to ensure the highest accuracy.

Blower system

The blower, more specifically the wind speed, plays a very important role in a coffee roast. A quality coffee roaster must be able to adjust wind speed flexibly. Because this is mandatory, helping the heat dissipate evenly to avoid damaging the coffee.

Cooling table

The cooling time of a batch of coffee usually takes about 3 minutes to refill. Therefore, the cooling table should be designed with a blower powerful enough to cool the coffee within 2-3 minutes is most reasonable.

Machine weight

Coffee roasters, whether mini or industrial, should be made from sturdy and durable materials. They not only help improve product life but also are stable, avoiding vibration while roasting.

Sampling Unit

Professional coffee roasters will be designed with a sampling unit so that users can try and feel the ripeness of coffee beans. Thereby, manually adjust the most appropriate ripeness for each roast depending on your preferences.

Quality of coffee after roasting

A quality coffee roaster will produce perfect coffee beans, without a bit of scorching, the beans cook evenly. In contrast, substandard coffee roasters will not be arranged with a reasonable temperature and rotor reversal system. Therefore, no matter how uniform and processed coffee beans are, after roasting, there will still be a phenomenon of ripe raw beans, not beautiful colors.

Understanding the structure of the coffee roaster, you can also successfully create a homemade coffee roaster to save the most cost.

Step 2: Choose a coffee roaster model that meets the performance of the shop

With the budget in hand as well as having identified the need, the owner must have a list of coffee roasters that meet the criteria. However, don’t forget there are still some other fringe factors that will affect your coffee roaster purchase. For example, the location of the machine is wide or narrow, where should it be placed so that as soon as guests enter, they will immediately feel the impressive aroma of coffee.

Coffee roaster machine 20kg
Coffee roaster machine 20kg

In addition, the color of the coffee machine also needs to be harmonious and harmonious with the overall space. Help your shop not only full of bartending machines but also become more luxurious, modern and attractive to customers. To do so, subjectively choose the coffee machine model with the most suitable size, weight and color.

Step 3: Choose to buy a coffee roaster from a reputable brand and supplier

Another very important factor when buying a coffee roaster is to prioritize products of reputable brands. Some brands you can refer to are Probat coffee roaster, OPP coffee roaster, Vina Roaster coffee roaster, Bacco coffee roaster, FC Roaster coffee roaster, Barwell coffee roasterHomesheel coffee roaster,…

In addition, choose reputable addresses to buy a coffee roaster to ensure quality and be consulted most dedicatedly. Here, customers who buy products also receive after-purchase services such as care, repair, quick replacement of components, 24/7 customer support,… so that you are always solved promptly when you encounter problems.

After “accumulating” enough experience, surely the owners have confidently chosen the best coffee roaster for their store. If you are still confused, you can refer to the 9 best-selling coffee roaster models today below!

Currently on the market there are many types of coffee roasters from many brands and countries with different designs, models and capacities. This gives customers many different options, but sometimes it can be difficult. Because I don’t know which is the best model for me.