Spray-dried instant Robusta Grade 1 coffee 100% Robusta Grade 1-SD02

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter


Ingredients: Robusta coffee beans
Product features:
Color: Brown characteristic of coffee
Taste: astringent and bitter taste
Aroma: Herb
Expiry date: 24 months
Weight of package: 10kg; kg
Price per kilogram: $/kg


Spray-dried instant Robusta Grade 1 coffee 100% Robusta Grade 1

Robusta spray-dried instant coffee is selected from the best, high-quality robusta coffee beans from the Central Highlands of Vietnam – daklak. With extensive experience in growing, caring for and processing coffee, Helena can preserve the original flavor of natural coffee beans in instant coffee products.

Vietnamese helena coffee robusta coffee spray dried instant coffee

  • Immerse yourself in the delicious, rich world of 100% Robusta with our spray-dried instant robusta coffee product SD02. Taken from the best robusta coffee beans, this product will bring a great experience when you use it at home or anywhere.
  • This instant coffee is created using a specialized spray-drying process, ensuring that each bean contains the rich fruity aroma and slightly sweet flavor typical of robusta coffee. Thanks to the spray-drying method, the coffee is uniquely Maintains rich flavor and passionate aroma, bringing a feeling of enjoyment with each brew.
  • Packaged for convenience and freshness, SD02 is supplied in 10kg bags, further packaged inside 25kg cartons for safe and secure transport. This quantity is ideal for both individual consumers who want to take advantage of the long-term storage benefits and commercial establishments that serve large volumes of coffee on a daily basis.
  • Like all of our coffee products, this 100% robusta instant coffee is produced directly from Helena Coffee Vietnam, ensuring our commitment to superior quality, sustainable sourcing and flavor. special. Enjoy the satisfying depth and complexity that our SD02 Spray-dried Instant Robusta Coffee brings to your cup anytime, anywhere.
  • Invest in the authentic taste of 100% robusta with Helena Coffee’s SD06 – your choice for great coffee moments. Order today and discover the unique flavors and reliable quality that make Helena Coffee different.

Overview of robusta coffee

Origins and History

  • Robusta Grade coffee is believed to have originated in the lowland forests of Central and West Africa, specifically in regions now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Unlike Arabica, which is native to the high-altitude regions of Ethiopia, robusta thrives in lower altitudes, making it more adaptable to a wider range of growing conditions.
  • The commercial cultivation of robusta coffee began in the late 19th century when it was introduced to Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam and Indonesia, where it found ideal growing conditions. Today, Vietnam is one of the world’s largest producers of Robusta Grade coffee, and Robusta is also grown in parts of Africa, Brazil, and some other countries.

Distinctive Flavor Profile

  • Robusta Grade coffee is known for its bold, robust, and sometimes harsh flavor profile. Its taste is characterized by a strong, often bitter or woody note, with a heavy body and less acidity compared to Arabica coffee. Robusta beans also contain a higher caffeine content, contributing to its signature kick and bitterness.
  • While Robusta Grade is sometimes considered less refined than Arabica, its unique flavor has a dedicated following, especially among those who appreciate a stronger and more full-bodied coffee experience. It’s often used in espresso blends to provide a rich crema and a powerful caffeine boost.

Robusta instant coffee production process

  • Each coffee brand has its own production process to create the brand, but the main difference lies in the final flavor mixing step or coffee quality as well as production machinery. However, instant coffee often shares the same production process as follows:

Choose fresh robusta coffee beans

Spray-dried instant Robusta Grade 1 coffee 100% Robusta Grade 1
  • “While the act of selecting fully ripe Robusta Grade coffee cherries may appear straightforward, it plays a pivotal role in determining coffee quality.

This principle extends to Robusta coffee as well. Even if a bag of Robusta grade coffee contains 85% fully red ripe cherries, the remaining 15% comprising nearly ripe cherries can introduce an undesirable astringency and bitterness to the final cup served to customers.

  • Guaranteeing the careful selection of fully ripe Robusta grade coffee cherries stands as one of the fundamental yet challenging aspects of our Robusta grade coffee processing.”

Roasting and grinding Robusta coffee powder

  • “You select premium Robusta Grade coffee beans that have undergone the drying process and are ready for the roasting phase. Following the industry standards, the roasting time per batch ranges from 18 to 25 minutes. Employing a state-of-the-art roasting technology ensures the preservation of the beans’ natural aroma.
  • It is essential that the roasting process thoroughly cooks the Robusta grade coffee beans from the core outward, resulting in even blooming, free from any burnt edges or blemishes, and showcasing a vibrant and appealing color profile.”

Powder grinding

  • After roasting, you switch to the grinding stage, the robusta coffee powder you should grind to a large size to make it easier to extract.

robusta Coffee Extraction

  • Extraction marks the crucial stage of drawing out the nutrients from the robusta coffee grounds. The process involves dissolving the robusta coffee grounds in hot water to create an extraction solution with a solute concentration ranging from approximately 25% to 35%.
  • To initiate this process, we carefully pour the coffee into a well-insulated tower extractor. Subsequently, hot water, typically heated to temperatures between 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, is pumped into the bottom of the tower. As the hot water traverses through the coffee within the tower, the extraction of coffee compounds occurs.
  • The solutes gradually amalgamate to form a concentrated solution at the top of the tower. This concentration continues to accumulate and is consistently replenished within the tower.
  • This repetitive extraction process ensures the comprehensive extraction of nutrients from the coffee, minimizing the presence of fine particles that might otherwise dissolve deeply into the extracted water, a situation that could pose challenges during the later stages, especially in the context of spray drying.
  • The resultant concentration of the Robusta grade coffee solution after extraction typically reaches approximately 20% to 22%, meeting the established standards.”

Concentrate  coffee extract

  • After extraction, we still have to go through a concentrated step before taking it to spray drying because the concentration of coffee is still dilute, if you dry it, it will consume a lot of electricity and take a long time to dry.
  • Therefore, robusta coffee juice after extraction is concentrated by a vacuum concentrator to a concentration of about 30-33%.
  • The process of concentrating the coffee solution is absorbing heat and quickly evaporates to the required concentration, then stops.

robusta Spray-dried instant coffee

  • After the concentration is complete, the coffee solution you proceed to put in the spray dryer to spray dry into a powder.
  • The concentrated coffee solution is pumped into the spray disc of the spray dryer, where the multi-hole punched disc has a large rotation speed of up to 22000 rpm, helping to create mist when sprayed into the drying chamber.
  • High-temperature heated air is pumped into the drying tower, which dries the mist extract into a powder in just a few seconds. The Robusta Grade -dried instant coffee powder falls to the bottom of the collection tower at the bottom
  • The resulting instant coffee has a moisture content of 1-2%, with a beautiful dark brown color.

How to buy robusta spray-dried instant coffee powder from Vietnam?

Ingredients:  100%  coffee beans
Appearance: Fine powder
Characteristic color:  Typical coffee brown
Taste: Bitter, strong aroma, acrid taste
Fragrance:  faintly
Caffeine content:  >= 2.5%
Moisture:  5%
PH:  4.9-5.3
Ash content:  8.0%
Water extraction: 96%
Density:  200-280
Total aerobic organisms (CFU/g):  10,000 max
Mold yeast (CFU/g):  200 max
Coliforms /g: 10 max
Payment method: 
  • Domestic: Cash against Documents or Bank transfer with SWIFT
  • International Payment: T/T advanced, L/C at sight or to be negotiated
 Delivery time: International shipping
Quantity/ Quantity: MOQ 1 ton cont 20′ cont 40′
Estimated time/ Estimated delivery time: 3 days 7-10 days 10-15 days

Origin:  Daklak, Vietnam

Shelf life:  24 months under storage conditions
Storage conditions: Pack tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight