Coffee Price Today October 11, 2022: Diving Market

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Coffee Price Today - October 11, 2022 - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Coffee Price Today October 11, 2022: Currently, at the beginning of the new harvest year, the domestic market is starting to prosper. the beginning of the “price storm”.

Coffee Price Today October 11, 2022: Diving Market

At the end of the last trading session of the week, the price of Robusta coffee futures in London for delivery in November 2022 increased by 3 USD / ton to 2158 USD / ton, delivered in January 2023 remained unchanged at 2154 USD / ton.

Price of Robusta coffee traded in London – Coffee Price Today October 11, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
11/22 2158 +3 +0.14% 6565 2161 2140 2155 33751
01/23 2154 0 0% 5416 2157 2138 2150 30081
03/23 2133 0 0% 417 2135 2115 2134 19650
05/23 2118 0 0% 90 2119 2099 2117 7712
Unit: USD($)/ Ton Coffee priceTrading unit: lot = 10 tons


The York Stock Exchange, the price of arabica coffee delivered in December 2022 fell 0.65 cents/lb to 217.45 cents/lb, and the price for delivery in March 2023 fell 0.6 cents/lb to 207.65 cents / lb. pounds. Last month supported robusta prices at a level like an arabica heavily influenced by the US economy and the strength of the dollar.

Coffee traded in New York – Coffee Price Today October 11, 2022

Period PriceCoffee price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
12/22 217.45 -0.65 -0.3 % 12412 219.35 215.35 217 81946
03/23 207.65 -0.6 -0.29% 5833 209.2 205.6 206.85 57139
05/23 203.45 -0.4 -0.2 % 2730 204.85 201.25 202.45 24879
07/23 200.8 -0.3 -0.15% 1092 201.95 198.5 200.05 6129
Unit: USD Cent/lb 1USD = 100cent 1Lb ~= 0.45Kg Trading unit: lot = 37,500 lb


At the beginning of the session 11/10 (Vietnam time) on the US market, the US Dollar Index (DXY) measures the volatility of the USD with 6 major currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP), CAD, SEK, CHF ) slightly increased 0.38% to 113.18. The dollar rose for a fourth straight session as investors anticipated the release of positive inflation data later in the week. Hello.

World coffee news:  Common coffee chemicals combined with flu can harm the lungs

New research shows that short-term exposure to a chemical compound produced during coffee roasting can cause harmful effects on lung health when combined with a second exposure. , such as the flu.

Led by a team at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, the study exposed mice to the toxic chemical compound diacetyl, a natural byproduct of the known roasting process of coffee. is to give coffee and other foods their natural buttery flavor. Those mice were then exposed to influenza A, which causes seasonal influenza in humans.

Study lead author Matthew D. McGraw said in a statement from the university: “We found that a single short-term exposure to diacetyl did not cause much lung damage. “But when mice were exposed to another common exposure environment, such as the flu, the double hit could cause airway disease similar to what we see when exposed to high doses of diacetyl, Castle.”

Noting that more research is needed to determine how diacetyl exposure affects humans, but not mice, the team says they are conducting another study in the hope of determining how long after exposure occurs. Influenza infection is safe to be exposed to diacetyl.

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