Cau Dat Arabica Coffee

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Cau Dat Arabica Coffee

Cau Dat Arabica coffee. The aroma of Arabica coffee from Cau Dat – Lam Dong is of fresh avocado, walnuts, caramel, and fresh bread. With a luscious sensation, vibrant acidity, and tropical fruit notes.

Cau Dat Arabica can be a touch sour for some who prefer a more traditional coffee flavor, but this is an exciting adventure for many who enjoy trying new things. And there is also the surprise that Cau Dat Arabica provides you; they truly assist you in having a vivid experience in the vast coffee world.

Cau Dat Arabica Coffee

If you’re wondering why Cau Dat Arabica has such intriguing features, consider the Cau Dat area’s geographical position. The coffee tree is produced in a perfect setting, with the plateau topography having a cool climate all year round, and an altitude of 1,500 – 1,600m allowing the coffee fruit to absorb the essence of heaven and earth.

Cau Dat Arabica is pre-processed wet, and because of the considerable temperature variation between day and night, Cau Dat coffee has a distinct flavor that is not found in lower coffee-growing places on the Lam Dong.

You can utilize the Cau Dat Arabica product line for manual brewing methods such as Pour-over, or combine it with Robusta Natural for the classic filter method. To make Cold Brew or French Press even more stylish, we recommend using 100 percent Cau Dat Arabica.


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