Organic Coffee Wholesale: Purchase Organic Coffee at Twice the Regular Market Rate!

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Organic Coffee Wholesale Purchase Organic Coffee at Twice the Regular Market Rate!

Organic Coffee Wholesale: As a discerning coffee lover, have you ever wondered about the journey of your favorite brew from farm to cup? Traverse with us on a remarkable path forged by Helena Coffee, a pioneering Vietnamese brand that has not only revolutionized its cultivation approach but significantly redefined market values. Through an unswerving commitment to producing premium, high-quality organic coffee, this ambitious cooperative has turned heads, drawing attention from domestic and international coffee connoisseurs. Its flavorful brews, crafted with ecological balance in mind, are making waves in the coffee industry.

Here’s an extraordinary story of perseverance, change, and the blossoming success of Helena Coffee—a brand that today sees its standard coffee products being purchased for double the typical market price.” Dedicated to producing top-tier, organic coffee, Helena Coffee’s standard coffee products have been purchased for double the typical market price.

Persevere to Overcome Challenges

Distinguished as one of the trailblazers for constructing and advancing high-quality organic coffee models in the Di Linh District, Mr. Tran Mai Binh, hailing from Hamlet 5, Tan Chau commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong, is keenly followed.

Linked to the coffee industry for several decades, Binh’s family has experienced the peaks and troughs brought by the oscillating market prices. In 2019, understanding the low profits generated from traditional coffee cultivation, Mr. Binh undertook a study and decided to transition to producing high-quality coffee, following an organic route.

Now, the 4.5ha of coffee under the supervision of Mr. Tran Mai Binh’s family stands certified organic, conforming to the TCVN standard.

Achieving the “high quality” status for their coffee products requires more than 100% ripe harvesting and conforming to processing protocols. Successful production and plant fertilization are decisive factors. With an average crop yield of nearly 4 tons of kernels/ha, halting the utilization of chemical fertilizers and plant protection drugs dramatically affected the crop, causing a decline in yield.

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Currently, 4.5ha of coffee owned by Mr. Tran Mai Binh’s family has been certified organic according to TCVN. Photo: Minh Hau.

Facing various challenges from the market and the downturn in productivity, it took substantial effort to continue the newly adopted organic processes.

Thanks to the unwavering implementation of organic production, by 2021 – 2022, the coffee crops began recuperating and returning to high-yield levels, reaching nearly 3.5 tons of kernels/ha. Partnering with a company in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Binh’s family could sell their coffee at prices exceeding traditional local coffee prices. This period dispelled doubts regarding Mr. Binh’s new approach, demonstrating resilience to market volatility.

Around this time, Mr. Binh collaborated with three local households to initiate the Helena Coffee Cooperative Group, which developed into Helena Coffee Cooperative, boasting a raw material area of up to 15ha.

Organic Coffee Wholesale: Organic Coffee Fetches Double the Market Price

Mr. Binh’s successful shift to organic production was incentivized further, leading him to continue with organic coffee cultivation. In 2022, with the assistance of Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center, his family began establishing an organic coffee garden that aligned with Vietnamese organic standards (TCVN).

With the transitional phase towards full-fledged organic cultivation not being too difficult, Mr. Binh stresses the importance of adhering to the standards, fulfilling conditions, and ensuring all prescribed indicators.

Within the organic coffee model, Mr. Binh’s family maintains garden grass, providing habitat for microorganisms and preserving soil moisture. In addition to organic fertilizers, the family utilizes coffee pods for composting, which supplements plant nutrients.

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Mr. Tran Mai Binh’s family uses organic fertilizers, combining self-composting from coffee pods to fertilize crops. Photo: Minh Hau.

As a result of organic cultivation practices, Mr. Binh’s coffee garden thrives, with a yield surpassing 3.5 tons of kernels/ha.

All 4.5ha of coffee under Mr. Binh’s supervision is certified organic, conforming to TCVN standards, and has been purchased by local partners at higher prices than typically seen.

Emphasizing the potential of organic coffee, Mr. Binh has been actively spreading awareness among the members of Helena Coffee Cooperative. With plans to reach organic standards this year for their 15ha cultivation area, Helena Coffee Cooperative hopes to increase the organic cultivation area to 30 hectares by 2024.

In April 2023, Helena Coffee’s products entered the TOP 10 specialty coffees at the Vietnam Specialty Coffee 2023 – Vietnam Amazing Cup 2023, held in Buon Me Thuot (Dak Lak). At the competition, a roaster paid eight times the market price to acquire a batch of Helena Coffee for processing. Helena Coffee offers six varieties of products with varying prices to cater to diverse market needs.

Mr. Vu Hong Long, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Di Linh district (Lam Dong), states that as the trend of the world leans towards an increase in organic production and consumption, the area is urging individuals, businesses, cooperative groups, and cooperatives to concentrate on producing organic coffee for improving value.

Leveraging Premium Quality and Sustainable Practices: Helena Coffee’s Organic Approach Pays Dividends

Dedicated to producing top-tier, organic coffee, Helena Coffee has diligently crafted a reputable brand that reaffirms its commitment to both quality and sustainability. This dedication has been rewarded with recognition, translating into much-desired market value. In fact, Helena Coffee’s standard coffee products, encompassing a handsomely diverse range that caters to varying customer preferences, have constantly been purchased for double the typical market price.

Their organic coffee products, sourced from meticulously cultivated gardens that adhere to the highest Vietnamese organic standards (TCVN), offer a unique blend of rich flavor and aroma. What further distinguishes Helena Coffee’s organic products is the sustainable and eco-friendly practices employed throughout their production process, which involves the use of organic fertilizers and bio-products.

In addition to their intrinsic quality, Helena Coffee’s products demonstrate the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a healthier environment, which is reflected in their practice of retaining garden grass to create a suitable habitat for beneficial microorganisms. This method simultaneously ensures soil moisture, leading to better coffee bean growth, and reinvigorates the ecosystem in their gardens.

Coupled with a spotless track record of conformance to national standards, these efforts have engendered trust in consumers who are willing to pay a premium for their products. This has resulted in Helena Coffee’s standard coffee beans being sold for double the average market price, a testament to the value and quality they consistently deliver to coffee connoisseurs.

While their pricing model may place them at a higher range, it’s a reflection of the superior quality, the sustainable farming practices they employ, the rigorous standards they adhere to, and the exquisite taste and experience their coffee offers.

Loyal customers often see this as a worthwhile investment, not just in the high-caliber coffee they receive but also in the environmental integrity that Helena Coffee upholds diligently. The positive market response further solidifies Helena Coffee’s position as a trusted brand in the organic coffee market, serving as an encouraging impetus for their future growth and expansion.


1. What differentiates Helena Coffee from other brands?
Helena Coffee sets itself apart through its commitment to producing high-quality, organic coffee. Their adherence to the Vietnamese organic standards (TCVN) ensures a unique blend of rich flavor and aroma. Coupled with eco-friendly practices, this has earned Helena Coffee a position of trust among consumers.

2. Why are Helena Coffee’s products sold at double the market price?
Helena Coffee’s products are sold at a premium due to their eminent quality, the sustainable farming practices they employ, their rigorous adherence to national standards, and the exquisite taste and experience their coffee offers.

3. Do customers see value in Helena Coffee’s elevated prices?
Absolutely. Customers often perceive the higher price as a worthwhile investment, not only for the high-quality coffee they receive but also for the environmental integrity and sustainability they endorse by supporting Helena Coffee’s products.

4. What environmental practices does Helena Coffee implement?
Helena Coffee maintains garden grass in their cultivation areas, which creates a habitat for beneficial microorganisms and preserves soil moisture. They also use organic fertilizers and bio-products throughout their production process.

5. What are some achievements of Helena Coffee?
In 2023, Helena Coffee’s products secured a spot in the TOP 10 specialty coffees at the Vietnam Specialty Coffee Competition.

6. How many coffee varieties does Helena Coffee offer?
Helena Coffee currently produces six varieties of coffee products to cater to the different needs of the market.

7. Does Helena Coffee plan to expand its organic cultivation area?
Yes, Helena Coffee plans to increase the organic cultivation area to 30 hectares by 2024.

8. Is Helena Coffee a certified organic coffee provider?
Yes, all 4.5 hectares of coffee under the supervision of Helena Coffee is certified organic, adhering to the Vietnamese organic standards (TCVN).



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