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The Best Vietnam Coffee Maker You Need In Your Life: Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious drink? Robusta beans, sometimes omitted when brewing coffee, are used in Vietnamese coffee because they have a stronger flavor and more caffeine.
Check out one of the brewer’s listed coffee if you’ve never tried this beer. Your coffee-loving family can greatly benefit from any variety.

An image of a Vietnam coffee maker

The thin filter is a distinctive Vietnamese coffee maker that resembles a hybrid between a pour-over dripper and a French Press. The pin contains a plunger that tamps down the grounds before brewing, just like the French Press. Because the coffee drips out the perforated holes, the Phin is also comparable to pour-over drippers such as the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave.

However, the pain may be claimed to brew coffee using both the drip and immersion methods because it contains a plunger attachment that prevents water from dripping too quickly.

Four components make up the Vietnamese coffee :

  • a little handle-equipped filter chamber like a cup
  • a plunger, which may be a screw insert that is tightened to a pin protruding from the chamber base, or a gravity insert for lightly tamping out the grinds. Screw inserts tend to prolong brewing time and can tightly retain grounds together.
  • a plate with holes that rest on the glass or mug. The filter chamber is put in this location.
  • a cover that traps the heat

Stainless steel makes up the majority of paints. However, some are constructed of aluminum or ceramic. Although the single-serve 4- and 8-ounce phins are the most popular, it also comes in other sizes.

The phin’s eco-friendliness is one of its best features. There is no need for paper filters or energy. Although there are paper filters for phins, using them is not advised. In addition to the waste it generates, you won’t get the essential oils that come with a decent cup of Vietnamese coffee.


The best way to prepare Vietnam coffee

One of the coffee brewers that are easiest for beginners to use is the Phin.

Medium- to coarse-ground beans are typically used to make Vietnamese coffee. Because water will move quickly through the grounds, fine grinds may slip through the holes and result in an under-extracted cup of coffee.

The filter chamber receives the grounds. If you’re using a gravity insert, you can gently crush the grounds and pour the water while letting the insert settle. If you’re using a screw insert, you can tighten it up until it’s firmly fixed.

Depending on how firmly you tighten the screw, the brewing time can also be changed. Because water will pour more slowly the tighter it is, the longer it will take to brew. It is best to tighten it just snugly enough to hold the grounds in place but also allow space for the coffee to expand or “bloom” once you begin adding water.

Check out these directions for a step-by-step tutorial on using the phin to create Vietnamese coffee.

It’s time to browse your alternatives online now that you are more familiar with this Vietnamese coffee dripper.

Most effective Vietnam coffee maker

1. Thang Long’s Vietnam coffee filter set (gravity insert)

Hanoi was formerly known as Thang Long, which translates as “Vietnamese Dragon.” Additionally, it is the company behind the best-selling phin on Amazon.
This Vietnamese coffee, which is made of premium stainless steel, includes a weighted or gravity insert that novice users will find simpler to use. Additionally, it has a larger plate that fits any mug or glass size well. comes in sets of 4, 6, 8, 11, and 15 ounces.

Important characteristics:

  • high-quality stainless steel
  • easy-to-use gravity insert
  • Continual guarantee
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • For ease of handling, use plastic side handles.

2. The phin filter collection from Nguyen Coffee Supply

Vietnamese coffee is roasted by Nguyen Coffee Supply in Brooklyn. The business also offers premium phin filters in addition to its high-quality coffee beans.
The classic 4 oz phin, the 12 oz phin, or the 24 oz phin, which is excellent for batch brewing, are your options. Alternatively, you can get the phin filter trio, which comes with each size. All three are made of stainless steel and utilize gravity inserts.
Get the original phin kit, which contains a 4 oz. pin and a 340-gram bag of coffee, for a full set.

Important characteristics:

  • light stainless steel construction
  • Simple to use and comes with instructions
  • Inserting gravity
  • There are several sizes for every situation.
  • Dishwasher-friendly

3. Thang Long’s press for Vietnam coffee filters (screw insert)

This filter is composed of sturdy stainless steel and is available in the typical 8-oz capacity, just as the first Thang Long Vietnamese coffee press on this list. However, this uses a screw-down press as opposed to a gravity insert.

The typical single-serve is produced by this Vietnamese coffee maker, but you may simply alter the final product to your preferences. Most cups or mugs can also fit on the platter. A comprehensive instruction sheet and a handle that can withstand heat are included.
Important characteristics:

  • superior stainless steel produced in Vietnam
  • You can change the intensity and duration of the brew with a screw insert.
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • simple to clean
  • lifetime warranty included
  • Gladiator Vietnamese coffee , number

4. Vietnam maker coffee: Gladiator

Another phen brand with excellent reviews on Amazon is Gladiator.

The set’s construction is sturdy because it is composed of long-lasting stainless steel. The weighted filter press, which doesn’t need to be screwed in, makes it incredibly easy to operate.

There are three versions of this Vietnamese coffee: small (6 oz), medium (8 oz), and big (15 oz). Along with instructions, the package contains a QR code that opens tutorials.

Important characteristics:

  • robust construction
  • Easy-to-hold rubber knobs
  • gravity press for beginners
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • various size choices for up to three serves

5. Update International’s Vietnam coffee filter set

A US-based company called Update International manufactures commercial kitchen and dining products.

With commercial-grade stainless steel, rubber raise handles for better handling, and a screw insert that allows you to adjust your brew, its phin coffee is quite typical.

This filter’s lid incorporates an easy-to-use finger-lift tab. Most cups and glasses will fit on the about 3.5-inch-diameter plate. 6 to 8 ounces of your preferred Vietnamese coffee can be made using this filter.

Important characteristics:

  • tight-fitting screw insert
  • finger-lift tab on the lid and rubber lift handles
  • Easy-grip filter chamber with texture
  • Safe for dishwasher

6. Trung Nguyen’s Vietnam coffee filter

In Vietnam, Trung Nguyen is a well-known brand that is practically synonymous with Vietnamese coffee beans.

Why not purchase the filter if you already own Trung Nguyen coffee? This is as near to a café experience as you can get because this is what the Trung Nguyen coffee shops utilize.
This Vietnamese drip coffee maker a high-quality 4 oz cup and is user-friendly for beginners. It is also lightweight and ideal for travel.

Important characteristics:

  • force of gravity
  • built to last
  • Effortless cleanup
  • Simple to use
  • includes directions that are simple to understand.

7. VietBeans’ Vietnam coffee maker

High-end Vietnamese coffee and filters are available from the Berlin-based business VietBeans.

To ensure excellent resistance and durability even with everyday usage, this Vietnamese coffee is built of premium stainless steel. Although occasionally hand washing is required for complete cleaning, it is also dishwasher safe.

Important characteristics:

  • holds about 200 ml of water (6-7 oz)
  • build quality
  • most cups and lessons; fits
  • simple to clean

8. Heirloom Coffee uses the traditional Vietnam Phin filter.

One of the toughest things on the market comes from Heirloom Coffee.

Compared to the lower-grade stainless steel used in the majority of other brands, its heavy-duty SAE 316 stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant. Without worrying about wear and tear, you may enjoy your ca phe sua da or ca phe den nong every day.

This Vietnamese coffee makes 7-8 ounces of coffee and employs a gravity input. With its rubber grips, it is also simple to handle.

Important characteristics:

  • SAE 316 stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and damage.
  • Insert with weighted gravity
  • rubber handles that can withstand heat
  • 8 ounces in size
  • simple to clean

9. Huge Gladiator Coffee Vietnamese coffee maker

A cup of Vietnamese coffee with some friends? You will be forced to brew coffee for a very long time if you use the standard single-serve phin.

However, you can prepare enough coffee for 10 people using this enormous Vietnamese coffee pot from Gladiator!

The same premium stainless steel that Gladiator uses for its smaller phins is used to create this enormous pain.

It includes a handle-equipped weighted gravity filter. The lid has a rubber grip on top, but the chamber inside lacks a handle.

Important characteristics:

  • Extra-large portion that serves 10
  • most carafes will fit
  • high-grade stainless steel
  • Inserting gravity
  • rubber lid handle

10. Viet Delight’s ceramic Vietnam coffee filter set

This final Vietnamese coffee maker is made of exquisite, artisan-quality ceramic from Bat Trang village, a 14th-century porcelain and pottery town close to Hanoi, in contrast to the other coffee on this list.

A 7.6 oz mug, a saucer for the cup, a weighted insert, a lid, a 3.1 oz brew chamber (with built-in plate), and a spoon are all included in this phin set, which has six elements in all.

It makes a tasty cup in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, which makes it the perfect present.
Important characteristics.

Important characteristics:

  • For the whole Vietnamese coffee experience, get the 6-piece package.
  • premium ceramic construction
  • Effortless cleaning
  • For a single serving, ideal

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