Full V60 – Waiting For More Than 14 Years To Be Used

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Full V60 – Waiting For More Than 14 Years To Be Used

Full V60 – Waiting For More Than 14 Years To Be Used: Waiting for more than 14 years to be respected and then become an irreplaceable monument of the coffee world! That’s the V60 funnel!

All starts with one idea

Around the 1980s, with the thought: “Find a way to make the coffee taste clearer with the method of letting water flow through the coffee”, the designers of Hario designed the ancestral funnel of V60.

It is shaped like a conical tube with wire rods to support the filter paper. Coffee is poured into the paper, the paper is fixed by string and s, water is poured into the coffee in the paper and r and runs down the conical tube.

Full V60 – Waiting For More Than 14 Years To Be Used
Full V60 – Waiting For More Than 14 Years To Be Used

However, this design was met with opposition from the instant coffee wave (1st coffee wave) and gragradually sank into oblivion for 14 years. And if Hario’s designers had forgotten about this design and concept, we’d probably have lost an all-time dispenser. In the new wave of coffee, we have to thank Hario very much for his perseverance and timeless vision.

In 2004, Hario gave his funnel a new shape. They used the parabola y = x² to create a thifunnelel. And they call it the V60 funnel. The funnel has a 60-degree angle, a groove on the inside, and a big hole in the middle.

No more wire is needed to secure the paper, you can drop the paper straight into the hopper, pour the coffee into the hopper and pour the water. The fine particles and oily layer of the coffee have been trapped by the filter paper. You can fully enjoy a clean, clear coffee taste.

Phu V60 makes special products coffee

Clean and clear is not enough, V60 can do much more. From 2011 to 2019, up to 5 world coffee extraction champions used V60 as their brewing tool. Of course, they don’t choose tools haphazardly in such an important competition.

Along with the development of cultivation, preliminary processing, and roasting… specialty coffee has developed a lot of great flavors. And the V60 funnel is the best tool to brighten up those great flavors!

With the V60, you can use roasted coffee at a light roast level (Light roast). It is at the roasting level that coffee retains the most floral, fruity, and seductive flavors that captivate many 3rd wave coffee lovers.

Have you ever imagined having jasmine, rose, black tea, or citrus in your coffee cup? Try coffee from Ethiopia, freshly roasted and brewed with the V60. You will be surprised!

Icons and insprirations

The V60 funnel has made great coffee even better. That is why it has become a symbol of the new wave of coffee. With the V60, everyone in the coffee industry adds value. Customers are more satisfied and love coffee more, from which farmers, roasters, and baristas… factors in the supply chain of the coffee industry have a better life.

Therefore, it is not too difficult for you to see the image of a coffee lover pouring over with a V60 funnel. From a 14-year-old abandoned product to the most beloved funnel in the world, there are hundreds of other funnels on the market today.

Besides, there are also many new types of funnels based on the design inspiration of the V60 funnel. For example, the Gina, the funnel used by the 2018 world coffee extraction champion, is also designed based on the strengths, improving the weaknesses of the V60.

That’s it, starting from an idea in the 1980s by a company, the V60 funnel has grown to become the symbol of the 3rd wave of coffee in the world. Thank you Hario, thank you to the designers who created the V60 funnel, they made the world an irreplaceable monument.

Whoever you are, take pride in making coffee with the V60 funnel, respect those who brew with the funnel. Because with every drop of specialty coffee from the V60 hopper falling into the pitcher, the lives of farmers, roasters, and baristas get better!


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