Daily Grind Holiday: The Ultimate Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers In 2023

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Daily Grind Holiday

The daily grind holiday extravaganza: As the festive holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s the perfect time to embark on the hunt for that ideal gift for the coffee lover in your life. We understand that this task can sometimes seem daunting, especially with the diverse range of coffee-related items available in the market. But worry not, because we’re here to make your search easier and more enjoyable.

We’ve meticulously curated a comprehensive list that caters to a wide spectrum of budgets and interests. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly find or a luxury indulgence, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Dive headfirst into our 2023 Perfect Daily Grind holiday gift guide for a spark of inspiration and discover an array of unique, thoughtful, and irresistible gift ideas that are sure to delight any coffee aficionado!

Miniature treasures

Small but meaningful, stocking fillers often leave a lasting impression. Explore our curated selection below for thoughtful daily grind holiday ideas.

Discover a new roaster prices vary

A bag of coffee makes for an excellent gift choice, and exploring a new roaster opens the door to experiencing fresh origins, varieties, and processing techniques.

For European clientele, consider TAF, a roaster nestled in Athens, Greece. Daily Grind Holiday: Their offerings span a diverse selection of coffees, ranging from single estate beans to competition blends and exclusive Taloumis Family Limited Reserve lots.

Among TAF’s gift offerings is the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve Exotic Varieties range, featuring coffees sourced from award-winning and pioneering farms worldwide.

Coffee plant jigsaw puzzle

Starting at USD 19.40 | EUR 18.00 | GBP 15.42

For a unique twist on coffee-themed daily grind holiday, consider the 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a coffee plant from Tens Hundreds Thousands.

Designed by watercolor artist Victorinus “Terra” Bahtra, this puzzle creates a vivid, lifelike image of a coffee plant, complete with cherries and flowers.

Huskee eco-friendly coffee cup

Starting at USD 25.17 | EUR 23.35 | GBP 20

Huskee crafts reusable cups using coffee husk—the outer layer surrounding the beans. As a certified B Corp, they’ve introduced the HuskeeRenew line, featuring products made from 50% post-consumer recycled material.

The collection offers cups and saucers, available individually or in convenient four-packs.

Orea V3 MK2 pour over brewer

Starting at USD 37.75 | EUR 35.02 | GBP 29.99

A fresh pour-over brewer is a reliable choice for coffee aficionados, daily grind holiday: offering them the opportunity to explore various recipes and methods.

The Orea V3 MK2 stands out as one of the latest and most buzzed-about manual brewers available. Featuring a uniquely designed base, the V3 MK2 ensures a consistent flow rate, even when using finer grind settings.

The art of home brewing: Mastering coffee technique

Book Starting at USD 21.38 | EUR 19.84 | GBP 16.99

James Hoffmann’s latest publication is a comprehensive guide that enlightens industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts on crafting consistent brewing recipes, catering to both filter and espresso methods in a home setting.

Beyond enhancing the taste of your coffee daily grind holiday, Hoffmann’s book delves into various essential topics, including water quality, extraction levels, and optimizing grinder performance for optimal results.

Gifts that wow

Stepping up in price, these presents are perfect for delighting a cherished recipient.

Green coffee for roasters

Prices Vary

Surprising the roaster in your life with green coffee can be a splendid gesture, and there’s a plethora of options to explore. Balzac Brothers, with a legacy since 1917, sources green coffee from various origins, including Papua New Guinea.

Caravela Coffee, a specialty coffee trader, supplies coffee to roasters worldwide, offering training through its PECA program to 2,000 producers annually.

Mercon Specialty, established in 2019, provides a Small Box Program catering to roasters of all sizes, offering fully sealed 20lbs boxes with complimentary shipping.

Family-owned Royal Coffee offers 22lb Crown Jewel green coffee boxes, each accompanied by a comprehensive analysis discussing the producer’s story, daily grind holiday coffee specifics, roast and brew profiles, and cupping notes from the Royal team.

Ally open coffee training

Starting at USD 195 | EUR 180.91 | GBP 154.95

Ally Coffee’s initiative, Ally Open, offers specially curated green coffee lots to roasters, along with a range of online courses.

The Essential Coffee Roasting Course, led by industry expert and consultant Rob Hoos, daily grind holiday is a self-paced online program tailored for professional roasters seeking to enhance their skills.

PRF guatemala forum pass

Starting at USD 106.74 | EUR 99.07 | GBP 84.84

Mark your calendars for PRF’s return to Guatemala on March 7th and 8th, 2024, at the Anacafé venue in Guatemala City. Anticipating thousands of attendees, this two-day forum will feature engaging lectures, workshops, and groundbreaking competitions.

Secure your tickets now, including access to the Sourcing Trip Experience.

Baratza encore ESP grinder

Starting at USD 199.95 | EUR 185.61 | GBP 158.96

Renowned for crafting top-tier home coffee grinders, Baratza has recently enhanced its iconic Encore grinder to cater to espresso enthusiasts.

With the ability to grind finely enough for espresso, the Encore ESP comes equipped with a dosing cup and is offered in black or white.

AeroPress Clear and XL Bundle

Starting at USD 69.16 | EUR 64.20 | GBP 54.99

The AeroPress stands as a beloved favorite among coffee brewers worldwide. Daily grind holiday: This year, the company introduces its latest offerings: the all-new AeroPress Clear and the groundbreaking AeroPress XL, complete with its own carafe.

Additionally, the new AeroPress organizer stand makes an excellent gift, compatible with the original, Clear, and XL brewers.

Luxury selection

For those willing to splurge on a cherished individual, here are some gift ideas with elevated price points.

Flair 58 and 58 plus espresso machines

Starting at USD 580 | EUR 538.46 | GBP 461.09

Manual espresso machines offer home baristas a unique opportunity to explore precise adjustments, and Flair Espresso presents several compelling options.

The Flair 58 boasts a 58mm portafilter, Preheat Temperature Controller, and features like a new valve plunger and puck screen. Meanwhile, daily grind holiday: the Flair 58 Plus takes it a step further with an articulating shot mirror for enhanced extraction consistency.

Dalla corte studio espresso machine

Starting at USD 4,614.46 | EUR 4,285.90 | GBP 3,670

Dalla Corte introduces its newest single-group espresso machine, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into any space. Despite its compact size, this multi-boiler marvel empowers users to fine-tune variables such as temperature and extraction time.

Daily grind holiday: The Studio is offered in eight customizable colors, ensuring it complements a diverse range of preferences.

Rancilio silvia pro X espresso machine

Starting at USD 1,710.78 | EUR 1,588.71 | GBP 1,360

Introducing the Silvia Pro X, Rancilio’s latest home espresso marvel. Daily grind holiday: This single-group, dual-boiler machine boasts innovative features like thermal stability and soft infusion technologies, ensuring optimal brewing performance.

Available in four elegant colors—stainless steel, black, white, and pink—the Silvia Pro X offers both style and substance to elevate your home espresso experience.

Faemina dual-boiler espresso machine

Starting at USD 6,162.57 | EUR 5,722.69 | GBP 4,899

Experience versatility with the dual-boiler Faemina home espresso machine, capable of extracting both espresso and filter coffee. Daily grind holiday: Equipped with both manual and automatic steam wands, it effortlessly produces high-quality microfoam for your favorite beverages.

For added convenience, the machine seamlessly integrates with Faema’s app, enabling users to remotely adjust extraction parameters at their convenience.

Marco ottomatic® 2.0 pour over coffee maker

Starting at USD 322.45 | EUR 312.51 | GBP 270

Experience the ultimate in pour-over convenience with the Marco Ottomatic® 2.0. This fully automated coffee machine is specially designed for use with the Chemex.

Featuring pulse-brewing technology for uniform extraction, Marco’s innovative brewer also offers an iced coffee mode for refreshing beverages.

Baby hardtank cold brew maker

Starting at USD 4,524.43 | EUR 4,200 | GBP 3,595.41

The Baby Hardtank offers a swift and effective solution for cold brew, earning the prestigious 2021 SCA Best New Product award.

This countertop marvel from Hardtank can whip up to four liters of cold brew tea or coffee in under an hour. It boasts convenient control options via touchscreen or app, ensuring a seamless brewing experience.

As the holiday season approaches, remember that even small gifts can make a big impact. We hope our 2023 coffee gift guide sparks some unique and exciting ideas for the coffee enthusiasts or professionals in your life.

Warm holiday wishes from all of us at Perfect Daily Grind!