Spray-dried instant blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee – SD04 perfect combination

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  • Product Code: SD04
  • Ingredients : 20% Arabica & 80% Robusta
  • Form : Fine powder
  • pH (1% soluotion in 25°C): 5.0-5.5
  • Total plate count: Max 103
  • Coliforms /g : Max 10
  • Applications: Wide-ranging food production
  • Moisture: Max 4.0Price per kilogram: $/kg
  • Produced by Helena Coffee Vietnam.
  • Origin: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.


Spray-dried instant blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee : This premium instant blend is crafted using state-of-the-art spray drying technology and meticulous ingredient selection processes. It offers a convenient and revitalizing solution for coffee enthusiasts, ensuring effortless dissolution and an exceptional coffee experience.

Helena Coffee Vietnam’s “Spray-dried instant blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee – SD04” : A Perfect Blend of Boldness and Richness

Are you a coffee enthusiast who craves the boldness of Robusta beans and the richness of Arabica coffee beans, all conveniently packed into one cup? Look no further!

Vietnam’s Helena Coffee Processing & Export is renowned for being the world’s leading provider, processor, and exporter of fine Vietnamese Robusta and Arabica coffee High quality quantity Good price. We are excited to introduce our latest creation: The Instant Spray-Dried Robusta and Arabica Coffee Mixture.

With the perfect coffee blend our coffee experts have carefully curated a blend that marries the distinct characteristics of Robusta and Arabica beans. Robusta beans bring a robust and full-bodied flavor with a satisfying kick of caffeine, while Arabica beans contribute the smoothness, complexity, and delicate notes that elevate your coffee experience.

Product information Spray-dried Robusta and Arabica instant coffee powder – SD04

Description Details
Product Code SD04
Ingredients 20% Arabica & 80% Robusta
Form Fine powder
pH (1% soluotion in 25°C) –  5.0-5.5
Total plate count Max 103
Yeast & Mould (CFU/g)
Coliforms /g Max 10
Applications Wide-ranging food production
Moisture Max 4.0

Origin: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.

Find out the caffeine content in spray-dried Robusta and Arabica Instant Coffee Powder

Most users feel that Robusta coffee is darker and stronger than Arabica. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the caffeine content in Robusta is twice as high as that of Arabica. Accordingly, Arabica coffee beans have about 0.9 – 1.7% caffeine, while the amount of caffeine in Robusta is about 2.5 – 4%.

Besides, caffeine also helps diuretic without causing dehydration. Caffeine also helps relieve pain, reduce migraines, reduce asthma, improve mood,…

In particular, Caffeine can increase alertness and reaction speed. At the same time, it helps the body fight fatigue and improve work performance. Many studies show that caffeine is beneficial and is recognized as safe for the human body. Coffee is also one of the drinks that has positive effects on health.

Experience the ultimate mix of Robusta and Arabica instant coffee powder dried instant blend

Our spray-dried Robusta and Arabica coffee blends are ready to enhance your coffee experience. This exceptional blend combines the robustness of Robusta beans with the sophistication of Arabica beans, giving you a truly balanced and flavorful cup of coffee.

How to brew spray-dried Robusta and Arabica instant coffee to create a diverse flavor. Here’s how you can brew them:

  1. Prepare the ratio: Take Depending on your taste, you can adjust the ratio between coffee because instant spray dried coffee powder is already 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta, but you can change This ratio is according to personal preference. You can also experiment with different ratios to find the flavor that works best for you.
  2. Measure the coffee: Based on the ratio you choose, measure the spray-dried Robusta and Arabica Instant Coffee and add them to the cup or glass.
  3. Boil water: Heat water to about 90-95 degrees Celsius. Pour hot water into the cup containing instant coffee.
  4. Stir well: Stir the instant coffee and water well with a measuring stick or spoon. Make sure the coffee dissolves completely and the flavors are combined.
  5.  Add sugar and milk (optional): If you want, you can add sugar and milk to the mixed coffee according to your taste.

The combination of Robusta and Arabica can create a complex and varied flavor, combining the strength and richness of Robusta with the softness and aroma of Arabica. Experiment and adjust the coffee ratio to your personal preferences to create the coffee that suits you best.

The Robusta and Arabica spray dry process is an important part of producing powder coffee blends.

dried instant blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee
Dried instant blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee
Coffee ingredients:
  • Choose coffee beans: Choose high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. The quality of coffee ingredients will affect the quality of the final product.
Spray drying process:
  • Choosing spray drying technology: There are many different spray drying technologies, but the final quality of coffee beans often depends on this process. Spray drying uses high temperature and pressure to convert water from coffee beans into steam, leaving the coffee beans dry and dry. This process must be carefully controlled to avoid damage to the coffee beans.
  • Mixing Robusta and Arabica: In the mixed production process, Robusta and Arabica seeds are often mixed before spray drying. This helps ensure that each batch of product has the right ratio of the two types of seeds.
  • Spray drying: The mixed coffee beans are put into the spray dryer. During this process, high pressure and temperature are used to convert the water in the coffee beans into steam, so that the coffee beans become dry and dehydrated. Spray dryers need to be tightly controlled to ensure that the temperature and pressure do not damage the coffee beans or cause flavor loss.
Preserving the final product:
  • Cooling and packaging: After the spray drying process, coffee beans need to be cooled quickly to prevent oxidation and preserve the best flavor. The spray-dried coffee beans are then packaged in sealed bags to preserve freshness and prevent exposure to air. The Robusta and Arabica spray drying process requires technical control and coffee knowledge to ensure the final product is of the best quality.

Spray-dried coffee, a combination of robusta and arabica beans, can provide some unique effects and flavors. The main effects of this coffee may include:

instant coffee
Instant coffee
  • Various flavors: The combination of robusta and arabica can create a diverse and rich flavor. Robusta typically delivers a strong, bold flavor and has a higher caffeine content, while arabica typically has a softer and milder flavor. When combined, you can experience a balance between density and softness.
  • Caffeine: Robusta contains more caffeine than arabica. Combining the two can provide a moderate amount of caffeine, enough to keep you alert and boost your energy.

3. Balance: The combination of robusta and arabica can create a balance between factors such as body, grain, and flavor. This can make coffee appealing to everyone, from those who love strong coffee to those who prefer a milder taste.

4. Acidity level: Arabica usually has a lower acidity level than robusta. When combined, the coffee can have a medium level of acidity, which helps create a balanced and enjoyable taste.

5. Fragrance: Arabica usually has a richer aroma, while robusta has a distinct characteristic smell. This combination can bring a diverse aroma to coffee.

Of course, the taste and effects of coffee also depend on many different factors such as the roasting process, the origin of the coffee, and the specific way of brewing coffee. Depending on your taste, you may prefer a combination of robusta and arabica or prefer a single coffee.

In short, spray-dried Robusta and Arabica Coffee is a strong product that brings a combination of robusta and Arabica coffee beans to create quality, flavor and convenience. It’s a true testament to the power of innovation in meeting modern demands while maintaining an unwavering commitment to traditional coffee quality and taste. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur looking for a reliable coffee ingredient, choosing spray-dried Robusta and Arabica Coffee is the perfect choice for you.

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