Uniformity Attributes – SCA Cupping Form​​​​​​​​​

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Uniformity Attributes - SCA Cupping Form​​​​​​​​​ - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Uniformity Attributes – SCA Cupping Form​​​​​​​​​ This article is part of a group of posts that explain the ten sensory attributes of the SCA Cupping Form (or SCA Arabica Cupping Form) based on knowledge from the book Sensory Science.

In Cupping, the Uniformity attribute is defined as “uniformity between cups in the same coffee sample,” or in other words, the uniformity of the coffee beans in the batch.

Since according to the SCA’s cupping standard, assessing the uniformity of five coffee cups is considered a sufficient basis to evaluate how well the coffee is processed for the entire batch.

The Cupper will evaluate each cup on the table. If identical, the Cupper will tick all five squares in the Uniformity attribute pane on the form. If a cup is different, we uncheck a court – corresponding to the location of that cup (as shown below).

Uniformity Attributes - SCA Cupping Form​​​​​​​​​ - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Illustration of how to evaluate the Uniformity attribute on SCA’s Cupping form

There is no quality standard for the homogeneity attribute; this is just a simple comparison of cup similarity.

Since the Cupper will try through all the coffee cups (which have identical appearances), this test can be seen as a sensory difference test, in which the evaluator must find the cup different from the rest.

Regarding sensory science, the Uniformity attribute assessment (or Sweetnes and Clean cup) is a simple variant of a sensory evaluation method called Check All That Apply (often abbreviated as CATA).

This rapid sensory profiling technique can help identify a product’s main organoleptic characteristics and not judge their intensity.

In a CATA test, participants were given a list of terms and asked to confirm the terms specific to the product. In the context of Cupping, this test is used to help Cupper determine if one cup is different from the rest!


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