How To Roast Coffee At Home

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How To Roast Coffee At Home
How To Roast Coffee At Home: With the simple ways to roast coffee at home with the tools available in the house and a few simple steps, you can completely roast yourself delicious, delicious, and safe batches of pure coffee.

Sum up delicious and straightforward home-roasting craft coffee-roasting ways.

How to roast coffee with a pan

Prepare: Coffee beans regularly are of good quality, not mixed with impurities. Pan (should use a thick bottom pan), wooden spoon, gas stove or wood stove, electric stove, blender, or coffee grinder

How To Roast Coffee At Home

Detailed instructions on how to roast handmade coffee at home by pan:

  • Step 1: Put the pan on the stove, heat the pan, add the coffee beans, and stir continuously so that the coffee is cooked evenly, preventing the coffee beans at the bottom of the pan from burning. Note: Roast the coffee with a moderate fire. Avoid roasting with too high a fire that will burn the coffee.
  • Step 2: The island is constantly; the coffee beans are drying out, shrinking, and the aroma begins to radiate and turn yellow.
  • Step 3: Continue to stir the coffee hand evenly for about 15 minutes when you see the coffee beans start to expand and turn black-brown (at this time, you can put butter in the same roast, stir your hands evenly until the butter soaks evenly into the coffee) then turn off the stove. Next, add fish sauce and wine to the pan and mix well.
  • Step 4: Bring the coffee to an airy place or use a fan to fan the coffee quickly to cool. It is necessary to cool the coffee immediately after roasting to avoid the case that hot coffee will continue to ripen, leading to burning and losing the natural aroma of the coffee.
  • Step 5: Coffee, when cooling, is best to store in a clean, airtight glass container or a bag /package with a one-way valve that will help filter the CO2 in the coffee package to the outside while preventing outside air from entering the coffee package. Let’s go through a day and night and then take it to grind.

How to roast delicious coffee at home in oven

Prepare: green coffee beans, ovens, coffee roasting cages, or perforated trays (Hole 0.5cm wide, distance between two holes about 1.5cm)

How To Roast Coffee At Home

How to do it:

  • Put coffee in a cage or tray, avoiding overlapping coffee beans.
  • Turn on the oven to the oven and put the coffee cage or coffee tray in the oven.
  • Turn on the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius
  • Monitor the color variation of coffee beans. When the coffee beans turn black-brown, turn off the oven, take out the coffee, pour another tray, and use a fan to blow the coffee quickly to cool.
  • Usually, each batch of roasted coffee by oven will take about 7-15 minutes, depending on the number and the type of oven your home uses.

Synthesize simple and effective ways to grind coffee at home

How to grind coffee with a pestle and mortar

Pestle and mortar are always in the house, so this will be the most economical and simple way to grind and consume coffee beans at home.

To pound coffee with a pestle and mortar with high efficiency, you should break it into several batches, each in small quantities, to break the coffee quickly and smoother. Note: It is recommended to leave the mortar on a flat surface. It is best to leave it under the floor to make it more convenient to pound.

How To Roast Coffee At Home

How to grind coffee green coffee beans with a roller tube

You can use a floured roller to grind coffee. The larger the weight of the roller tube, the easier it is to crush the coffee and help you save energy. You can use a circular craft bottle to roll if you do not have a roller tube.

The way to do it is simple: Spread the coffee beans evenly on the plane and roll over and over again and again and evenly until the beans crumble to the size you want.

How to grind coffee with a blender

Put the roasted coffee beans in a blender, turn on the switch to grind, and crush the coffee. Turn off the button when the coffee beans break small to the size you want.

Pour coffee powder into a glass jar with a closed lid or a bag with a one-way valve to preserve the best coffee. Note: Do not grind too small because it will be easy to make coffee, and when brewed, it takes a long time to drain all the water in the bottle.

How to grind coffee with a dedicated coffee grinder

There are two types of coffee grinders: manual coffee grinders (hand coffee grinders) and electric coffee grinders.

  • Grind coffee with a portable mill: This will help grind the coffee faster and save more than the above. Put the coffee beans in the mortar. Using the cake hands are all coffee beans that will be crushed. After each batch, you should sift the ray to filter out the large coffee to grind again.

How To Roast Coffee At Home

  • Grind coffee with a muscle depositor: Put the roasted coffee beans in the container and start the switch. Turn off the machine once the coffee has reached the smoothness you desire. Note: grinding several times and gradually reducing the device’s speed is recommended. Do not let the machine run for too long and harm the engine, and it can cause the coffee powder to be burned due to the device’s heat.

Grasp the process of roasting coffee manually and the ways to grind coffee right at home, combined with the experience of accumulating and drawing on your own when doing it yourself, will surely bring you quality and the right roasts to see.

Shelf life of coffee after roasting: HSD of powdered coffee is one year when not opening the lid of the box, not opening the bag. After opening the bag or the box, it is best to use it within 2-3 weeks to ensure quality and delicious taste.

This manual way of beans coffee roasting is only suitable when you burn in small quantities and have much free time. If you need to roast in large amounts to give to friends and relatives or drink gradually, or cafes need to use a lot, you should use a roaster, a specialized coffee grinder, to save time.

However, the investment cost for the system of roasters and grinders is relatively high, so many consumers choose the perfect solution: many café owners, and business owners.

And coffee exporters use coffee roasting services at prestigious coffee processing facilities and workshops professionally to save time and effort while creating delicious quality coffee products at a cheaper cost. Or faster, you can buy finished coffee bean roasting products at reputable and reliable units.

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