Best Coffee Beans In Europe: Top Picks from 5 Countries 2024

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Best Coffee Beans In Europe: Top Picks from 5 Countries 2024

Best Coffee Beans In Europe: Though the European continent may not have the climate to cultivate coffee beans, this has not hindered its mastery in the craft of roasting, forging a rich heritage of creating exceptional world-class coffee blends. Within the pages of this feature, we take you on a curated tour of Europe’s finest coffee purveyors, showcasing illustrious brands hailing from the quaint cafes of Austria to the vibrant coffee houses of Spain, the chic bistros of France, and the traditional Kaffeekultur of Germany.

Austrian Coffee Heritage

While Vienna’s first coffee house dates back to 1865, it was not until the economic advancements of the 1980s that coffee production began to flourish regularly. The decade saw a surge in coffee’s popularity, and amidst the burgeoning scene, Helmut Sachers and Julius Meinl emerged as the standout Austrian coffee brands, steeped in tradition and flavor.

Helmut Sachers Kaffee

Helmut Sachers has become an emblematic name in Austrian coffee culture, cherished by the denizens of Vienna both at home and in the city’s cozy coffee establishments. This brand is celebrated for its rich and full-bodied taste that captures the essence of Austrian coffee artistry.


Julius Meinl

Since its inception in 1862, Julius Meinl has been synonymous with Viennese coffee excellence. Over the years, this brand has only grown in prestige, continuing to win the hearts of coffee enthusiasts with its authentic Viennese charm.

Italian Coffee Mastery

The introduction of coffee to Italy in the 1500s marked the beginning of an enduring love affair with this beloved beverage. Italian coffee has since become a pillar of daily life, a tradition that persists to this day. Among the plethora of Italian coffee brands that have risen to fame, here are a few that currently stand out in the market for their rich history and superior quality.

Illy Caffè – The Quintessence of Italian Espresso

Illy stands as a paragon of Italian espresso, frequently set as the benchmark for coffee connoisseurs to compare with its counterparts. Crafted exclusively from the finest 100% Arabica beans, Illy’s roasting process is meticulously fine-tuned to leave a lasting impression on the palate. Established in 1933, Illy has consistently maintained its reputation as a leading figure in the realm of Italian espresso.

Best Coffee Beans In Europe

Lavazza – Italy’s Beloved Espresso 

Often hailed as the espresso of choice in Italy, Lavazza’s excellent flavor profile has secured its status at the heart of Italian coffee culture. Lavazza’s unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans imparts a distinctive taste that has garnered a devoted following. Originating from Piedmont in the late 19th century, this time-honored brand continues to be celebrated for its rich flavors and coffee craftsmanship.

The Illy and Lavazza Debate
In the realm of Italian espresso, Illy and Lavazza are two titans often held in comparison for their commendable quality. The debate between Illy and Lavazza often ends in a harmonious tie, as both brands hold a revered place in the hearts of Italian espresso enthusiasts, each with its own legion of loyalists.

Caffè Vergnano – A Tradition of Italian Excellence

Before Illy and Lavazza became synonymous with Italian espresso, there was Caffè Vergnano, with a history dating back to 1882. This brand embodies the splendor of European coffee, harmonizing innovative roasting approaches with family heritage. Vergnano’s flagship Espresso Crema is celebrated for its sweet, chocolate notes. Over the years, they have expanded their repertoire, including Nespresso-compatible capsules, without forsaking their dedication to quality.

Spanish Coffee Brands – A Symphony of Flavors

Spanish coffee is renowned for its vibrant flavors and has been an integral part of Spanish culture since its introduction. Here, we present a selection of the finest and most beloved Spanish coffee brands, each offering a rich tasting experience that is quintessentially Spanish.

Helena Coffee – Your Gateway to Exceptionally Priced Green Coffee

For every discerning customer, price is a pivotal concern, especially when it comes to the competitive world of coffee exports. The cost of exported coffee beans is influenced by the global market, with prices fluctuating on the two main trading platforms for Arabica and Robusta beans. The industry is rife with intense negotiations over price, quantity, payment arrangements, and delivery schedules.

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  • Bean Preparation: Polished beans, signifying meticulous preparation, are priced above standard offerings.
  • Quality Metrics: Beans that exhibit lower levels of defects, such as a reduced rate of broken, black, or impure beans and minimal moisture content, are valued higher.

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Best Coffee Beans In Europe

Catunambú – A Spanish Legacy of Colombian Roots

Founded by Colombian coffee roaster Juan Ferrer, who settled in Seville in 1897, Catunambú represents over 120 years of exceptional coffee heritage. Four generations of master roasters later, this brand continues to be a shining beacon of Spanish coffee excellence.

While Ferrer might scarcely recognize the contemporary techniques now employed by the enterprise he initiated, Catunambú has embraced modernity with offerings like Nespresso pods and Dolce Gusto capsules. Yet, despite embracing innovation, the soul of Catunambú remains true to the traditions that underpin their high-caliber coffees.

Tupinamba Grup – Barcelona’s Coffee Visionaries

Concurrent with Ferrer’s ventures, Tupinamba Grup began cultivating its own coffee legacy in Barcelona. Known for its forward-thinking ethos, Tupinamba Grup has consistently been at the forefront of coffee innovation, reflected in their cutting-edge branding and technological advancements.

Now, Tupinamba Grup has a keen focus on eco-friendly practices, notably their compostable Nespresso capsules, while also diversifying into an array of teas and herbal infusions.

French Coffee Brands – A Connoisseur’s Delight

The French approach to coffee may not match their passion for wine and cheese, but it is nonetheless a pursuit of refined taste. These French coffee brands promise a delightful experience, whether you’re planning a Parisian getaway or indulging from afar.

Jacques Vabre – The Robust Flair of France

Jacques Vabre has become a household name in France, renowned for its dense, spicy, and aromatic brews crafted from Robusta beans—a stark contrast to the Arabica-dominated French market. The mere aroma of Jacques Vabre’s coffee is an invitation to savor this distinguished French brand.

Legal Le Gout – A Commitment to Purity

Since its inception in 1851, Legal Le Gout has captured the hearts of coffee lovers. With a staunch commitment to non-GMO beans and a dedication to surpassing quality standards, Legal Le Gout stands as a testament to the pursuit of the finest coffee. A cup of their blend is a choice well made.

German Coffee Brands – Precision Roasted Perfection

Germany’s reputation for meticulous craftsmanship extends beyond automobiles to the realm of coffee roasting and blending, where German companies excel with processes that match the prowess of Europe’s top coffee producers. Here are a couple of the preeminent German coffee brands on the market today.

Dallmayr Prodomo – The Sweet Taste of German Excellence

Dallmayr Prodomo has carved out its popularity in Germany by emphasizing excellence at every stage of its roasting process. Beginning with 100% Arabica beans, Dallmayr Prodomo delivers a naturally sweet flavor profile that has made it a repeat favorite among coffee aficionados.

Jacobs Coffee – A Tradition of Refinement

Jacobs Coffee has a storied history dating back to 1895, allowing the company ample time to perfect their craft. It was under Klaus Johann Jacobs’ leadership in the 1970s that the brand truly began to flourish. Subsequent expansions and strategic acquisitions have broadened their portfolio, ensuring Jacobs Coffee remains synonymous with quality and diversity in the world of coffee.