Ratio Six Coffee Maker: Does Its Performance Match Its Contemporary Aesthetic?

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Ratio Six Coffee Maker

 Ratio Six Coffee Maker: Does Its Performance Match Its Contemporary Aesthetic: Seeking a coffee maker that can truly transform your morning routine? You’re not alone. I was once among the throng of caffeine aficionados flocking to local coffee haunts in pursuit of the quintessential morning brew. Yet, I soon came to realize the unparalleled joy that comes from the scent of coffee brewing within the comfort of one’s own home—a luxury that everyone ought to experience. Thus, my search began. Among the contenders is the Ratio Six Coffee Maker, a device that seems to check every box: it boasts a sleek, modern design that promises to elevate the style of any kitchen. But is its allure merely skin deep? In this review, we delve into the key attributes of the Ratio Six and ascertain if it truly delivers on its stylish promise.

Review of the Ratio Six Coffee Maker

In 2012, Ratio introduced the Ratio Six, a coffee maker that boasts a timeless modern design and echoes the functional prowess of its sibling, the Ratio Eight. It, however, charts a unique course in its brewing methodology. Notably, the Ratio Six is among the select few to receive the Specialty Coffee Association’s seal of approval.

So, is the Ratio Six a worthwhile investment? It indeed stands out with compelling features like the simplicity of a single button operation and an insulated brewing environment that ensures your coffee is always served hot. Let’s delve deeper into the attributes that elevate this coffee brewer to exceptional status.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Design – Unquestionably 5/5

The Ratio Six is a paradigm of exceptional design. No matter your choice among its three color variations, this machine will command attention with its elegant and sleek presence. The modern contours and precise edges are complemented by a water tank that seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic. With these choices, finding the perfect match for your kitchen’s decor is a given.

Classic Matte Black

The matte black version is the epitome of timelessness without any contrasting trim, offering an understated elegance that doesn’t dominate your countertop space.

White (+Black Accents)

In stark contrast, the white model with matte black details stands out more, aligning perfectly with kitchens that sport a lighter or white-dominated color scheme. However, bear in mind that white coffee makers require more maintenance to keep clean.

Matte Stainless Steel (+White Accents)

Where industrial chic meets cutting-edge design, the matte stainless steel variant is the most adaptable. The matte black detailing is limited to the carafe handle and filter basket, with the rest in stainless steel. But beauty alone isn’t everything. Echoing Steve Jobs’ philosophy, “Design is how it works,” the Ratio Six excels in functionality as well. Crafted with precision-stamped stainless steel, BPA-free materials, and glass components for the glass carafe option, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Water Tank

The 44 oz water tank is perfectly sized, yielding about 40 oz of coffee. Its multi-stream shower head outperforms traditional single-stream brewers by distributing water evenly, resulting in uniform extraction. A specially designed heat shield maintains the ideal temperature throughout brewing.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker


Compact in form, the Ratio Six stands just over 14 inches tall and 13 inches deep, with a slender width of 6.75 inches, making it a suitable fit for any countertop. The fixed water tank design eliminates the need for top-filling, which is convenient for placements under cabinets.

With its modern design validated by a Home Brewer Award from the Specialty Coffee Association, the Ratio Six is more than just a pretty face; it’s a connoisseur’s choice for world-class coffee.

Features – A Solid 4/5

While it may be the smaller sibling to the Ratio Eight, the Ratio Six matches up in brewing capacity and features.

The standard thermal carafe and filter holder are designed for flat-bottomed filters. However, for those partial to the pour-over style, there’s the option to use the Ratio Eight glass carafe, which accommodates Chemex filters, or to purchase the Ratio Eight Dripper for a different brewing experience. The heat shield is the pinnacle of innovation, ensuring optimal temperature and even extraction during brewing. It can also be removed for a quicker cooling period post-brewing.

Water Tank

The water tank’s size is commendable for making up to eight cups, but its narrow opening requires careful filling. Despite this, the tank’s precise measurements down to the ounce afford you meticulous control over the brewing ratio. Additionally, the machine allows for brewing flexibility, ranging from a single cup to a full carafe.

Coffee Flavor – A Flavorful 4.5/5

For enthusiasts of specialty coffee, the Ratio Six is an impeccable choice. Its integrated bloom phase and consistent extraction temperature contribute to a remarkable coffee flavor, akin to a meticulously crafted pour-over yet with the ease of an automatic drip coffee machine.

Ease Of Use – Full 5/5

The true worth of delicious coffee lies in the ease of brewing it. With the Ratio Six, no expertise is required to achieve a superior cup of coffee. Its bloom phase is a standout feature, enhancing the extraction process and ultimately influencing the coffee’s flavor profile.

Value For Money – A Fair 3/5

Admittedly, the Ratio Six comes with a high price tag. However, for those who value excellence in their cup and desire the finesse and power of a premium machine, the investment may be justified. Additionally, the 5-year warranty on Ratio machines is a testament to their quality and durability.

The Verdict

Ratio has masterfully crafted a modern coffee machine that excels in both design and brewing capability.

If it aligns with your budget, the Ratio Six is an outstanding choice among coffee makers. It provides a superior coffee experience, offering customizability through various filters, baskets, and carafes.

It’ Ratio Six

Ratio introduced the Ratio Six in 2012, which is a scratch brewer with a modern, timeless design and brewing capabilities comparable to its sibling, the Ratio Eight. However, Ratio Six goes in a different direction in its brewing method. Notably, the Ratio Six is one of the few coffee grinders recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association.

So, is Ratio Six worth the investment? This machine really stands out with attractive features like simple one-button operation and an insulated brewing environment that ensures your coffee stays hot. Let’s dig deeper into the characteristics that make it up