Specialty Coffee Flavor Is Important But Only A Part

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Specialty Coffee Flavor Is Important But Only A Part, To Spread Widely Needs More

Specialty Coffee Flavor Is Important But Only A Part, To Spread Widely Needs More: Perhaps most current coffee drinkers do not know about Specialty Coffee. Somewhere on news sites like Vietcetera, Tinhte, in some coffee shops that only focus on coffee, you can see a few words like specialty coffee, specialty coffee, specialty coffee, fine robusta…

Then when you ask your barista what kind of coffee it is? You get a mechanical answer. “Specialty Coffee is a coffee that is scored by SCA with a score of 80 points or more on a 100-point scale.” And then you will wonder: “ What is SCA? What scale? On what factors are 100 points scored?

A series of questions as we’re ked and received rigid, confusing answers. And perhaps that confusion has prevented the progress of Specialty coffee  Not only in the Vietnam market but in all parts of the world.

Taste is important but only a part!

Specialty Coffee – I prefer this word to specialty coffee, (which I will explain later) to me as a special kind of coffee. Specialty coffees are great to me, they are full of floral aromas (rose, jasmine, berry, cherry, tea), sweet and sour flavors of fruits… And I like them because they are completely natural flavors. the coffee. No flavoring at all.

Specialty Coffee Flavor Is Important But Only A Part, To Spread Widely Needs More I love the feeling of sitting in the sun on my balcony, enjoying a pot of red-brown Ethiopian coffee filled with ice, very cool, very chill ^^. I let the scent of jasmine take over my mind, temporarily drifting away for a few minutes from the chaos of life. I told my wife that iKobebe beef is the best in the beef world, and so is Specialty Coffee in the coffee world.

However, the intoxicating taste is only part of it. Specialty coffee beans do not come by accident. For those unique flavor drops to read back down your throat, it takes an extremely elaborate process.

  • From specific climates, from suitable lands…
  • From the hardworking farmers, trying to pick each ripe coffee…
  • From the cross-border trading system but still ensure the quality of green coffee beans
  • From the sweat of the industrious roaster
  • From the hands, and taste of the barista

That’s it, Specialty Coffee is the absolute and highest effort of all factors in the coffee industry. To create the best flavor quality coffee beans!

But again, absolute effort does not guarantee Specialty Coffee will be widely and well-received without the latter.

Leadership, shared with love and passion

If you are a drinker of Specialty coffee or you have a more pronounced taste and smell than the average person, you can easily distinguish between 70-point coffee (Commercial coffee) and 85-point coffee ( Coffee ).

Specialty coffee is very good). But most coffee lovers don’t. But it’s not like they won’t be forever unaware of that development. They need to be trained in taste and smell to be able to perceive the flavors in coffee.

But they don’t train themselves. They need someone to tell them: “This is a great coffee created by the best efforts of all the elements of the coffee industry, give it a chance to show it off, with an open heart. Welcome to new things, try it once.

Yes, they need a leader, someone who can tell them what a great Coffee Specialty is. And I believe, coffee retailers, Baristas are the most important links in the coffee industry!

Specialty Coffee Flavor Is Important But Only A Part, To Spread Widely Needs MoreBecause they are the people who have the most contact with coffee lovers. No place is more perfect than theirs!

In the 3rd wave of the coffee world – Specialty Coffee Wave, Baristas are not simply baristas, they are also transmitters. They give you information about the type of coffee you are drinking. They tell you about the land in which the nut is grown, how the farmer grew it, how the seeds were processed, how well the roaster roasted… After all, themselves with their talents. will brew those beans and introduce you to the flavors in the coffee you’re about to drink.

And perhaps, the efforts of Baristas or a small part of coffee retailers are efforts at the end of the set of factors in the Specialty coffee industry, to bring Specialty coffee to the market. with more people.


Helena hopes that you will not forget. Not forgetting the things that make a great cup of Specialty coffee. Not only the taste but also the stories of how that coffee bean was made. Not the usual efforts but the absolute efforts of all factors in the coffee industry.

And when you don’t forget, the coffee industry players are 80% successful. The remaining 20% ​​is the most important, that is when you will lead and share your love and passion with more people, bringing them to the colorful world of Specialty coffee.

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