Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded?

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Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded?

Marketing secret for a coffee shop that is always crowded? – No matter how it operates, the business still has the same goal of “profit.” And to make a profit in the coffee shop business in the current competitive market, marketing for the cafe is necessary.

Marketing for a cafe increases brand coverage to attract people’s attention, which will then help increase the number of customers.

However, marketing for a restaurant requires very high sensitivity to the beverage market. With the available experience in consulting set-up to open Le Cafe Coffee Shop, I would like to share ten marketing strategies for cafes that hope to be helpful to you.

The location helps create favorable conditions for marketing the cafe

How to make it easy for customers to see your shop is an essential thing in the business process => It’s all about location.

This location doesn’t need to be in the center, on the street… in short, it doesn’t need a prime location because the rental price will be very high, but you need to make sure your shop is easily identifiable.
That will ensure everyone with differences will easily remember your coffee shop brand, and business opportunities will be many times greater.
In a nutshell, no matter where you open a shop, you need to pay attention to whether people can easily see your shop when placed in that location or not.
Despite being on a busy street, many shops do not receive much attention compared to a shop located at the end of a minor road but attract the attention of others. This is entirely different from how you decorate the shop!
For young people now they like to take pictures of check-in, you should pay attention to the decoration of the shop, but middle-aged people, prefer locations with more quiet space.
So if your shop ensures that factor, just bringing that location out to market the cafe is enough to attract.
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Handing out flyers

This method, although classic, is highly effective, especially when you run a coffee business in places with frequent customers such as schools, offices, apartments, and parks.
However, in tourist destinations, this marketing method is not very suitable. Customers go there every day to places like schools, offices, etc. You only need to advertise to them a few times, and they already know you.
For example, if you run a coffee shop where there are many tourists, each tourist goes there once a year; this method is not very effective unless you want tourists to know about your shop (for good reviews, TripAdvisor, for example).
It can be said that this is the most “economical” marketing method but quickly and easily conveys messages to customers, especially suitable for events such as openings, promotions, or art shows. Particular of the shop (singing, magic, …).
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Marketing for the cafe by regularly “Free” drinks

Loyal customers who often visit your store are appreciated => because they help you maintain your business.
Don’t hesitate to give them free desserts or cakes. It’s not worth the money, but for them, it makes sense. They will bring such good stories about your store to others. Don’t you already get free marketing?
=> At the same time, you also get more loyal customers.

Use Vouchers

Notice that in the big drink chains, they always have hundreds of Vouchers for customers when they come to the shop. You can find dozens of benefits online from using vouchers in coffee shop marketing.

It can be said that this is a form of leaflet distribution that has been upgraded to have a value for each “paper.”

Instead of distributing a series of promotional leaflets, which may be delivered to customers, they will not care even if the flyers are immediately put in the trash, which is a widespread occurrence.
However, when you replace those flyers with free Vouchers when buying from the second cup, group of 3, etc., firstly, they may “keep in their wallet” that voucher for later use
=> So you have succeeded in making customers remember your shop even if they “forgot” the expiry date of the coupons, at least they will remember the name of the shop as well as the image of your shop—printed in those vouchers.
That’s why Highland constantly launches promotions on its Vouchers because of the brand benefits as well as the profits that it brings.
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Marketing using visiting cards and membership cards

The business card alone is an excellent way to advertise who you are and what you sell to customers. Instead of handing out flyers, you hand out business cards; it’s the same, just different in paper quality and size.

What about a membership card? What do you think if the front is a business card and the back is a membership card? Give customers one drink when they buy five glasses.
This, in turn, stimulates sales. You will probably have less profit per glass on average, but more purchases will have. Not to mention that if you sell well, they will come back and bring their friends…
Ok, think about it, this is a very, very good way to retain customers for a long time. And keep in mind, your one glass for a customer costs 2 USD, but for you, it is only 1 USD… not to mention, when there are many guests, you will see how strong you are.
Crowded, full of customers, and everyone happy, it’s a great feeling!
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Poster, Standee, signboard, advertising banner

This can also be considered another form of handing out leaflets. Still, the difference is that it is in the “passive” position, meaning that you keep “showing” for customers to let them pay attention to you instead of handing out leaflets.
These are undeniably effective ways to make your store more eye-catching to passersby. A poster, standee, banner only costs a few hundred thousand. If so, don’t ignore it.

Optimize E-marketing tools

E-marketing (Internet marketing or online marketing), or online marketing, is the marketing of products and services through a global connection to the Internet.

Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc., are practical online marketing tools that help you reach many people without spending time and effort distributing leaflets. When it comes to this, you probably already have some idea of ​​the effectiveness of these tools.
Typically, you know a particular coffee shop simply by seeing a friend in your Facebook friends list taking a photo to check-in at a specific cafe. You are also curious about the space. As well as the service and quality of drinks there, you come to “try to know,” right?
However, online marketing also needs to have good strategies, mainly in the current information technology era; it is not tricky for E-marketing to maximize its effectiveness.
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Marketing for a crowded cafe with an attractive Menu

Menus are a way for you to attract customers. Naming strange dishes and drinks a bit is also attracting customers.
The menu is the thing that customers come into contact with the most in your shop after the glass of water, the table, the chair; I’m afraid it’s the third-ranked employee, not as much contact with customers as the menu.
Finally, with promotions -> menu! New dishes -> menu! Popular dishes -> menu! You see the benefits of the menu advertise; it’s a perfect place to advertise without losing money.

Marketing with a smile, why not?

In addition to the good products and services you must bring to the customer. Greet, serve and say goodbye to customers with smiles every day.

I’m not sure if it has any noticeable effect right up front, but everything in your store is already complete if you do. What I want to talk about is the service attitude of the staff.

You send customers all the best; they also give you a priceless gift of compliments to others. Word of mouth marketing is always the most helpful form of advertising for any restaurant, but not everyone has it.
It’s free but highly effective because there’s nothing better than social referrals from customers instead of introducing yourself to people.
Marketing Secret For A Coffee Shop That Is Always Crowded? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Finally, good service!

Once people know your cafe more, they will want to give it a try. Make sure that every service is prepared as best as possible. It does not directly advertise for you, but it will indirectly affect people’s tastes, helping them boldly share with others.

It is a prestigious address that anyone wants to introduce or bring their friends and relatives to.

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