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Halal Certified Instant Coffee Supplier – The market of Muslim countries is a potential market that Vietnamese companies are still leaving open. To enter this market, every company must be interested in Halal standards or Halal certified to enter this market.

What is Halal certified?

What is Halal certified? Halal certification is a license that permits a product meets ingredient requirements, is qualified for manufacturing, and meets the needs of Halal regulations and standards.

In other words, Halal certified confirms that a particular product meets the requirements for ingredients and manufacturing conditions in compliance with the requirements of Qua’ran and Shariah (Islamic law).

Halal Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

Products that are required to have Halal certified in Muslim markets are divided into four main categories:

  • Food and Beverage (excluding wine and beer, alcohol)
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetics

Should I apply for a Halal certificate?

To answer the question of whether to do Halal certified or not? Companies need to consider the business needs of their export projects. Suppose you are targeting products consumed in Muslim countries.

In that case, it is entirely appropriate to consider applying for Halal certification because it will bring the company many benefits and income in business.

What standards is the Halal certified process based on?

The HALAL certificate is based on the following typical standards.

  • The product must be free from any ingredients prohibited by Islamic law
  • During the production stages, the product must not come into contact with any means or equipment from materials that are not allowed by Islamic law.
  • During transportation, product manufacturing must not come into contact with any nutritious food from ingredients not approved by Islamic law.
  • No production, transportation, or storage in a Haram food factory or production line (unless a Muslim supervisor is involved in the entire process) is not allowed.
  • Any tools and equipment used in the production, transportation or storage of Haram food must be washed and dried according to Islamic law when used for HALAL food.

Benefits of owning a Halal certificate

To export goods to Muslim countries, consumers can purchase products with the HALAL logo as proof of faith that God authorises the use, with the assurance that it does not contain anything that is Haram.

Good for health

Muslims can only use Halal certified products; for non-Muslims, Halal products are also a good option. Halal products ensure “pure” in the production process and are suitable for health.

Halal certified

Today, Halal certified products, goods and services are more widely recognised, popularised and consumed by ensuring “Food Safety and Quality” standards. Halal standards not only meet religious criteria but are also one of the new standards that assure consumers about the safety and quality of products.

Expand markets

Halal certified makes it possible for consumers to purchase safe products. Guaranteed, it doesn’t contain anything Haram. This can increase consumption.

It is estimated that Muslims account for about 25% of the world’s population, which will increase to 30% by 2025. The demand for Halal food and products from countries worldwide is growing daily.

In the past, most Muslim countries could meet all their food needs domestically or imported from other Muslim countries. However, now with the expanding global market, the potential of is Halal food market in the world is not limited to only Muslim countries anymore.

It is forecasted that by 2025, food with the Halal certified mark will account for 20% of the total value of food consumed worldwide.

Therefore, most ingredients derived from plants and shellfish are Halal. Vietnam is a country with strengths in agricultural and aquatic products.

Therefore, the export potential of Vietnam to the Muslim market is enormous. Halal certified for products also means that every company has the key to opening the door to the Muslim market.

Who should apply for Halal certified?

Businesses wishing to develop products in the market of Muslim countries or interested in the benefits that Halal certified brings should conduct this assessment and issue this halal certificate.

For businesses when exporting products to the Middle East, the need for a Halal certificate is almost mandatory.

Which organisation is the Halal certified Office?

In Vietnam, the Halal certified office in Vietnam is not a government agency. Still, a private organisation board of Halal organisations in the world, such as JAKIM (Malaysia), GCC Accreditation Center (GAC), ESMA (UAE), MUIS (Singapore), CICOT (Thailand), KFDA (Korea) … recognise the function and authority of testing, grant Halal certificate in Vietnam.

Halal certified instant coffee supplier

Helena Coffee is a professional coffee producer and distributor of pure, diverse, high-quality coffee products. We distribute Robusta and Arabica coffee products.

Helena Coffee’s goal is to bring consumers pure, safe and delicious coffee products, absolutely no chemicals, no additives, and no harmful substances. You can rest assured when using the product. We believe that you will be satisfied and always remember the coffee taste of Helena Coffee.

Helena Coffee instant coffee products ensure:

  • New coffee
  • Hot air roasting technology
  • 100% pure coffee

Helena Coffee uses advanced machinery and equipment, a professional production management team, and a highly qualified technical team, providing high-quality, stable products, on-time, fast delivery, and reasonable prices. Reasonably meet the needs of customers.

The strengths that make the Helena Coffee brand different and classy are: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and technical supervision, and severe and meticulous work in the product development process. New, perfecting the product to the smallest detail.

In addition, Helena Coffee’s instant coffee products will promote exports and build brands in markets requiring high-quality certification, such as Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand. Helena Coffee is expected to continue introducing many high-quality products with unique coffee flavours to domestic and foreign markets soon.

The trust and support of customers in the past have been a great encouragement for the development of Helena Coffee. We promise to improve and bring the best to our customers constantly.


For more information, please contact at:

  • Company office: 124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam
  • Phone number (Whatsapp/Telegram): +84 789 818 828 (Mr. An) / +84 262 392 8688
  • E-mail: helenacoffee.jsc@gmail.com
  • Website: helenacoffee.vn


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Helena Coffee Processing & Export in Vietnam | Helena., JSC, which was established in 2016, is a Vietnamese coffee exporter, manufacturer & supplier. We provide the most prevalent varieties of coffee grown in Vietnam’s renowned producing regions.

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