Local Coffee Bean Wholesalers: Roundup for Your Coffee Business

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter
Coffee bean wholesalers near me

Coffee bean wholesalers near me: Where to source high-quality coffee exports? Is the supplier of exported coffee source experienced? The level of prestige, production capacity, costs incurred … How? To answer all the above questions, HELENA COFFEE only refers to 2 words “EXPERIENCE“. Only experience will obviously answer all of these questions. And HELENA COFFEE is one of the exported coffee suppliers with EXPERIENCE.

Production capacity of high quality export coffee

We have a closed processing plant from green coffee to roasted coffee products. Our factory is equipped with modern machines and tools to process green coffee such as:

Green coffee shell grinder: used to grind the silk shell of green coffee

  • Coffee bean weighing machine: used to separate the beans.
  • Coffee bean size classifier: used to classify floor 16 or floor 18.
  • Green coffee color shooter: This machine is used to shoot broken beads, tank seeds. The machine works non-stop all year round (1 ton of green coffee only takes about 15 minutes to process). High stability, 100 coffee beans are as even as 100. It looks very eye-catching. This machine only the coffee roaster will understand why it is so necessary. It will make the coffee after roasting stunningly beautiful and does not need to be picked up or re-sorted after roasting.

You must thoroughly understand the concept we mentioned above, the so-called “closed processing of stages”. This phrase is worthwhile, because it expresses the production capacity of a company that provides coffee for export. A supplier is commercially designed, or does not have the resources (machinery, equipment, etc.) to do the processing and processing of green coffee. They have to go through another company that gets them to handle it. Therefore, the problem of controlling the input of green coffee is not good, it is difficult to control the quality of stable output.

The price of providing good export coffee compared to the general ground in Vietnam

Our export coffee distribution has 2 main product lines: green coffee and ripe coffee.

In addition, we also process some products. Like instant coffee, capsule coffee capsules, weight loss coffee…

The markets we have traded include: USA, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Laos, Cambodia.

Coffee bean wholesalers near me
Coffee bean wholesalers near me

When there is a closed processing process in stages, it is obvious that the price of supplying products to partners is the most competitive compared to the common ground.

The price will be highly dependent on the quantity of goods demanded by the partner. This article HELENA COFFEE only briefly talks about the highlights. Because once you are interested in high quality export coffee, then you should visit our factory to see the production capacity firsthand

Production capacity of coffee sources for export

HELENA COFFEE commits to deliver goods on time agreed upon by the contract of the two parties. Talking about production capacity on social media is something that should be avoided. Rest assured, we have experience to produce, trade, transport goods…

Coffee bean wholesalers near me
Coffee bean wholesalers near me

Come directly to our factory, see how we operate and see what products you want to buy. Then let’s openly and frankly discuss the price and quality to find the point of agreement between the two parties.

Responsibility of the leading supplier of export coffee

By communicating, you will easily feel a sense of responsibility in a transparent way. Besides, you will see the spiritual fire inside the HELENA COFFEE corporate culture. If you feel something isn’t “real,” stop and look for another coffee supplier.

Helena Coffee has spent time, learning and striving constantly, to become a top quality coffee export supplier in Vietnam. We are committed to our coffee products being carefully selected. Every step in the coffee production process is inspected, meeting all strict standards. If you have any questions, please fill in the information sheet below!

The Nation’s most reliable source for affordable coffee delivery – HELENA COFFEE

Coffee may be regularly delivered to your restaurant no matter where you are in the United States. Your guests will learn to rely on the dependability factor that good coffee generates. You won’t ever be forced to make a last-minute switch to a subpar mix because your local supplier ran out of your favorite beans. Instead, you always have a reliable supply thanks to your restaurant coffee delivery service.

Of course, taste is perhaps the most significant of all the elements that will keep customers coming back for more coffee. You can guarantee that you give your clients the best-tasting coffee on the market by having premium items from renowned brands regularly supplied to your place of business. Additionally, by making sure that you constantly make their coffee using the freshest beans from the same suppliers, you may give them a sense of consistency. Without using a restaurant coffee delivery service, it would be challenging to match that degree of dependability.