How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

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How long does green coffee last

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? There are many different types of coffee in the world. In terms of varieties are also very diverse such as Robusta, Arabica, Liberate, etc. Through each preliminary processing and roasting process, products from the coffee tree are more varied, giving consumers more choice.

However, the demand for the most original products, especially green coffee, has always been high and has increased in recent years. So, what makes a cup of green coffee exceptional? How long do green coffee beans last? Let’s explore something new together.

Green Coffee Beans: What Are They?

Coffee drinkers are all too familiar with the visual of roasted coffee beans in various shades of black and brown. We sometimes make the mistake of believing that the first coffee beans were similar. Like many other fruits, the original of these processed seeds is green.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?
How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

Green coffee beans have not been roasted; they are raw coffee beans that have not been processed. And all coffees, whether Robusta or Arabica, have a natural green color after being picked down from the tree and peeled away from the outer crust.

How is Green Coffee Harvested and Processed? (coffee, coffee) 

Green coffee beans, as previously stated, are unroasted coffee beans of any variety. Coffee is taken from the tree during the harvest season and put through a preliminary procedure to generate green coffee beans. Currently, there are two types of initial processing methods for coffee beans: dry processing and wet processing.

Wet processing

Washing and classifying

To prepare coffee beans to ensure a high-quality result. Choose and classify ripe and unripe beans as the initial step. After harvesting, producers will wash and filter the ripe and unripe coffee fruit by dropping it into water. The ripe fruit will descend to the bottom, while the others will rise above.


Process green coffee beans using the coffee fermentation method to make it easier to clear the skin and mucus outside the coffee. Producers will employ different approaches depending on each area’s processing line.

The fermenting process takes roughly three days in Kenya. Ethiopians fermented coffee underwater, while Latin Americans ferment it at night.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?
How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

Each area’s fermentation process, which uses varied methods and procedures, will considerably impact the coffee flavor. The fermentation of coffee to peel off is a critical stage that farmers must carefully regulate if they want to produce tasteful coffee beans.

Washing and collecting

After fermentation, the coffee will go through a thorough cleaning process, with the outer mucus being removed to reveal the core seed. The fermented coffee is usually discharged into a cleaning system based on the notion of a continually flowing water channel.

Scratching and scratching instruments are available to remove the peeling. The coffee beans are peeled practically clean outside after this procedure and then put into the polishing machine. This final step will aid in the complete cleaning of coffee beans.


Following the fermentation and collection of the coffee beans, the next step is to quickly dry them before they ferment and lose their excellent flavor.

Dry processing (recipes, roasting)

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?
How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

The dry method of preparing green coffee beans has been utilized since ancient times and is still used now. This method was supposed to be peanuts after the wet process became famous. This strategy, however, is still effective in places where water is scarce. Brazil is currently the world’s biggest producer of coffee and uses the dry processing method.

Exposure to the sun

After harvest and selection, the coffee beans for dried green beans will be exposed to the sun on drying rigs stacked on three or four levels. Depending on the weather and the quality of the coffee fruit, drying time might range from 1-4 weeks until the moisture content of the beans reaches 11%.

Separating seeds

Producers will put the material described above into a specialized blender after being exposed to the sun to remove the outer shell and obtain the outcome of packing completed coffee beans and bringing them to the user.

The coffee beans from this dry processing method will not be as clean as those from the wet processing method, but the coffee flavor will be sweeter and more fragrant.

Why are Green coffee beans so popular?

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How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?
How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

Green coffee has grown in popularity as a result of its advantages and benefits:

  1. The shelf-life; compared to roasted coffee products, we can preserve and use green coffee for longer.
  2. Green coffee is substantial in antioxidants, including caffeine and chlorogenic acid, and it also includes a lot of caffeine. These minerals have health benefits such as weight loss and blood circulation improvement.
  3. Each person has different interests; many people enjoy coffee and want to customize the roasting to suit their preferences. These clients will purchase green coffee and learn how to roast it at home to create their own custom-roasted coffee batches. In addition, we can use green coffee without roasting, resulting in drinks with a cool and fresh flavor similar to herbal tea.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

In comparison to other nuts or items made from processed and roasted coffee, green coffee may keep its flavor and smoothness in for much longer. Green coffee beans can be stored and utilized for 6 to 12 months. That means the best way we know how to preserve them, the longer the quality and storage time.

So, what things should we consider to protect good green coffee?

Humidity: (keep, bean)

This factor is a significant factor in all product storage processes. According to ICO – International Coffee Organization, the standard moisture to preserve good green coffee is 11% – 12.5. Coffee beans will be damp due to high moisture storage.

Green coffee beans

High humidity creates a favorable environment that causes bacteria and mold to multiply and damage all coffee beans. Additionally, we must ensure that moisture is consistently stable and not continually shifting. If this does not happen, the quality of coffee beans will suffer.


Moisture and temperature have a strong relationship. The amount of steam in the air will be directly affected by changes in temperature. Experts recommend that we should store Green coffee beans at a temperature of 68-77 degrees F. However, the appropriate temperature also depends on whether the storage packaging is jute bags or plastic bags.


The storage place must be limited or avoid direct sunlight because it directly affects other elements.

Storage packaging:

Green coffee bags are stored in two types of bags: jute cloth bags and plastic bags. The jute cloth bag is simple to find and inexpensive, but it does not guarantee safe shipping because it is readily destroyed by water. Furthermore, while plastic bags are convenient for transporting, they are not environmentally beneficial.

As a result, each individual and corporation must make their own decision. One of the current ideas is to use plastic bags that may be reused multiple times, reducing pollution.

All of the information I wish to share with you is listed above. After knowing how to preserve green coffee beans and reading about their benefits, would you prefer to try them? If you answered yes, visit our Helenacoffee’s Product website to learn more about the kind of raw coffee beans you enjoy.

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