How to Purchase Wholesale Green Coffee Beans?

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How to Purchase Wholesale Green Coffee Beans

Purchase Wholesale Green Coffee Beans: “Helena Coffee Vietnam is your foremost importer of specialty, wholesale green coffee beans, and Wholesale bulk coffee,” reads a statement on the company’s website. “If you are a startup, huge corporate roaster, or anything in between, seeking the finest green coffee importers globally.”

We go to several places to evaluate and obtain the best beans. In this situation, we can guarantee that your roasted coffee will have unique fragrances, rich tastes, and distinctive features that your customers will enjoy repeatedly. We put our hearts into each bag. As importers of specialty coffee, we research producers, engage with them, sample their coffees each season, and monitor their workflow beginning with the harvest.

We establish enduring bonds based on tacit knowledge of Helena’s high standards for her products. Our core values—respect for every product, for the farmers, and the consumer—are firmly ingrained. We are dedicated to educating ourselves due to visiting and networking with global wholesale coffee suppliers and growers.

We do this as a coffee supplier to observe their harvesting practices, learn about each distinct crop cycle, and build partnerships based on an implicit knowledge of Helena’s expectations for quality, product, and sustainability. Upgrade to Helena, join our family and inhale the fresh air.

How to Purchase Wholesale Green Coffee Beans? Buying Green Coffee Beans in Bulk

You may have had the wild idea to roast unroasted coffee beans and then sell them to people while standing on a street corner or entering your favorite coffee shop. When you decided to become a coffee roaster, perhaps you had already spent some time working in the coffee sector as a barista or packing and transporting roasted coffee beans.

Maybe you were already employed as a roaster by another company when you decided to go alone. Perhaps you were a coffee enthusiast who had never worked in the industry but began considering whether you could do something to make others happy.

Each path is unique. They also frequently state that. Remember that we only sell wholesale coffee beans in 60-70 kg bags when deciding if Helena Specialty Coffee should be a part of your roasting adventure. How do you know when you’re prepared to register online with Helena and start placing orders for 60-kilogram bags of coffee?

Are you prepared to buy green coffee beans in bulk? What you should know is as follows:

  • If you’re still reading, there’s a high probability that you Googled “purchase a coffee roaster” at some time, not too long ago. What a journey, huh? The only restriction on how to transform green coffee beans into brown coffee, it appears, is your creativity.
  • Cast iron frying pans or popcorn poppers are suitable for roasting coffee for personal use. Even though they may not be the best solutions, these techniques are employed to varied degrees of success to make small quantities of roasted coffee, mainly for distribution to friends and family or for use at home.
  • Even though it might be entertaining to remove the batteries from your smoke detectors and roast coffee using any of the homemade techniques you can find online, only a small number of these inventive or unusual roasting techniques indicate that you’re ready to purchase raw coffee beans from Helena.
  • This isn’t because we don’t like you or want to sell you coffee. A wholesaler that sells to other businesses is Helena Specialty Coffee. We mainly offer green coffee beans at wholesale prices to companies that roast coffee. To start with, you need to “be” in business.

Explore our Green Vietnamese Coffee, would you?

We will seek proof that you own and run a coffee roasting business when you first purchase wholesale green coffee beans. Possess you have a website? Social networking sites? You may assist us by adding your website URL or social networking accounts when seeking an online account.

You may have plans to roast and sell coffee but are not yet ready to purchase a whole bag. Your company idea can still be changing. In situations like this, we will frequently direct you to internet vendors who sell less than 60 kilograms online and sell to individuals and startups.

Not that we don’t wish to collaborate with you—far from it. As a result of the numerous startup and micro-roasters we work with, there is undoubtedly room for relationship development. Remember that we are a business-to-business wholesaler offering only full-size bags of green coffee beans at wholesale prices.

Some people just starting to write a business plan visit our website to look at prices. Although we provide a broad selection of coffees, the cost per pound will range from as little as $2 to as much as $6 (Lamdong, Vietnam) or even more for some unique coffees. Accordingly, a complete 70-kilogram sack would cost between $340 and $925, while a full 60-kg bag would cost between $290 and $795.

The delivery price is among the most crucial considerations when contemplating larger purchases of green coffee beans. Although we can send 60 kilograms through FedEx for a fixed charge of $100, more significant and numerous bags must be transported by ground, which significantly adds to your whole transaction cost. You can find our shipping costs here.

Consider where that roasted coffee will go before deciding whether it’s time to purchase 60-kilo bags. Approximately 132 pounds of green coffee beans are included in 60-kilo bags, which will roast to produce 110 pounds of roasted coffee.

You don’t have to burn the entire bag at once, but if it would take you months to consume a 60-kilo bag due to the size of your roasters, a lack of distribution (starting with family and friends), or a combination of the two, you’re not ready for 60-kilos just yet.

Keep an eye out in the “deals” section of our website once you register your account and our eCommerce division takes on the role of your “coffee trader.” Don’t let the fact that these coffees are from a previous crop turn you off. Past harvest is second-act coffee, as we like to say.

We’re pleased to help if you have any concerns regarding registering for an account or ordering wholesale green coffee beans from Helena Specialty Coffee.

Green coffee beans are exported in bulk by Helena Coffee Vietnam. We import the top coffee beans worldwide as a leading wholesale coffee provider.


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