How To Attract Customers To Your Coffee Shop ?

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How to attract customers to your coffee shop: No matter how confident you are about the quality of your drinks, you should pay attention to these six factors to make the cafe more and more crowded!

The growing culture of coffee drinking means that more and more cafes are opening. Have you ever wondered how the continuous opening of coffee shops will affect your business? Here, Helena., JSC will give you some solutions to proactively run your coffee shop business without being affected by external factors.

1. Customers are always the most critical factor of a cafe

Yes, this is a significant factor, indeed before going into official operation, the shop owners have also shaped themselves a set of customers to focus on serving. In terms of the target audience of the current model of coffee shops, it can be divided into two main groups: middle-aged customers and young people. Usually, young people tend to favor eye-catching decor more than drink quality, and vice versa for middle-aged customers.

Customers are always the most important factor of a cafe

If you capture your customers’ needs and meet those, they will not only be impressed by the quality of your drinks, but they will surely “go back” to your bar because here they are served. Exactly meet their requirements.

And to understand customer psychology, store owners should listen to customers daily, study their wants, and keep up with trends so that they can best adapt by asking for their input. Customers on scraps of paper – remember to keep it brief or seek immediate feedback, summarize everything and make adjustments as needed.

Indeed with such psychological business people will be very satisfied with customers.

2. Advertising helps to attract customers’ attention

With the development of information today, it is not difficult to bring your image and brand to customers. With just a little basic understanding of the media, along with the current trends, the owner can attract customers’ attention.

Advertising helps to attract customers' attention

For example, a banner hanging outside the shop reads “100% clean coffee guaranteed” “Clean milk tea is good for health“… at a time when there were many scandals related to cornstarch-filled coffee. Milk tea ingredients of unknown origin… will create a perfect effect. Or for example, you need to display the grinder in the easiest position for guests to access. Would it be interesting if the words below the coffee grinder had the words “New arrivals, instant service”

3. Promotions to boost the number of customers

This is always the most attractive way to attract customers, significantly increasing customer loyalty. Depending on the period, the owner may apply for different promotions from time to time. For example, there is a 5-10% discount on all cold drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter.

Promotions to boost the number of customers

However, it is advisable to consider the promotional period so that it is reasonable to balance costs. Costs, revenue, avoid affecting long-term business. There is a good use of promotional programs such as vouchers, discounts, applied to customers in large quantities, etc. And should not be applied overlapping, causing information disturbance and difficulty to reach customers.

4. Update the menu for the cafe

If you only follow a standard menu initially, it will be boring for customers if the restaurant has been in operation for a long time. Café owners can learn new drinks or try to make them with different tools.

For example, in the winter, the demand for drinks to keep heat and warm the body increases, and in the summer, refreshing beverages are paid more attention, or the current trend is prevalent. Drink coffee from the Espresso machine…

Promotions to boost the number of customers

And suppose you need an attractive drink menu for a cafe. In that case, the best way is to refer to reputable barista training addresses to learn how to prepare drinks methodically and be updated with the latest trends. New drink trends are consulted with menus set up bars best suited for your restaurant.

5. Design an eye-catching space for the cafe

When your coffee shop has been operating for a while, changing the space – design is an essential element. Just a little bit of space renewal can make regular customers feel interesting while also attracting more new customers.

The owner can change the way the tables and chairs are arranged, put a few more pots, and decorate with items on the counter such as a coffee grinder, a coffee maker, etc. Some coffee machines have an effect. Good display use in addition to your primary use can help you increase trust from customers.

Design an eye-catching space for the cafe

6. Price and service:

After a period of operation, you can certainly grasp the business situation of the shop, know the percentage of drinks that customers order to serve more, which drinks are less. So if possible, calculate and re-align the cost (cost) of some drinks next to the main coffee product. In addition, the restaurant always needs to pay attention to the attitude of service to customers; this is always a standard that must never be ignored and must be continuously improved.

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Price and service


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