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USDA Organic Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

USDA Organic Certified Instant Coffee Supplier: A critical certification for Vietnamese businesses that want to sell agricultural products in the US is the USDA Organic certification.

Because of this certification’s importance, the following article will give you helpful information about USDA Organic certification and introduce you to a USDA organic certified instant coffee supplier.

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a drink made from coffee in the form of a coffee powder that has already been flavoured to taste and made by roasting, grinding, and drying the coffee beans.

You can immediately use instant coffee by adding boiling water and stirring it. This coffee is easy to use, can be kept for a long time, and is very convenient.

What is organic certification from the USDA?

USDA Organic Standards: The National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (United States Department of Agriculture) is the public agency in charge of managing, developing, and putting into action policies that the United States government has made about the United States.

It has to do with farming, forestry, and fishing.

USDA is a reliable organic certification compared to many others, such as Organic Vietnam, Organic EU, etc. The certification process has strict rules about what ingredients can and can’t be used.

Only more than 95% of organic products can be certified and use their logo. approved products.

How to get a certificate from the USDA

If you work in agriculture and make things, you must know much about the USDA Organic Standards.

Because it’s hard to come up with and use an organic standard for your production process once you know the most important things about this standard. And how it affects the growth of your business; products need to go through production to get USDA organic certification.

The information below about what you need to know about USDA organic certification will help determine if your business will be certified. From there, you can look for problems and do something to fix them.

Which businesses can apply to be certified by the USDA?

  • The business comprises a group that grows and sells organic crops and animals.
  • The department that deals with food, organic products, etc.
  • Organic products can be sold by a broker, packer, distributor, or agent (collectively, organic product handlers).
  • Organic products or organic foods are the main focus of a store that sells them.
  • The company sells natural products.
  • The brand makes organic products.

To be certified organic in Vietnam, you have to go through some steps:

Step 1

First, a producer who wants organic certification in Vietnam must download the organic standards set and checklist below from the US Department of Agriculture databases for each product group. products like vegetables, flowers, animals, and so on.

Step 2

Then, choose a US Department of Agriculture-approved middleman for advice and sign up to inspect your farm and agricultural products so they can be certified as organic in Vietnam.

Usually, the term is one year, after which you must apply to be re-examined.

Step 3

After careful research and finishing the first two steps, the third step is to take random soil and water samples on the farm.

The number of pieces must comply with regulations and cover the whole farm. intermediary and send it to labs in the U.S., Europe, or Japan that have the skills and equipment to analyse the composition.

This will tell us more about the number of dangerous substances (including metals). And if the amount of nutrients in the soil is suitable for organic farming.

This is the stage where many people think that being certified organic in Vietnam is complex and costly.

Step 4

Producers also have to take samples of agricultural products after harvesting to send to labs to test for toxic ingredients and nutritional content to see if they meet standards.

So, it’s clear that if you want to get organic certification in Vietnam, you must also meet essential world standards.

Step 5

Follow the advice of the intermediary to fix the unsatisfactory points, and then report it so that this unit can come and take over and re-test the samples for the lousy factor. This shows that the organic certification process in Vietnam is always rigorous.

Step 6

When the producer meets all the requirements of the organic certification standard (such as USDA organic certification), an intermediary will give USDA standard organic certification for registered agricultural products for a year.

Step 7

Then and only then can the manufacturer put the USDA organic certification logo on the product label.

Helena Coffee is a supplier of USDA organic coffee

Helena Coffee Vietnam Processing & Export | Helena., JSC is the company that exports coffee from Vietnam.

After many years of growth, we are one of Vietnam’s companies making and selling speciality coffee worldwide. Helena Coffee has a cooperative, peaceful place to work and complete education and training.

USDA Organic Certified Instant Coffee Supplier
USDA Organic Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

We also have a young but experienced team of leaders who guide us to a breakthrough based on the management philosophy of “accuracy, speed, stability, and economy.”

Helena Coffee uses a process for making coffee that is good for the environment, protects the landscape, sensibly uses materials, and saves raw materials. We do all of this without hurting the environment or people’s health.

Therefore, they also respect and use natural laws to make coffee farming more diverse and easy to do.


For more information, please contact:

Company office: 124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam

Phone number (WhatsApp/ Telegram): +84 789 818 828 (Mr. An)/ +84 262 392 8688



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