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Everyone has their favorite method of making coffee, be it the pour-over method, French press, or classic drip coffee maker. The ritual of waking up in the morning and crafting that ideal cup of joe is ingrained in our daily routine. However, when you’re out camping, the extensive setup you affectionately refer to as your “coffee brewing stuff” might not fit in the confines of your RV.

Space Optimization and Practical Considerations

To address this challenge and optimize space, we’ve curated a list of the finest coffee makers tailored for RV use.

Selecting the optimal coffee-making option for your RV differs slightly from choosing one for your home kitchen. It’s unlikely to be your primary coffee equipment, so there’s no need to overspend, but careful consideration is still necessary.Coffee Maker

Consider the size of the coffee maker

In the context of RVs, size is a crucial factor. Look for a compact coffee maker designed for RV use to avoid models that may take up excessive space or risk falling off the counter. While your regular home coffee maker might be suitable in typical situations, it can become impractical in the confined space of an RV.

Convenience and Cleanup

Even the most well-equipped RVs lack the spaciousness of a fully functional home kitchen, so prioritize convenience. Space is limited, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself having to occupy a five-foot counter to brew your coffee.

Additionally, think about what else you’ll need besides your new coffee maker and the coffee beans. For certain options, like a French press, all you need are the press and a grinder. On the other hand, for units such as a Hario V60, you’ll require filters, a kettle, a grinder, and so on.

Make sure you’re aware of all the necessities before choosing your road-trip coffee brewing companion!

The same principle applies to the cleanup. The simpler and tidier the coffee brewing process, the less trouble you’ll face cleaning up in that compact RV sink, potentially with a limited water supply. Some models are more conducive to easy cleaning than others.

For instance, cleaning a French press is a breeze. Chemex or other pour-over devices also tend to be easier to clean.

In contrast, cleaning something like a drip maker typically demands more time and effort, involving the use of vinegar or lemon juice and multiple rinses. Consider whether you’re willing to go through this process in an RV before making a purchase!

How Will You Store It?

Opting for a mountable coffee maker is an excellent strategy to save on counter space, although such models are limited and can be pricier. Regardless of whether you choose a mountable unit or not, it’s crucial to think about how and where you’ll store the coffee maker.

Does It Need Some Juice To Brew?

No, we’re not discussing adding juice to your coffee; we’re referring to electricity. Do you ever camp without electricity? This single question can significantly narrow down your options.

For instance, most drip makers need electricity, unlike a French press or Hario V60. However, the latter options still require a source of hot water. While there are rechargeable coffee makers on the market, they, too, will need electricity periodically.

So, are you planning to use an electric kettle or boil water over a fire? Consider the hot water aspect and whether your camping setup requires a low-watt electric coffee maker as you shop.

A Quick Note on Grinders…

Regardless of the coffee maker you choose, keep in mind the importance of a suitable grinder. Whether it’s a compact hand grinder or a robust commercial-grade electric machine, ensure that the grinder complements both your chosen coffee maker and your camping style. Fresh coffee grounds enhance the flavor, and there are various ways to achieve this.




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