3 Reasons Buy A Coffee Roaster Machine For Your Shop

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buy a coffee roaster machine

3 Reasons Buy A Coffee Roaster Machine For Your Shop: In the past 10 years, the coffee trend in Vietnam has changed greatly, customers gradually prefer pure roasted and ground coffee with rustic roasting or clean soaking. In terms of technology for rustic roasted coffee, it is not too difficult to When processing, choose well-processed green coffee beans, use a machine to roast them, then brew them for about 2 days and then you can use them immediately without mixing or adding anything, unlike traditional coffee that has There are many “secrets” for mixing and impregnating many ingredients, additives and fillings with corn, soybeans…

Therefore, many coffee shops are equipped with coffee roasters, so having a coffee roaster really helps. for the shop? What are the reasons why we should equip our coffee shop with a coffee roaster? Below are the 3 main reasons why having a roaster will help your coffee shop.  

Proactively quality coffee, coffee is always fresh every day.

Surely many coffee shops have many times encountered unstable coffee quality, flavor from time to time, suppliers changing prices… then having a coffee roaster will help the shop stabilize. Determine and control coffee quality, as well as be proactive in daily and monthly coffee sales. Besides, the coffee flavor will always be fresh because we can be proactive in roasting and grinding without having to keep a lot of inventory and preserve it for too long.

buy a coffee roaster machine
roaster machine

Optimize costs, increase profits

Regarding the cost of roasted and ground coffee, according to the formula, after roasting 1kg of green coffee, 0.8 kg of finished coffee remains, an average loss of about 20%, so if the price of the highest quality honey-processed green coffee is Currently it is about 60,000 VND/kg, the price of finished coffee will be 72,000 VND plus additional costs: electricity, gas, machinery depreciation, roasting and grinding about 1,000 VND-2,000 VND/kg then the shop will be dark. save a huge amount of money.

Create a highlight for the shop, attract and attract customers

If the budget is good, we can choose a roaster with an eye-catching design, so that in addition to serving the restaurant well, this roaster is also an impressive highlight for customers, helping to increase quality reputation. The shop’s coffee creates trust and peace of mind for customers. The interesting thing is that customers can also experience the coffee roasting process on site.

In addition, if we do well, we can also open up many other business opportunities in roasted and ground coffee.

Reason to buy a coffee roaster machine at Helena Coffee

  • Cost-Effective Initial Investment: Helena coffee roaster provides imported quality at a competitive “Vietnamese” price, enabling businesses, individuals, or entities to acquire a professional coffee roasting system without a substantial capital outlay.
  • Operational Cost Savings: By minimizing raw material losses, maximizing finished product utilization, and ensuring fuel efficiency, the Helena Jsc coffee roaster helps businesses reduce operating costs. The shortened roasting time per batch further contributes to overall cost savings during equipment operation.
  • Enhanced Labor Efficiency: With its high capacity and continuous operation capabilities without compromising coffee quality, the Helena Jsc coffee roaster allows users to enhance labor efficiency without requiring an excessive workforce.
  • Increased Business Efficiency: The aforementioned advantages collectively contribute to improved business efficiency for any enterprise employing the Helena Jsc coffee roaster.
  • Establishing a Sustainable Market Reputation: The exceptional quality of the roasted coffee produced by Helena Jsc coffee roasters assists users in creating a brand with a sustainable and reputable presence in the market.



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