Vietnamese Coffee – Has Its Own Way Of Drinking

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Vietnamese Coffee – Has Its Own Way Of Drinking

Vietnamese Coffee – Has Its Own Way Of Drinking: Vietnamese coffee is meant to be enjoyed slowly, similar to how the French drink it. However, the French drink coffee before the workday begins. In Vietnam, people usually spend at least half an hour each time drinking coffee and they can drink it at any time of the day.

Vietnamese people drink coffee in the morning, at noon, in the evening, when sad, when thinking, when stressed at work, or just because of a habit that cannot be quit.Vietnamese Coffee – Has Its Own Way Of Drinking

Today, in some countries, people consider drinking coffee a popular drink, served with cakes and fruits. In Vietnam, coffee is a popular drink, especially in the morning. Beverages (except “bars”) are often referred to as “coffee” even though they serve other drinks.

In Western countries, coffee is a catalyst for work morale. In Vietnam, coffee comes with the pleasure of relaxing with friends. Perhaps it is because Westerners place a high value on labor productivity, while in some other countries, people place a high value on relaxation in life.

The taste of coffee creates the cultural identity of each locality. People can look at the way they drink, and the taste of coffee and realize where that person is from.

In big cities with a “hybrid” culture, coffee has more nuances of taste.

These cultural nuances have been a “sea of ​​strawberries” many times since coffee followed the French into Vietnam during the colonial period.

In the old days, people who enjoyed coffee concentrated on the aristocratic midland class. Today, a large number of users can enjoy coffee at an affordable price. There are even people who work right at the coffee shop instead of the office.

Vietnamese Coffee – Has Its Own Way Of Drinking

The pleasure of drinking coffee in the old days was to sit and watch the coffee drops fall and think about life stories and humanity. People talked to each other about the news in the newspaper that day, their views on life, family, friends… Therefore, a good cup of coffee with good friends would “sit in the field” from morning to afternoon at The coffee shop is also not without.

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