How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee?

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How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee (2)

How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee?: Coffee drinkers rarely care about the details of each type of coffee flavor in the espresso, and they only comment preliminarily as “that aroma” is “too bitter” in a very primitive way.

But for Cuppers (coffee tasting specialists or a professional baristas, besides the 04 primary flavors of coffee are bitter, bitter, sweet, sour, we want to understand and describe the taste of coffee more specifically. That is why Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel was born.

Why do you need a coffee taster’s flavor wheel?

Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel suggests a sensory lexicon system studied by WRC – World Coffee Research, which agrees to analyze flavors, accurately calling any flavor structure in coffee.

Relying on Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, it’s easy to tell what kind of coffee is like when you close your eyes and try it out. For example, when you eat fish, you will know that you are eating fish, the meat will see that you eat meat.

How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee (2)

If you only feel the basic taste of coffee, such as bitter, sweet, and sour, there will be no need for a coffee taster’s flavor wheel analysis. But to accurately recognize and analyze the thousands of flavor structures found in coffee, you need a coffee taster’s flavor wheel.

This analysis will support the definition and description of the most mainstream flavors in a detailed and straightforward way. The same coffee variety but grown in different regions, with different climates, will give a different taste.

Were they published initially as Coffee taster’s flavor wheel?

Since 1995, people have divided the original “Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel” into two parts. The round table on the left is called “Faults and Taints Wheel” about the adverse effect on coffee beans through the process “From seed to cup” such as Musty, Moldy (mold), Sour (sour), Phenolic,…

How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee (2)

The table on the right is “Aromas and Tastes Wheel,” divided into two main parts “Aromas” – the smell is felt by the sense of smell and “Tastes”– each person’s taste buds handle the taste. Aroma has three main properties: enzymatic, sugar browning, and dry distillation. The coffee will have a different dominant taste depending on the different roasting levels.

People evaluate coffee flavor based on four essential factors: “sour, sweet, salty, bitter.” Coffee, when extracted, will produce the first acidity, and bitterness will be the last. From these four essential ingredients, you will see the different tastes of coffee.

In 2016, SCA released a new “Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel” table. The latest version is based on the old table template and further develops the vocabulary describing the taste of coffee (Sensory Lexicon). Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel 2016 is SCA’s feat in developing and improving the flavor classification, easier to use with the “2 in 1” feature.How To Determine The Taste Of Coffee (2)

Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel is like a guide for every coffee drinker. It supports coffee experts to taste, compare, describe the taste in the best possible. And help us identify the taste of coffee enjoyed daily.

Using a coffee circle is not as complicated. And there is no need for cuppers to be too professional. You can also experience your coffee cup or share experiences to develop better skills. It’s simple but no less attractive.

The article on us took you to learn about coffee taster’s flavor wheel and the true meaning of this coffee flavor analysis.


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