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Halal Certified Coffee Supplier

Halal Certified Coffee Supplier: The warm market for Muslims is a big and potentially lucrative industry, with over 1.5 billion people living on the planet. Therefore, obtaining Halal certification for food will be a significant accomplishment and a ticket for you to enter the market, which is challenging but also full of opportunity.

Why is Halal certification important? How do you obtain Halal certification, and why is it necessary? The Halal-certified coffee supplier, Helena Coffee, will be described and introduced in the following article. 

The coffee

Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans, which come from the fruit of the coffee tree. The word “coffee” comes from the French word “café.” Different kinds of coffee come from tropical Africa and the equatorial regions of Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, and Réunion.

This type of tree is shipped out of Africa to countries all over the world. It is now grown in more than 70 countries, mostly near the equator in America, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

Tea coffee and coffee are the two types of coffee that are grown most often. After the coffee is ready, it will be picked and processed in different ways, like roasting, grinding, and mixing with water.

There are also many kinds of processing, like dry processing, wet processing, and honey processing. Dry coffee beans can be roasted at a wide range of temperatures, from light to dark. After the coffee is roasted, it is ground into fine or coarse pieces and brewed with hot or cold water, depending on the taste, to make coffee drinks.

What Does Halal Certification Mean?

Halal in Arabic means “legal” or “allowed,” and it’s used to talk about religious rules that are right for Muslims. In this case, it’s legal to follow the rules of the Kinh Qur’an.

Haram is the opposite of Halal, which is legal. Haram means “not allowed” or “taboo,” and it must also follow the rules of the Qur’an Kinh. Also, Halal or Haram things or actions that are unknown will be thought to be Mashboh (suspicious).

Halal certification is a way to show that a product meets the requirements for the ingredients and groups that can be used to make it, as well as the requirements of the Halal standard.

Muslims say that Halal and Haram include everything in life. Not just in the food or medical fields. But this holy law must also be used to guide cultural, economic, political, and social issues.

How to get a Halal certificate?

In Arabic, the word “halal” means “legal” or “allowed to be used.” This word is often used by Muslims to describe what they are allowed to eat, drink, use, or do.

Halal Certified Coffee Supplier
Halal Certified Coffee Supplier

There will be strict rules for products to be certified as Halal, as follows:

  • First of all, the raw materials, additives, and chemicals that go into making these products must be proven by vouchers and reliable records that list the ingredients.
  • Don’t put any kind of alcohol directly into the product.
  • Animal parts must have a certificate that says they are Halal.
  • In particular, the whole production line for Halal products must be kept separate from the line for non-Halal products. On the factory campus, if a company has a product line with pork products, it must be completely separate from the Halal product line, and Muslims (1 person/1 production) must be involved in the production of Halal products.

Why do companies get Halal certification for their products?

Companies are getting Halal certification to sell their products in Muslim countries. It is important to note that Muslims comprise 24.1% of the world’s population or 1.8 billion people.

Also, in many Islamic countries, only foods certified as Halal can be used.

Some reports say that 19% of the world’s food market comprises Halal food. So, many companies get their Halal products so they can serve larger markets and meet the needs of their supply chains.

Helena Coffee is a supplier of Halal certified coffee

Helena Coffee – Halal Coffee Supplier has a wide range of products to meet all Vietnamese people’s needs and tastes, including coffee, instant coffee beans, roasted coffee, and other roasted coffee. Other items are made with coffee.

No matter what you have planned or how you feel, there is always a cup of coffee that will make your day better. At Helena Coffee, you’ll find a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and caring people who are ready to answer your questions. We always sell coffee products of the highest quality at prices that are easy on the wallet.

Helena Coffee makes sure that all of our products meet strict economic, social, and social standards. We’ll change the price when we need to and keep an eye on the market to give customers the best incentives. We hope that the above reasons will help you have more faith in us.


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