Instructions For Making Cappuccino

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Instructions For Making Cappuccino

Instructions For Making Cappuccino: Cappuccino is a famous Italian way of preparing coffee. As usual, cappuccino is served in a cup made of stone or porcelain, thick-walled and pre-heated. In the homeland of cappuccino, Italy, people drink this coffee almost exclusively for breakfast. In recent years, cappuccino has become one of the most popular coffee drinks worldwide.

We invite you to watch how to prepare and enjoy this attractive and unique drink.

What you need making Capuccino?

  • 150 ml of fresh milk
  • 20g coffee powder
  • Country
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar

Instructions For Making Cappuccino

Guide making Capuccino

Step 1: Boil water

Step 2: While waiting for the water to boil, you should take advantage of the coffee grind

Step 3: When the water has boiled, you should heat the coffee filter

Step 4: Put 20g of ground coffee into the filter, add 20ml of hot water and incubate for 1-2 minutes, then add 60ml of boiling water, close the lid and wait for the coffee in the filter to drain out into the ceramic cup.

Step 5: Take 150ml of fresh milk and pour it into a pot to heat the milk on the stove. You should note that only make the milk hot, not boiling, and remember to stir it with a spoon

Step 6: After the hot milk is poured into the French Press bottle and proceed to froth the milk, the usage is quite simple, you just need to raise and lower the filter of the bottle to create milk foam.

Step 7: Once the milk foam has been created, pour it into the stainless steel bowl, then pour the milk foam into the cup containing the coffee and stir well.

Step 8: Sprinkle some cocoa powder on, pour the remaining milk foam into the cup and start shaping

Instructions For Making Cappuccino

With just a few simple steps, you can make yourself a cup of authentic Italian Capuchino. Wish you success and delicious.

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