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Maintenance Handbook For Espresso Machines: An espresso machine is a high-end and quite expensive coffee machine. So, you need to maintain the espresso machine carefully for the device to work correctly.

Why should regular Espresso machine maintenance be?

Maintenance of the coffee machine needs to be done regularly. Good coffee machine maintenance will help prevent coffee oil from sticking to the hands and throat of the coffee machine, avoid some joint machine damage, and, more importantly, ensure food safety and hygiene.

A simple coffee machine maintenance routine will ensure you always provide your customers with the best coffee.

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Espresso machine maintenance manual

Maintain the coffee machine after every coffee making

After making each cup of coffee, you need to clean the whisk and the brewing throat. After making coffee, you should immediately pour the coffee grounds out and use a brush to clean the throat to make coffee.

Maintenance Handbook For Espresso Machines

Next, after whisking the milk, you need to release some steam to prevent the milk from getting stuck in the faucet, then wipe the tap with a clean wet cloth and use this towel only for the faucet.

Daily maintenance of the coffee machine

Every day after the end of the last shift, you must clean the throat of the coffee machine with coffee machine cleaning powder to make the machine work at its best, avoid damage and give the best quality coffee. How to gargle to make coffee is as follows:

Step 1: Use a cleaning brush to scrub the coffee grounds out of the coffee throat.

Step 2: Insert the filter into the hand to make coffee, use a spoon to brush the coffee machine cleaning powder into your hand to make coffee. Then, put your hand in to make coffee like regular coffee (the machine will take the coffee powder you put in and gargle it to make coffee).

Press to make coffee, wait 8 seconds, then stop to let the cleaning powder eat the coffee oil. Wait for 5s, then press brew again and repeat the process four times.

Step 3: Take out your hand to make coffee and rewash it. Use a cleaning brush to scrub your throat. Then, put your hand back to the throat like in step 2 but do not use detergent powder; the purpose is to wash off the cleaning powder and repeat the process until the coffee throat is clean.

After each day, coffee beans left in the grinder should also be removed and stored in a sealed bag or jar to prevent odor loss.

Espresso machine pouring coffee into cups

Weekly coffee machine maintenance

Every week, you should remove the filter arm from the coffee maker, then soak it with coffee machine cleaning powder overnight to remove the coffee residue. It would help if you drank the milk whisk with coffee machine cleaning powder to clean the milk faucet, like washing coffee hands.

You should also use a brush to clean the coffee powder in the grinder’s wiper box. And you should remove the coffee bean container to clean it because, after use, the coffee oil will stick to the container.

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