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Instant coffee supplier Brands in Vietnam

Instant coffee supplier Brands in Vietnam: Instant coffee was first launched around the 50s of the last century from powdered coffee, pre-seasoned and processed by roasting and drying. Instant coffee is usually distributed in small packages that are just enough for a very convenient serving. To date, instant coffee has quickly become a popular type of coffee next to filtered coffee. The product is loved for its convenience and speed, does not take much time but still has a characteristic, strong and delicious coffee flavor that is very suitable for today’s busy lifestyle. This is the outstanding advantage as well as the difference between instant coffee and roasted coffee used for dripping.

NesCafé – a famous coffee brand, occupies a leading position in the instant coffee industry in the world. NesCafé is the product line most trusted by consumers, a harmonious combination of 100% Vietnamese coffee with Nestle Coffee Mate cream powder and high quality white sugar. The highlight is NesCafé instant coffee with rich harmony between coffee taste and milk, suitable for those who want to enjoy authentic original coffee. Nescafé is proud to create a whole new generation of coffee that satisfies the taste of consumers.

The outstanding feature ofNescafe instant coffeethat helps this brand be popular with many people is the quality of the product. Nescafe products are made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans in the Nescafé Plan program, with modern production processes to bring you fragrant, bold, pure Vietnamese, strong, attractive coffee that is hard to refuse.

With NesCafé instant coffee, you also have a variety of coffee flavors from traditional, familiar to modern for you to choose from

  • NesCafé instant black coffee
  • NesCafé instant milk coffee
  • NesCafé Instant Cappuccino
  • NesCafé Instant Coffee Latte

The way to make Nescafe instant coffee is completely simple like other instant products, just a few minutes with boiling water and brewing the right ratio on the package to quickly enjoy the extreme rich flavor. In addition, you can also use heated milk to make instant coffee instead of boiling water, which will bring an attractive, aromatic drink and provide more energy.

2. VinaCafé instant coffee

Vietnamese consumers are no strangers to Vinacafe coffee brand. With the desire to bring consumers the true taste of Vietnamese coffee, Vinacafe is always strict in every stage of production. Established from the years 1968 – 1969, Vinacafe coffee is considered one of the earliest instant coffee products appearing on the market. Over 50 years of development, Vinacafe has not only maintained the typical flavor of Vietnamese people but also introduced and promoted the image of the country and people of Vietnam to international friends through export products.

– VINACAFE coffee – a famous brand in Vietnam. In 2015, after 2 years of research, VINACAFE was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the International Trademark Association (INTA) as a famous trademark in Vietnam along with other big names such as Vinamilk, Petrolimex, Nike … This is a great milestone and also a recognition for the relentless efforts of Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company to produce quality products, proud of Vietnamese brands.

  • In the past, people still thought that making drip coffee was very exciting, so many people, even if they love this taste, still have few conditions to enjoy it in busy society. The purpose of Vinacafe’s instant coffee is also to bring convenience, helping users who do not need many stages or waste time waiting to still enjoy “quality” coffee. To do that is a complicated process. Vinacafe instant coffee products are processed by two methods: freezing and spray drying. The soluble substances in coffee beans will be concentrated in the form of small flakes or tiny particles. The process not only requires meticulousness but must be carried out by modern technology so as not to be deposited, ensuring solubility.
  • It can be seen that, not to mention the taste, the production of instant coffee alone is much more laborious. Unlike many other types of instant coffee on the market, Vinacafe coffee does not blend, marinate too many additives or odorants but respects the original taste of coffee beans.
  • Of course, in order to produce quality and unique coffee, Vinacafe must be very meticulous in the coffee roasting process, its own brewing and fermentation recipes. That is the secret for Vinacafe to bring convenience to modern users while still creating a delicious taste, reminiscent of traditional drip coffee.
  • Currently, Vinacafe products are available on the market in two forms: roasted coffee and instant coffee. Without much promotion, this brand has conquered users both at home and abroad with its characteristic taste.
  • Vinacafe coffee cups have a dark brown color, a certain consistency, the original aroma of roasted coffee beans. The first feeling when drinking will be a slightly bitter taste, but the aftertaste remaining on the tip of the tongue will be very attractive, making the drinker have to stay.
  • Depending on their preferences, users can enjoy hot or ice, drink immediately or add milk to feel the unmistakable rich flavor.
  • If you are a lover of traditional coffee but still prioritize convenience and speed, Vinacafe coffee is a great choice. The quintessential and bold taste of Vinacafe will help you be more alert, focused at work or simply sip coffee to relax after stressful hours.

3. Highlands Instant Coffee

Highlands is the most successful brand of the chain’s business model, especially with instant coffee. Highlands instant coffee helps drinkers enjoy exciting experiences with delicious, pure, bold coffee. Highlands products are not only for family use but also suitable as meaningful gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues. Highlands instant coffee is delicious, rich, charming with pure coffee taste will always bring refreshing moments to consumers.

  • With traditional roasting know-how, Highlands Coffee’s 3 in 1 instant coffee retains the natural flavor of coffee, giving you delicious cups of coffee. Highlands Coffee 3 in 1 instant coffee will help you experience one of the premium instant coffees with a typical flavor, suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people. Products made from carefully selected coffee beans, with delicate recipes, still retain the rich, delicious taste of pure coffee. With its distinctive, quintessential aroma, Highlands Coffee’s 3 in 1 instant coffeeis sure to give you the perfect start to your day.
  • Highlands Coffee 3 in 1 instant coffee is produced on modern lines, does not contain preservatives, ensures food hygiene and safety, bringing peace of mind to users. The product is handy bagged, allowing you to enjoy high-class cups of coffee at home.

4. G7 Instant Coffee

With roasting and processing technology in Buon Ma Thuot and a control center in Germany – Only Trung Nguyen possesses dual European technology and Trung Nguyen’s uncopyable know-how to create a real, fragrant, delicious G7 instant coffee with overwhelming quality of the world’s leading coffee from Switzerland with a G7 ratio of 89%.


  • G7 3IN1 INSTANT COFFEE: With roasting and processing technology in Buon Ma Thuot and control center in Germany – Only Trung Nguyen possesses European dual technology and Trung Nguyen’s non-replicable know-how, we create a real instant coffee, delicious, convenient.
  • G7 Strong Gu instant coffee X2: G7 strong taste X2 is a line of instant coffee products with a double concentrated coffee flavor for those with strong coffee taste, giving you a rich coffee with strong coffee.
  • G7 2in1: G7 2 in 1 instant coffee is an instant coffee product with the pure characteristic flavor of real iced black coffee, true to the taste of Trung Nguyen roasted coffee.
  • BLACK instant coffee: It is a line of pure black instant coffee products without sugar, with rich, delicious quality and taste in accordance with the taste of coffee connoisseurs.

5. Wake Up Café Saigon Instant Coffee

Wake Up is a famous instant coffee brand, in which Wake Up Café Saigon instant coffee is extracted from delicious coffee beans mixed with milk, allowing you to enjoy a full cup of aromatic coffee to bring you alertness ready to solve all tasks. Currently, there are many options of Wake Up coffee on the market for coffee lovers but without much time, these will be really perfect choices, outstanding product lines can be mentioned as:

  • Vietnamese Wake Up Black Iced Coffee 240g: bold flavor of Vietnamese coffee, stronger coffee than men gives you a feeling of extreme refreshment.
  • Vietnamese Wake Up iced brown coffee 240g: aromatic coffee, strong stimulating, mixed with the aroma of fatty milk blended to create extreme flavor.
  • Wake Up milk coffee 3 in 1 mink flavor 306g: fresh ecstatic aroma all day giving you a feeling of extreme relaxation and comfort.
  • Wake Up Café Saigon Milk Coffee 456g: rich milk flavor, aromatic coffee in convenient package, reasonable price.

6. Vietnam Organic Instant Coffee Supplier – Helena coffee

Is organic coffee healthier?

Did you know that a commonly grown coffee tree can use up to 200 pesticides, is a crop that needs the heaviest chemical treatment of any agricultural product in the world

Coffee berries are exposed to direct sunlight all day, which weakens the immune system of the coffee plants and makes them more susceptible to insects and pests.

The farmers then have to spray large amounts of pesticides and insecticides directly onto the beans, which inevitably end up in the drinks people drink every day.

Through this process, you can see that this is not only harmful to our health but also toxic to the coffee farmers.

When it comes to regular coffee, there are two things that the cultivation process affects. The first are those who pick and process coffee berries during cultivation and processing. Second is you, the consumer.

You should know that the chemicals involved in growing non-organic coffee (regular coffee) are extremely dangerous. In addition, they can cause short- and long-term health problems for both coffee growers and us consumers.