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The Process Of Exporting And Importing Coffee To China – As the economy is becoming increasingly developed and modern today, the demand for foreign trade has also increased continuously, including in the Chinese market – where the population density is high—the second largest number in the world.

To promote coffee access to this great potential market to expand domestic enterprises’ production and trade scale, it is more essential than ever to grasp the coffee export processes to China.

New businesses that have just entered the export field need to update information continuously. If you are running a business in China Logistics or require information, please refer to the article of Helena Coffee Vietnam to share your experiences on the steps of the coffee export process below.

The process of Exporting and Importing coffee to China

Preparatory steps required

The first important thing when you want to make international trade is to have a company, a legal entity. An individual cannot voluntarily open a declaration according to the type of business but must rely on a standing company.

Act as a representative to transfer and receive money per legal regulations (also known as Export Entrustment). Must have a payment account and an international one (to create favourable conditions for transfer partners).the-process-of-exporting-and-importing-coffee-to-china

An account is required when declaring with customs to declare customs electronically or ask a customs agent to transmit the declaration. However, there will be some small steps in this stage, so we need to find a reputable coffee import partner in China.

Negotiate and sign contracts with export partners

This transaction is quite similar to the process of negotiating coffee going inland. But there are a few features to keep in mind:

  • The total price of the parcel.
  • Conditions when exporting coffee to China. Where is the coffee delivery address, clear division of responsibilities, precisely how the sending company, the shipping and importing unit in China…
  • Payment method, negotiation to give the best-unified price. Many international payment methods can be applied for prepaid or postpaid payment, letter of credit, wire transfer, collection, etc…
  • Ensuring coffee quality, product specifications, product preservation, etc.

Exporting coffee is relatively easy, but the other will be difficult if one is easy. Find out if the type of goods that must be exported when importing to China needs any certification from the Vietnamese side? Are there any incentives or taxes?

Prepare coffee, book ships and do coffee clearance procedures

After agreeing to sign the contract, based on the estimated date and time of coffee export, book a shipping company to book a place to take the coffee out. It is necessary to book an appointment early to avoid running out of seats and delaying the delivery of coffee.

Even if there is a time limit in the contract, there may be a fine.

For example, on the 1st day of signing the contract, on the 5th, you need to finish preparing the goods, and you should book the ship on the 8th or 10th to still take the shell, pack the goods, inland trucking, customs declaration, etc.

When booking the vehicle’s schedule, take a booking note (booking information), and based on that, track the travel time of the vehicle, the time to take the container to pack, the time of unloading, and the place to unload the goods, and trough cutting time (closing time).

Closing time is the required time for exporters to complete customs clearance procedures, export declarations and enter the ship’s book (for shipping lines to load containers on board).

During this time, we make a set of documents: invoice (invoice), coffee packing list (packing list), coordinate the container truck to pick up the shell and pull it down to the warehouse to pack the goods, and at the same time go through the procedures to apply for a coffee shop.

Several unique papers (if any) transmit export customs declarations after packing, unloading at the port of export, clearing the export declaration, entering the ship book, etc.

Complete export documents and import documents in China side

After completing the export declaration, only ask the shipping company to issue a bill (now take the original Bill, Surrender Bill, or Seaway Bill, depending on your needs). Each type is different.

After getting the bill, next will make a set of documents to get some papers, such as quarantine, spraying, etc., and ask for the C/O request form (if any). Apply for a certificate of origin for coffee (C/O) at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).


After completing the complete set of documents, prepare to send it to the Consignee so that they receive the goods when the coffee arrives in China. How to send, who will keep the documents, deliver according to whom, how to pay, …

Settlement with the bank

Once we have received the money, we will prepare a complete set of export documents to send to the bank for the bank to stamp and reserve, and the business needs to keep all records proving the source of the money. 

Important note when customs clearance in China

Value of goods

According to mainland China’s import regulations, all individual shipments imported into Mainland China must meet the following criteria:

Maximum declared value _ Sent from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Sent from other countries
The consignment has many items The total value of goods stated must not exceed 800 RMB The total value of displayed goods should not exceed 1000 RMB
The shipment has one item If used for non-commercial purposes, the shipment will be cleared individually even if the total declared value exceeds the limit.

You should save a screenshot of the shopping page or keep the sales receipt as proof during customs clearance.

Provide accurate information during the customs clearance

It is mandatory to provide information about the type, label, value and description of the goods according to the actual condition of the goods.

The number of customers supporting the type of goods

Please confirm clearly that the quantity of goods transported is suitable for personal use; for example, two bottles of the same supplement are counted to be enough for one adult to use for a period of 6 to 12 months, while if shipping watches of the same brand and model in more quantity 1 unit will be identified as a commercial shipment and will result in a delay in the clearance process because of the additional paperwork required.

Taxes and fees for importation into mainland China

Next, Goods imported into mainland China may be subject to import duties. Taxes incurred will be paid by the sender or consignee in China.

The type of goods will determine the tax rate, quantity, declared value or taxable value (determined by China Customs).

According to China Customs regulations for mail and parcels, the import tax limit for personal goods is 50 yuan and taxes incurred less than 50 yuan will be exempted from the collection. 

The Process Of Exporting And Importing Coffee To China

You can learn more about taxes and related details through the links below.

The recipient’s card to provide to Customs

According to CChina’simport regulations, recipients of individual shipments must provide identification to Customs.

Reference: Tham khảo:

SF offers two ways for you to upload a copy of your ID through SSF’swebsite and the WeChat app.

  • Upload a copy of your ID through SSF’sebsite

Go to the “P” sting recipient’s” “section on the SF official website and follow the instructions to upload a copy of the ID.

  • Upload a copy of your ID card via the WeChat app

 You can upload a copy of your ID card via the WeChat app

WeChat is a social networking application for iOS and Android operating systems. “顺” 国际” “s the official WeChat account of SF International Business Unit to provide customers with an interactive channel for answering service inquiries and updating product information.

  • Accompany SF on WeChat

Two ways to follow SF on WeChat:

  1. Open the WeChat app and scan the QR code below to track SF International Business Unit.
  2. Download the WeChat WeChat app on the App Store and search for “顺” 国际” “n WeChat.
  • Upload a copy of your ID card

Two steps to upload a copy of ID easily via the WeChat app :

Step 1

Go to the “SF International” WeChat official account.
Chọn “Express Delivery”>”Customs Clearance Service”

Step 2

Fill in the following information
1/4. Bill of lading number SF
2/4. Select type of document 1. ID card; 2. Passport; 3. Other
3/4. Upload a photo of your ID with your name, photo and number (front)
4/4. Upload a photo of your ID (backside)

Safe and reliable

Your ID copy will be stored in a secure SF Express server and used only for customs clearance purposes. We are committed to protecting your privacy, and your ID copy will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent. Besides, The copy of ID card will be stored securely on SF’SF’srver and used for Customs clearance purposes only. We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential, and a copy of your ID card will not be shared with 3rd parties without your consent.

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With many years of experience in the Chinese coffee transport market, Helena Coffee Vietnam is proud to be one of the leading companies in sending coffee to China today.

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