Wolf Coffee Maker: Is A Water Filter The Key To Good Coffee?

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Wolf Coffee Maker

Drip coffee maker technology has come a long way since its inception. We now have many modern features like built-in grinders and automatic coffee brewing options. The Wolf coffee maker is a great example of the evolution of the drip machine.
The Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee system is the Aston Martin of drip coffee makers. But is the high price really justified? Can you get a great drip coffee experience?
Here’s our review of its programmable options, design, and the type of coffee it makes.

Full Wolf Coffee Maker Review

The Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker is one of the most user-friendly drip coffee makers you’ll ever use. This is also one of the most expensive drip coffee makers you will ever come across. Below is a breakdown of all the features that contribute to the high price so you can decide if this is right for you.


The Wolf coffee maker has a stylish stainless steel design. Large buttons and knobs located on the front give it a slightly industrial look but will suit most kitchens.

This dropper looks durable enough to withstand daily use for years to come. The stainless steel construction feels heavy (although it weighs about 13 pounds, it’s not too heavy). It’s larger than most other drip coffee makers, measuring 10.6 x 11.4 x 14.6 inches. We love its rectangular shape because the straight lines make it perfect for placing next to kitchen appliances and under cabinets.

The manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design, most notably the 50-ounce removable water tank. It can be operated from the front and has a handle so you can easily slide it in and out of your drip coffee maker. This is especially useful if you have low-hanging cabinets. No need to drag the coffee maker to access the rear water tank.Wolf Coffee Maker

The removable water tank comes with a filtration system to ensure safe drinking water. Water filters improve coffee flavor by reducing chlorine and mineral buildup.

Overall, the Wolf coffee maker has a minimalist design. The LCD display panel is located on the front left. It tells you how much ground coffee is in the brew basket, how many hours ago the coffee was brewed, and when the automatic cleaning cycle started.

There are four more buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Start/Stop — To start or stop brewing
  • Prog — Used to program the clock and brewing settings
  • Zero — To reset the brew settings to zero
  • Clock

The Prog and Start/Stop buttons have built-in LEDs that light up when you activate a setting, which is a nice touch. We like that all the buttons and knobs are clearly labeled, making the interface more intuitive.

You can choose between three knob styles: classic red, black, and silver.

There are also two buttons. One knob selects the brew mode, clean setting, and strength level, and the other knob selects the number of cups and program the next brew.

Finally, you can open a removable beer basket by sliding it out like a drawer and there’s a 50 oz double-walled stainless steel carafe. A coffee maker with a thermos is the best choice because a thermos keeps the coffee at the right temperature.


The Wolf coffee maker has two coffee-making functions:

  • Manual – You need to manually insert the amount of ground coffee and water for your perfect drink, turn the knob to manual mode, and press start.
  • Coffee brewing cycle – The machine automatically weighs coffee grounds and selects the correct amount of water for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. This function also allows you to choose the number of cups you want to brew (4 to 10) and the strength of your coffee (mild or strong).

Both modes allow you to program the coffee maker to automatically start the next coffee brewing process in the next 24 hours. For example, you can set up your drip coffee maker the night before and wake up to a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Special Features

We especially like the Accu-brew mode and think those new to drip coffee will enjoy this option. One of the most difficult things about making filter coffee is figuring out the ratio of coffee to water. This is an extremely delicate balance. Too much coffee and you’ll have a very strong cup, but too little and your drink will be diluted. Wolf coffee makers take the guesswork out.

The Accu-brew feature has a built-in scale so the machine weighs the coffee as you add beans to the basket. The LCD screen lets you know when there is an optimal amount of coffee grounds for the water in the pot. Accu-brew also allows you to customize the strength by choosing between five strength settings. Overall, it will take some time and trial and error to get used to the Accu-brew cycle, but once you do, you’ll have above-average drip coffee.

The Wolf coffee maker also features Last Brew Memory, which remembers the Accu-brew setting you used so you can get the same drink next time. The machine learns your preferences this way, so the next time you want to brew the same coffee, you don’t have to analyze all the possible flavors in your head.

The Auto Pause & Serve option allows you to take out the stainless steel thermos and drink a cup of coffee before the machine finishes the brewing cycle. We feel that the Wolf drip coffee maker brews coffee very quickly, so you won’t be using this option much. But it’s useful if you’re in a hurry and need a caffeine boost.


Wolf coffee makers always have great-tasting drip coffee. This is one of the most effective and fastest drip machines you can find! It brews a full 10-cup (50 oz) batch of coffee in about seven minutes.

The Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker has optimal brewing temperature, extraction, and brew times. The coffee maker sprays water evenly onto the coffee grounds, ensuring optimal extraction. This system, like pre-brewing, helps the coffee bloom and helps better extract flavor from the beans.

The coffee maker has a shower head that helps the device meet strict extraction standards.

The machine runs smoothly, something you’ll appreciate first thing in the morning. There will be no problem reaching the required brewing temperature or keeping the drink hot. Drip coffee makers must reach temperatures between 195 and 205 for best extraction when brewing coffee, and Wolf consistently achieves this.

In addition, the coffee maker also has a keep-warm function. This feature lasts for one hour and the time is displayed on the screen. It gives you hot coffee, although heating time may take longer. The timer keeps track of when the coffee is brewed and how long it stays in the pot, which tells you how fresh the coffee is.

The Wolf coffee maker uses a cone filter. The shape of the filter is important in determining the final coffee quality. You get four filters with the machine, so you have to buy additional ones, which is a recurring cost.

Which specific filters you choose is up to you, but make sure they fit your device. Paper or cloth bundles can block the flow of water and trap coffee grounds, causing uneven extraction.

Overall, the Wolf Gourmet coffee maker achieves optimal brewing temperatures, has excellent extraction methods, and doesn’t take too long to make a great cup of coffee. It takes care of measuring the coffee grounds, eliminating the guesswork, and helping you get the perfect cup of coffee. No matter how many cups of coffee you brew, the taste remains the same. The only downside is that the container is quite heavy and you need to open the lid to get to the last 1/2 cup of coffee.

Coffee flavor 

The Wolf coffee maker makes great coffee, which is no surprise considering the list of high-performance features you just read. The ideal brewing temperature, pre-brew design and spray head combine to ensure optimal extraction. No matter what type of coffee beans you decide to brew, you’ll taste exactly what the roaster intended. There is never any unwanted bitterness or sourness. But it’s worth noting that it’s not certified by the Specialty Coffee Association.

The most impressive thing about this machine is the ability to control the strength of the beer. I think five settings are a bit much and maybe some were added for marketing reasons. But I brewed 5 bottles with a medium roast and could really taste the difference in each brew.

Paper filters produce a relatively clean and complex cup with a light to medium cup body. If you prefer a heavier beer, you can always switch to a reusable metal filter. After all, this brewery is mostly custom!Wolf Coffee Maker

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Wolf coffee maker is easy to manage because you only have to hand-wash certain parts.

You need to clean your Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker to ensure a long life. Unplug the machine and let it cool. After the coffee maker cools, spray the surface with a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner and wipe with a cloth.

Hand wash the water tank, coffee pot, and coffee basket with warm water and soap. Do not completely immerse the water bottle in water and do not use abrasive pads. You can also wash the basket in the dishwasher.

Note: After 300 cycles, the machine’s LCD screen will display the word “Clean”. This means it’s time to describe your coffee system. You can still use the coffee maker normally but make sure to clean the machine within a reasonable amount of time. You should also replace your water filter after 30 cycles.

Wolf’s coffee system goes through three cleaning stages. Cycle 3 is a 20-minute soaking cycle to remove mineral residue. Cycles 1 and 2 flush vinegar from the coffee system. You can find detailed instructions on how to perform cleaning in the user manual.

Value for money

This is one of the most expensive drip coffee makers on the market. But this is no ordinary drip coffee maker. It features a sturdy design, a 5-year warranty, Accu coffee making and use instructions, and a superior drinking experience, all wrapped into an elegant coffee maker.

New machines come with a five-year warranty, although they tend to be more durable and easier to repair or replace parts.

The Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker will last for many years. This equipment is a sustainable investment that will pay dividends over the years you use it. However, one thing it doesn’t have is a blender. A quality grinder is a large but necessary investment because grind size determines the quality of your coffee.

Overall, even without the blender, we think the price/performance ratio is reasonable considering all the options the Wolf has. This coffee maker will appeal to those who want high-quality, reliability, and automatic coffee brewing.

Things we like: Things we don’t like:
  • Brew coffee with a 24-hour delay
  • Manual and automatic brewing modes
  • Double-sided stainless steel coffee pot keeps coffee warm
  • Integrated scale
  • Expensive
  • Only keeps coffee hot for one hour
  • You need to buy more paper and water filter


Do not buy a Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee machine if…

  • You Want Full Control of the Brewing Process: If you’re not interested in automating your brewing process, but want complete control, there’s no reason to pay the Wolf’s high price. Instead, there are many lower-cost electric drip machines that allow you to measure, grind, and determine your own coffee-to-water ratio.
  • You Want an Affordable Drip Coffee Maker: The main drawback of the Wolf coffee maker is its price, which puts it out of budget for many users. Fortunately, there are other coffee makers that can get the job done for less. The OXO Brew 8-Cup is designed to be durable and has a few removable parts. It also features a double-walled vacuum-insulated carafe to keep your drinks hot, and a Rainmaker Bloom cycle to ensure optimal extraction. You get all of this for a fraction of the price of the Wolf.
  • You want a coffee maker with a larger capacity: The Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker has a 50-ounce capacity and makes 10 cups of coffee. While this is not a small capacity, it is not enough if you plan on serving it to a group of coffee lovers or a large group of coffee drinkers. Check out the KitchenAid 12-cup Coffee Maker. This is another drip coffee maker that comes with a thermos, but with an impressive 12-cup capacity.

If you want a quality device that produces delicious cups of coffee, the Wolf coffee maker is a great choice. You can choose the manual mode so you can automate the operation and check the strength and flavor of the coffee without any modes. Or use the Accu-brew setting to have the machine adjust the strength and amount of ground coffee based on the amount of enzyme you want.
Overall, if you want a compact, convenient coffee maker that produces delicious cups of coffee, this is the machine for you.



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