“Golden Hour” To Drink Coffee During The Day: Not In The Morning When You Wake Up!

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"Golden Hour" To Drink Coffee During The Day: Not In The Morning When You Wake Up!
Is drinking coffee in the morning good? Many people drink coffee after waking up and think this is a beneficial habit, helping the body and brain become awake immediately, refueling for an exciting new day.

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However, the truth behind it is the opposite! It’s all scientifically backed up with solid evidence-based research on healthy living. To make sure drinking coffee doesn’t cause harm, here are three things you need to understand and remember.

Cortisol And The Intimate Link With Coffee

Cortisol is a hormone associated with stress levels in the body but, at the same time, increases focus and alertness. In addition, it also helps promote metabolism, improve blood sugar, and support inflammation and allergies.

Cortisol is produced very strongly in the morning, especially about 30-45 minutes after waking up. Past the 45-minute threshold, cortisol does not disappear immediately but gradually decreases over the next few hours.

Therefore, drinking coffee right after waking up is unnecessary because our body already has an automatic mechanism to promote alertness with cortisol in a normal healthy state.

Instead, drink coffee from the threshold 3-4 hours later when cortisol levels drop significantly. The stimulating effect of caffeine awake energy will now be more ideal than ever.

So drinking coffee when you first wake up will be harmful? Not really; it’s just that it’s not optimal for the body’s needs and sometimes brings side effects if you haven’t eaten breakfast in time.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach will cause an empty stomach to be intensely stimulated by the acid in the coffee. This situation will make it easy to drink coffee service, which in the long run can cause heartburn, the most severe being stomach ulcers.

When is the Best Time to Drink Coffee?

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So, in conclusion, when should you drink coffee of getting eat to avoid unwanted effects? Is the morning coffee habit good?

To answer all of the above questions, here is a detailed breakdown of the times when you should and shouldn’t drink coffee free depending on the time of day received:

  • From 7 am to 10 am: As mentioned, this is the time to get when the hormone cortisol is high; it will not be practical and wise to load caffeine into the body.
  • From 10 am-11:30 pm: Cortisol is now low, making you more sluggish and tired. Therefore, this is a suitable time to drink coffee, energize the brain, and increase work and creativity.
  • From 12 am to 1 pm: The body naturally increases cortisol again, so avoid drinking coffee now. Instead, focus on enjoying lunch and taking advantage of a bit of a nap.
  • From 13:00 to 15:00: Cortisol levels return to downward momentum, leading to feelings of sleepiness, dreaminess, and inefficient work. The cafe will be an excellent choice to refresh work inspiration.
  • After 3 pm: Do not refill coffee from now on. 6 hours is the average time for the body to break down caffeine. Therefore, drinking coffee from 3 pm onwards will quickly feel nauseous and lose sleep at night.

4 Tips to Avoid Harmful Side Effects When Drinking Coffee

Do not drink on an empty stomach or while intermittent fasting

Coffee shops in contact with an empty stomach will irritate negatively, so the habit of not having coffee in the morning will certainly not bring many good benefits. Coffee took simultaneously as a meal will interfere with the effective absorption of iron – an essential component for many body functions and cells.

Use coffee at least 30 minutes before meals.

Unlike on an empty stomach, drinking coffee after eating helps speed up digestive efficiency, preventing the feeling of fullness and indigestion. Just leaving at least 30 minutes is enough not to experience reacting to newly consumed food.

Sip some coffee before practice.

Caffeine boosts metabolism, pumps blood to the organs, helps the body to be more productive, and burns more calories. Training efficiency is also greatly improved.

Replace coffee with tea after 3 pm.

If you still want to stay awake late afternoon or evening, switch to black/green tea. They still have caffeine to help stimulate the brain, but the content is only ⅓ of coffee – suitable for not causing sleep disturbances.

In general, the hobby of drinking coffee in the morning, although not causing too adverse side effects, is still not ideal when continuously abused for a long time. When you know wake up and the best time frames and times to drink coffee morning, you can save a lot of money and promote the inherent effectiveness of caffeine in your body.

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