Latte Macchiato recipe suitable for all ages

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Latte Macchiato recipe suitable for all ages: At the weekend, being able to sit in a cafe or gather with family and enjoy a cup of Latte Macchiato is nothing short of emotional. So how to make Latte Macchiato? Why is this Latte suitable for all ages?

1. Latte – What is Latte Macchiato? 

“Latte” is derived from the Italian word “Caffellatte,” which means coffee and milk. If the “enjoyer” is not very connoisseur, it is widespread to confuse the taste of Latte with Cappuccino because both have three essential ingredients: Espresso, hot milk, and milk foam.

However, in Cappuccino, the amount of hot milk can be equivalent to milk foam, in Latte, the amount of milk foam is given half of that of hot milk. Therefore, a cup of Latte is always more miniature “floating” than a Cappuccino. And according to the traditional “standard,” Cappuccino is drunk in thick mugs that are preheated, and Latte is drunk in quite large glasses.
Latte – What is Latte Macchiato?
Another interesting point is that Latte was “created” when it was first “created” for children because caffeine is quite tiny and has a relatively high greasy taste. Later, the adults were also fascinated by this drink, so it became a drink for all ages. Usually, people drink latte macchiato from a tall, thick-walled glass. An authentic latte macchiato must consist of 3 distinct layers, poured in sequential order and not mixed. Milk is poured into the first cup, making the bottom layer white. Then there is the milk foam – the top floor. Finally, the Espresso is run through the milk foam.
Because the milk layer is fatter, it has a higher density than Espresso, so the coffee layer rises above the milk layer, forming a layer in the middle. The foam of the high-fat milk lasts longer than the foam of the low-fat milk. Usually, people sprinkle on top of froth cocoa powder, chocolate, or spices (e.g., cinnamon) for decoration.

2. How to make Latte Macchiato

Step 1: How to make Latte Macchiato you need to prepare (for 1 cup)
– An Espresso machine
– One glass (240ml capacity)
– One wide-bottomed case (400ml)
– Country
– Refrigerated fresh milk (180ml)
– Coffee is used to make Espresso (20gr)
– Stick sugar: 1 pack

Step 2Boil water

Different coffee machines have different textures, but make sure you fill the tank with enough water so that the pump line is flooded. Turn on the power and pump water into the boiler. Turn on the boiler to heat the water. Now, everything will be handled by the machine. To know the water temperature, you should pay attention to the light on the machine. You turn off the boiler and press the dose button to let the water treatment machine discharge for about 10 seconds. The water will clean the machine.

How to make Latte Macchiato

Step 3Add coffee and a teaspoon (about 7 grams). The machines all have a measuring spoon for coffee. Remember to pour the right amount of coffee into the filter and brush it out. Squeeze the coffee firmly so that the water doesn’t run through the coffee too quickly.

Step 4: Filter

Close the handle valves and then place the coffee cup underneath the machine. Turn the button on. It takes 14-18 seconds for the device to filter a cup of coffee and 20-25 seconds for 2 cups of coffee, then turns off the adjustment buttons. If the coffee is filtered too quickly, add more coffee and press harder. If you use ground coffee beans, you should rub the coffee finer.

Step 5Warm the milk warm milk. Before putting the milk cup in, turn on the drain button for 6 seconds. To create a froth like a cappuccino, the spout should touch the underside of the milk glass. If you want a cup of coffee with a smooth top layer, you should put the faucet deep in the bottom of the milk glass. Wait a few minutes for the milk to heat up. Then turn off the machine and remove the glass of milk. Remember to clean again by wiping the steam hose and returning it to its original position.

Step 6Add milk & coffee
In the last step of making Latte Macchiato, you put milk in a glass first, make coffee in a small cup and then slowly pour it into a glass of milk. You will see the coffee floating on the milk, creating many eye-catching layers.


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