French Roast (FR)

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The term “French Roast (FR)” refers to a section (Dark Roast) of coffee beans that have been roasted to a highly dark level. After the second crack, at 240°C, it usually is removed; if you keep it in the oven until around 245°C, you’ll have Italian Roast, the darkest roast that can still be utilized for the preparation.

French Roast (FR)

To make it easier to visualize, we’ll divide roasted coffee into three categories: light, medium, and dark roasting.:

  1. Cinnamon roast – Light Roast (collectively known as Light Roast)
  2. Medium Roast / American Roast, City Roast
  3. Dark Roast / Full City roast. Vienna Roast. French. Italian Roast
  • There are numerous more miniature stages in the Dark Roast range, each categorized by “bold,” such as Vienna Roast, French Roast, and Italian Roast.
      French Roast (FR)French Roast (FR)

When roasted to an FR, it takes on a dark brown color. It shines because the oil inside the bean is secreted more, and the acidity (and other inherent properties) is significantly reduced. Its coffee is famous in the American West and has bitter tones.

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