Discover Quality Organic Arabica Green Coffee Beans In Vietnam

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organic arabica green coffee beans

Discover Quality Organic Arabica Green Coffee Beans In Vietnam: Arabica and Robusta are two popular types of coffee beans and are mainly used for coffee preparation today. However, Arabica coffee is also divided into many varieties and has different characteristics. To better understand the types of premium Arabica coffee beans as well as how to distinguish and choose suitable products, please refer to the information below with Aeroco!

Learn about Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee is called Che coffee in Vietnamese because of its low stem and small leaves like a tea tree. It is known that this is the first coffee variety grown by the French in our country. Arabica coffee is a popular coffee variety, accounting for more than 60% of total world production.
In the coffee family, Arabica is also divided into many different varieties such as: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor… And almost all of them are considered the best types of coffee with a sour, sweet, subtle taste. Tropical fruit flavor.
Biological characteristics of Arabica coffee varieties are suitable for temperate climates with temperatures from 15-25 degrees Celsius, over 1000m high. Therefore, they are often grown in South American countries.

Helena Coffee Vietnam: A Legacy of Exceptional Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam’s verdant Central Highlands, Helena Coffee upholds a family tradition steeped in the rich coffee heritage of the region. This family-owned enterprise has carved out a niche in the world of coffee connoisseurs, recognized for premium beans, a passion for sustainable cultivation, and a deep-rooted commitment to ethical trade.

At the core of Helena Coffee’s philosophy is a profound respect for the land and its bounty. The company’s Arabica and Robusta beans are a testament to the Central Highlands’ optimal climate and fertile soils, yielding coffee with a remarkable flavor complexity that is celebrated by aficionados across the globe.

organic arabica green coffee beans

Helena Coffee’s meticulous bean-to-cup ethos governs every stage of their coffee’s journey. This vigilant oversight ensures that from the initial selection of the finest beans to the final steps of roasting and packaging, the integrity of their coffee is preserved, culminating in a consistently superior taste experience.

Integrity extends beyond their product to encompass Helena Coffee’s approach to the environment and their community. They champion eco-conscious practices, from the sustainable stewardship of their land to the adoption of biodegradable packaging. In partnership with local growers, Helena Coffee fosters a culture of sustainability, ensuring fair compensation and humane working conditions, all while nurturing the earth that sustains their livelihood.

Quality Arabica coffee varieties in Vietnam

It is known that Catimor is a coffee variety bred from two varieties Caturra and Timor (Timor is a cross between robusta and arabica), originating from Portugal.
With the characteristics of easily adapting to Vietnam’s climate, high productivity and resistance to pests. So Catimor is often grown more commonly than Bourbon and Typica strains. Currently, Catimor is mainly distributed in major coffee raw material areas across the country such as Lam Dong, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Quang Tri, Nghe An, Son La.
However, besides the above advantages, this coffee variety is considered by some experts to have low drinking quality when roasted and ground, with small beans and bulbs. Therefore, it cannot satisfy export markets or customers with high requirements for “appearance”.

Typica is the most famous and delicious coffee variety in Cau Dat – Da Lat. Typica coffee beans have excellent quality, conquering the taste buds of domestic and foreign customers. However, due to low productivity, this coffee variety is available in relatively small quantity in Vietnam, and the price is higher than other coffee varieties on the market.

Arabica Bourbon is one of the first coffee varieties introduced to Vietnam by the French colonialists in 1975. At that time, this type of coffee was only served to the aristocracy and the luxurious upper class because of its noble flavor. , elegant and scrumptious that it brings.

organic arabica green coffee beans

This is a premium coffee line, considered to have quality comparable to other “specialty coffee” types in the world. This Arabica Bourbon variety is grown and developed in Xuan Tho and Xuan Truong communes in Cau Dat area, Da Lat.
Arabica Bourbon coffee beans have long conquered “coffee lovers” thanks to their charming, lingering aroma and long-lasting sweet taste. Coffee when roasted at moderate temperature will produce a slightly sour drink with a wine smell. That’s why they are known as the “Queen of coffees”.

Many people find it extremely interesting to see with their own eyes the ripe coffee varieties with nursery seeds grown in coffee raw material areas in Vietnam. Yellow color is also the unmistakable characteristic of the Catuai coffee variety.
Catuai is bred from many different coffee varieties and was imported from Cuba in the 1980s. They have round coffee beans, similar to Catimor coffee beans. The Catuai variety is bred from Caturra coffee beans (named after a town in Brazil) – a variation of Bourbon (pure Arabica) with the Mundo Novo coffee line (a cross between two pure Arabica lines, Bourbon and Typica).

This coffee strain inherits genetic characteristics from the original Caturra hybrid, so its ability to withstand pests and frost is very poor. Due to such characteristics, this coffee strain is no longer maintained much, but only in a few gardens and people harvest it mixed with the Catimor variety for sale. The kernel of the Catuai coffee variety is round but has a high incidence of long beans, possibly because there is no uniformity in the varieties grown.

 Why does Arabica coffee have a high price on the market?

In today’s market, in terms of quality, Arabica coffee is rated higher than Robusta in terms of taste and foreign market demand. Although Vietnam is the second largest exporter of green coffee beans in the world, the scale and output of Arabica cultivation nationwide only accounts for about 10% of the total area of raw material areas. That is also one of the reasons why the selling price of Arabica coffee is higher than Robusta. However, depending on each person’s taste, it is impossible to judge which type of coffee is better.

The reason for limited Arabica output in Vietnam is largely related to our country’s weather and terrain conditions, which are not suitable for this type of coffee. Currently, the State has many research programs to breed good, pest-resistant, high-yield Arabica coffee varieties to apply to Vietnamese conditions.