Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee – Green Coffee Beans 

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Green coffee and Roasted coffee

Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee – Green Coffee Beans: We drink coffee every day to keep our spirits up, and most of us are all too familiar with dark brown or black coffee beans. However, I recently discovered that green coffee is gradually gaining popularity due to its numerous uses and benefits.

I investigated and accumulated information to understand what is unique about this green coffee since I was fascinated. Hopefully, this post will also provide answers to people who are curious about the distinctions between “Green coffee beans and Roasted coffee beans”.

The Differences Between Green Coffee And Roasted Coffee Beans

Green and Unroasted Coffee Beans: What are the differences?

Color and structure

The color is the first thing that comes to mind. Following the harvest, the farmer or collector would typically prepare the coffee cherries using one of two dry or wet processing methods. Green coffee is made from coffee that has been peeled and turned into a light green bean product.

Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee - Green Coffee Beans 
Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee – Green Coffee Beans

Then, based on the buyer’s and user’s needs, they will be heated to various degrees, resulting in darker colors ranging from light brown to black. These are the familiar roasted coffee beans. This color shift is caused by a chemical reaction that takes place during roasting:

Firstly, melanoidin is produced as a result of the Maillard process (a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars)

Secondly the second step is to caramelize endogenous sugars (carbohydrate breakdown) in the seeds.


The wonderful thing about green coffee is that it may be consumed without harm and provides numerous health benefits. Green coffee does not undergo heat processing. Thus it has a mild and refreshing flavor similar to herbal tea.

Everyone is undoubtedly aware of the rich flavor of coffee that has gone through the roasting process. Depending on the type and degree of roasting and coffee, the coffee cup will have a bitter, light, mildly bitter, or strong scent. (Find out more about Roasted Coffee)

Storage and shelf life

Green coffee has an advantage in terms of storage and shield life. Roasted coffee should only be stored and consumed at room temperature for 1 to 3 weeks to produce quality and rich coffee.

We can store green ( unroasted ) coffee beans at room temperature for 6 to 12 months. As a result, many purchasers choose green coffee beans to keep and roast themselves.

Which is better: Green or Roasted Coffee Beans?

Roasted coffee beans

We all know that coffee includes caffeine, a stimulant that works on the central nervous system to stay awake and avoid fatigue. Furthermore, we undoubtedly hear or read articles about the benefits of drinking roasted coffee, such as how it aids in fat burning, lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other ailments, etc.

So I’m not going to repeat it. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the articles at the bottom.

Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans, in contrast to roasted and ground coffee, have been shown to give a healthier and more effective supply of caffeine. On the other hand, the flavor of green coffee beans is not as robust or appealing as that of roasted and ground coffee.

Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee - Green Coffee Beans 
Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee – Green Coffee Beans

The high temperatures that occur during the roasting process cause many acidic substances in coffee beans to break down. Particularly chlorogenic acid, a substance with many health benefits related to lowering blood pressure and protecting nerves, can be used to treat various other conditions. It helps to bring inflammation and stress levels down.

In addition to that, one study carried out by Nutrition instructor Michael Joseph reveals that Regular consumption of black coffee and green coffee results in lower values for both the systolic and diastolic components of blood pressure compared to going without coffee.

Compared to roasted coffee, green coffee is said to have superior results in terms of health. Still, it has a significantly worse flavor because it is consumed without the roasting process.

How Do You Choose Green Coffee Beans?

Everything has to begin with selecting green coffee beans to achieve quality roasted coffee beans. In my opinion, the following criteria should serve as the foundation for the selection of high-quality coffee beans:


 If you want to buy quality coffee beans, you first need to decide what kind of coffee you want to buy. At the moment, there are two prominent coffee strains: robusta and arabica.

Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee - Green Coffee Beans 
Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee – Green Coffee Beans

Each of these strains has distinct qualities regarding its flavor and color, several different hues. There are also many additional coffee strains; hence, you need to determine which coffee is more suited to your taste preferences.


Approximately 75 countries worldwide are responsible for coffee cultivation and processing. In addition, each country’s coffee beans have distinct flavors and qualities. You can mention the top five coffee-producing countries: Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Columbia.


As a final point of discussion, I want to stress the importance of locating and selecting a well-known coffee brand that provides both price and quality assurances. Please give serious consideration to the production process that that company uses.

Every step of that process, from processing to packing and storage, impacts the quality of the coffee beans that you will purchase and consume in the future.

Which is better, green or roasted coffee beans? Both green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans each have their own benefits and drawbacks to consider. If it caters to both your needs and preferences, then I believe that it will be the most refined version.                   

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