How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting with Pest Resistance and Good Yield?

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How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds with Pest Resistance and Good Yield

Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting: Helena Coffee Vietnam supplies dwarf Robusta green coffee seeds, TR4, TR9, and TRS1. F1 seeds will help people improve their family’s economy. The seeds are selected from the top gardens.

Seed propagation process according to new standards. Seeds are carefully selected to avoid cross-pollination to improve the quality of hybrid seeds. Many households and ranchers have ordered the seed brand for 12 years.


Price list of Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting (2022)
Species of Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting Price
Tr9 seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Tr4 seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Trs1 seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Dwarf green seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Huu Thien Seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Thien Truong Seeds (1kg) 12 USD
Take 0.5kg 15 USD
(Agents, please contact: +84.789.818.828 (Whatsapp/Telegram) to update wholesale prices for Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting)


Noted: We can ship the Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting via DHL and FedEx express.

Price list of Robusta coffee seeds in the crop year

The coffee garden is old, and the trees are sick, making people take a lot of care but still not bring high economic efficiency; productivity and quality are decreasing daily. Therefore, the need to replace the old coffee variety is of particular interest to people.

The Southern Central Highlands Agricultural Service Cooperative and Helena Coffee Vietnam currently has 11 and two varieties of coffee and tea. After a long time of research and selection, these coffee varieties have brought high yield, quality, and adaptability to the climatic conditions of the Southeast and Central Highlands provinces.

As one of the certified establishments providing coffee varieties in Vietnam with good propagation techniques, avoiding seed degradation helps farmers have a bountiful harvest.

These varieties have been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to meet the needs of farmers to replace old coffee varieties.

General introduction about Robusta coffee seeds

Coffee varieties such as TR4, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8, TR9, TR11, TR12, and TR13 all have high resistance to pests and diseases and good growth ability, so the ability to branch a lot helps the tree to grow. Relatively high and stable yield from 4.5 tons – 7 tons/ha of green coffee per crop.

How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds with Pest Resistance and Good Yield
How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting with Pest Resistance and Good Yield

The size of the coffee beans has also improved significantly – the mass of 100 beans ranges from 17 grams to 23 grams, much higher than the old varieties. Especially the newly studied types have good growth ability and high rust resistance. Make sure you feel secure with the crop using new kinds of Institute.

Helena Coffee Vietnam has produced and supplied the market with about 20 tons of hybrid Robusta coffee seeds to ensure meeting the needs of renovating and replacing old, low-yielding coffee gardens with low-yielding varieties. Maximum productivity and economic efficiency.

Techniques for taking seeds of coffee plants

It isn’t easy to produce purebred varieties of the Voi coffee tree. Because the coffee tree is a cross-pollinated plant. So we have combined offering hybrids from 2 or multiple lines together. These polyclonal coffee varieties are propagated from original purebred parent plants by clonal methods.

How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds with Pest Resistance and Good Yield
How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting with Pest Resistance and Good Yield

Coffee gardens are used for propagation. All are isolated from other coffee gardens. Carry out alternating planting when planting to ensure cross-pollination. The most intense and all the genetics of the line are thoroughly tested.

  • The size of the coffee seed is usually large due to the large seed size of the original parent plant.
  • The ripeness of the coffee cherries determines the seed quality of the propagated coffee garden. Therefore, the propagation process only uses fully ripe physiological fruits. Only then will the highest quality seeds be obtained.
  • The coffee trees are carrying disease, or the fruit is immature. Overripe or overripe. Dry or deformed fruit is removed immediately during seed selection.
  • To become the seed of coffee beans. After harvesting according to the above criteria, it must be processed and stored correctly.

How to process high-quality seed coffee beans

With a small household size and a small number of seeds, farmers can use their foot pedal to separate the peel. On a larger scale, with many sources, it is necessary to use disc grinders, drums, or cone shafts to separate the outer shell quickly.

The resulting Robusta coffee seeds have a greenish-white viscous layer around the outside of the bean after peeling off the outer shell of the coffee cherries. People put in the seed incubation tool and incubate for 12 to 20 hours for this outer layer of dense to decompose. It is necessary to stir the seeds frequently during the incubation process so that the seed layers are evenly mixed, usually about 2-3 times during the incubation period.

How To Buy Robusta Coffee Seeds with Pest Resistance and Good Yield
Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting

People can use chemicals such as Na2C03, NaOH, or NH4OH with a concentration of 2-3% to clean seeds. People need to clean the thick outer shell after incubation. After the roots have been cleaned, people leave the seeds in a calm and shaded place to dry and dry the seeds.

Preservation of seeds free from pests and diseases:

Due to the sleep quality is not high. So, after brewing, coffee beans will often lose their germination very quickly. Therefore, farmers need to take advantage of planting seeds as soon as possible. Otherwise, within 7 to 15 days, the Robusta coffee seeds will lose their germination completely.

Seeds should be stored in a cool place if there is no immediate condition for sowing. People should use tools such as spatulas, knots, and knitting needles. Or spread the seeds right on the dry cement floor to help the roots keep the highest germination.

People should regularly check the tools to preserve seeds for timely detection. The sources are worm-infested or have holes in them, and the seeds are moldy and turn a different color. The root peeling, weed, and moldy seeds all lose their ability to germinate.

People need to store seeds at a temperature of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, air humidity from 85 to 90%, and grain moisture from 20-22%. In good conditions like this, farmers can keep seeds for about three months with a germination rate of up to 80%. After three months of not using them, the germination capacity of the sources decreases rapidly, so farmers need to store them well.

Seed shipping:

Vehicles used for transportation should be carefully covered to avoid rain and sun. Transport vehicles should be relaxed and clean.

Seed bags should not contain more than 30kg/bag. People should use jute bags and PE woven bags to ensure the moisture retention of the seeds.

It would be best if you used more powdered fungicides such as Captan. Benomyl or Benlat mix well with the seeds. To prevent seed contamination during transportation.

Regularly check the temperature in the seed bag, do not let the seeds overheat or steam. If the temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to let the seeds out to get ventilation.

Where to buy Robusta Coffee Seeds for Planting?

To order, please get in touch with phone number: +84.789.818.828 (Whatsapp/Telegram). The facility will guide you on incubating the seeds for the best germination rate.


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