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The owner should be knowledgeable about books

Tips business for Coffee Shop Bookstore: In the past few years, the Coffee Shop Bookstore model has become one of the models that have received a lot of attention from those who love doing business with drinks. However, the risk in the operation of this model is not small.

Let’s join Helena., JSC, to learn the issues to keep in mind during the book coffee business model to be proactive if you intend to start this business!

The land is a double-edged sword.

For any business model, space is always one of the most critical factors. This factor is even more essential with book coffee because the ground is a double-edged sword. You can choose a place where many people pass by, but it is challenging to ensure a quiet space for reading.

The land is a double-edged sword

Business people need to reconcile these two factors. Choose a space near schools, residential areas, offices to ensure the number of customers for the shop. If the room is not quiet, you need to invest in a soundproofing system or minimize the sounds from the outside space to affect guests. If possible, you should add a bit of natural sound such as running water soft music to make the area more attractive and create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The owner should be knowledgeable about books.

You can’t randomly choose a hot book for your model, but you need to select a book with depth suitable to the taste of your target customer. Books that share experiences, short stories, and prose are often loved because they are receptive and highly relaxing.

If your customers are students, then in addition to modern literature books, stories, seeds of the soul, you should prepare a few books in the style of “fun fact,” books with beautiful pictures. In contrast, books on business, experience, life philosophy, cookbooks, art will be more suitable for working or middle-aged people.

The owner should be knowledgeable about books

Arrange books and decorate the shop appropriately.

Books need to be neatly arranged and according to a specific rule to show the sophistication and respect of the shop owner for the book. The bookshelves are carefully placed in convenient locations to choose from quickly. This is also a way to recommend books to customers.

Arrange books and decorate the shop appropriately

The book coffee model is not only for book lovers; it is also an ideal destination for those who want a quiet place to relax when tired, find inspiration in life, and work comfortably. Therefore, a few highlights with flowers, plants, or pictures will make customers more interested. When decorating a book cafe, another essential factor to keep in mind is lighting. Lighting needs to be sufficient and suitable to ensure that customers read books comfortably, without affecting their vision, not causing discomfort but still beautiful and reasonable.

Don’t forget the quality of the drink.

Don’t just care about choosing, arranging books, decorating the restaurant, but neglect the quality of the drink. It would help if you remembered that the new drink is the main product in the business model. Customers may not read books when coming to the book coffee model, but the glass will be used. New drink quality helps you affirm your brand value attract and retain the best customers.

Make sure the source of ingredients you choose for the restaurant must have a clear origin. If it is a fresh ingredient such as fruit, milk, cream, it should be stored properly, do not use it if there are signs of the damage expiry date. Although you have chosen for yourself skilled bartenders, you also need to be knowledgeable about drinks,  learn how to manage finances, manage human resources, etc.

You can flexibly join a course. Short-term bartending to understand better business models grasp bartending skills at a basic level to effectively maintain the model’s operation.

Don't forget the quality of the drink

Business model coffee book is likened to a type of art, books and drinks bring people to enjoy a great relaxation. The owner of the book coffee model needs to be knowledgeable and skillful enough to create an intimate space, delicious drinks, attractive enough books but not too expensive for the model to become a popular destination.

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