Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

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Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam: Vietnamese coffee has long been a popular drink loved by people worldwide. Each person has their own choice to immerse in each flavor. Join Helena types of coffee beans in Vietnam.

Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world. In 2016 alone, 1,650,000 tons were produced. Vietnam rapidly expanded coffee production in 1975. Starting with 6,000 tons/year since 1975, now with an output of 2 million tons, Vietnam has quickly reached the second position of the country in terms of production. World coffee exports.

What types of Vietnamese coffee are there?

Vietnam is famous for its bustling pace of life, and it’s fair to say: This country’s passion for coffee must be at least partly responsible for awakening its energies. Coffee is a huge part of Vietnamese people’s daily life.

Vietnam is currently the second-largest coffee-producing country in the world. This is a positive signal for the domestic coffee industry. The famous Vietnamese coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, Culi, Cherry, and Moka are among them.

Popular types of coffee grown in Vietnam Today

” Coffee Vietnam has some kind, and this type of coffee is nothing special?” This is probably a question many people ask. Readers can systematize nuts into the following main categories:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Asses
  • Cherry
  • Moka
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Famous coffee beans representing Vietnamese coffee – Arabica

Arabica is a type of coffee grown in cooler climates. The suitable height to produce this type of coffee with slightly long beans is 600m. In Vietnam, Lam Dong is the place with the highest Arabica production. Arabica berries are harvested and fermented by soaking in water to bloom, wash, and dry.

Arabica has a unique flavor when it has a slightly acidic taste when drinking. This taste is often compared to the sour taste when eating lemon because it will be very spoiled. Then the person enjoying will immediately feel the bitter taste of the peel.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Arabica has slightly long seeds, a strong aroma, and a sour taste. The harvested Arabica beans will undergo fermentation, then cleaning and drying.

There are three types of Arabica coffee beans:

  • Typical
  • Bourbon
  • Catimore

Typical County

Typically beans are the oldest coffee varieties globally because they were first discovered. The characteristic flavor of Typica is favored by the bitter taste mixed with sweet, combined with the sour taste.

How to distinguish Typica coffee varieties? Typica has a cone shape about 3.5 – 4m high with the main stem growing straight, growing obliquely with many secondary branches. Typica is grown most in Cau Dat (Da Lat) in Vietnam. The annual output is about 3 tons of coffee beans/year. In recent years, it has been quite challenging to get pure Typica coffee beans in Vietnam, and the output is minimal.

Bourbon County

Bourbon variety originated from a French island and was introduced to Vietnam in 1875. The ideal environment for this seed to grow is from an altitude of 1000 – 2000m. Bourbon has a high yield of 20 to 30% compared to Typica, and the quality of coffee produced is equivalent to Typica.

Bourbon coffee, when ripe, has a color depending on the strain, such as: yellow, orange, red. Bourbon beans contain a rich content of organic acids with a sour taste. In addition, this variety also has an attractive aroma and attractive taste. Bourbon’s sour aftertaste makes many people fall in love, so Bourbon is the leading delicious coffee variety in Vietnam.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Catimor County

The Catimor variety was bred in Portugal and then introduced to Vietnam in 1984. Catimor seeds were produced to be resistant to rust, which causes coffee to drop leaves, leading to low and unstable yield.

This is a low-growing coffee variety with short branches, especially this variety can be planted with high density, but the trees mature early. To distinguish, Catimor has foliage that covers the trunk. This variety limits the damage of stem borers, thereby giving high yields, potentially equal to or better than other commercial coffee varieties.

The most popular coffee beans for Vietnamese coffee – Robusta

Robusta coffee is also known as Voi coffee. This is the type of coffee grown mainly in our country, accounting for more than 90% of total coffee production. The land of the Central Highlands seems to be born for Robusta. This type of coffee is very suitable for the climate and soil here. Therefore, the annual yield is always at a high level.

Robusta coffee has a more robust aroma than other types of coffee. Besides, the caffeine content is also higher. Unlike Arabica, this coffee is not fermented but is directly dried. Therefore, Robusta has a strong and bitter taste, which is very popular with men.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Robusta has two lines of seeds:

  • The Se Robusta is a purebred Robusta line, with a richer quality than the high-yielding lines, the seeds are tiny, but the texture is firm and heavy.
  • Cao San Robusta is a Robusta line with large output and high yield. The Robusta line has good resistance to pests and diseases, but the quality is not as good as the purebred Robusta line. Therefore, this strain is often used to extract chlorogenic acid or make instant coffee.


Peaberry is a particular type of coffee. Each fruit has only one bean. Because there is only one bean, so many essences are concentrated on large and ground coffee beans. Cute coffee has a bitter taste, vibrant aroma. The caffeine content in this coffee is at a high level. When brewing Culi coffee, the water is black.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Cherry coffee (jackfruit coffee)

The familiar name also knows Cherry coffee of jackfruit coffee. This coffee variety grows best in dry, sunny, and windy lands. In our country, Cherry coffee is increasing in Nghe An, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Quang Tri.

Cherry coffee is prevalent with women because of its distinctive flavor. This coffee has a sour taste of cherry mixed with a faint aroma like the smell of ripe jackfruit. When you touch the coffee cup with your lips and taste it, the feeling is indescribable. The perfect combination of the sweetness of ripe fruit and the slight bitterness of flowers and herbs makes the taste buds unforgettable.

Cherry coffee has a tall stem excellent resistance to pests and diseases, so it is popular and used as a rootstock with other coffee varieties. Jackfruit coffee beans have large, elongated kernels, but the output is insignificant. When roasting and grinding to create a different flavor, people use jackfruit coffee beans mixed with other types of coffee, such as Voi coffee tea coffee.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Moka Coffee (Pronounced Mocha)

Moka variety is a type of coffee belonging to the Arabica variety. Coffee connoisseurs have always favored Moka as ” Coffee Queen. “ Because Moka gives people a feeling of nostalgia with a slightly bitter taste mixed with a sour taste and a little bit of fat.

It is no coincidence that Moka is more expensive than other types of coffee. Moka is considered the most challenging variety to grow because if not cared for carefully, the probability of pests and diseases is very high, causing damage to crop yields.

Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam
Types Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

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