Coffee Wholesale Suppliers :Top 10 Of Quality In Vietnam

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter
Coffee Wholesale Suppliers :Top 10 Of Quality In Vietnam

Coffee Wholesale Suppliers: Top 10 Of Quality In Vietnam – Many people are looking for coffee wholesale suppliers high-quality because Vietnamese people currently have robust demand for coffee. Finding a provider of high-quality coffee is challenging, though.

Join to learn more about the Top 10 coffee wholesale supplies of quality in Vietnam right away.

Coffee wholesale supplier: Vinacafe

One of the businesses in the Vietnamese coffee industry with the oldest history is Vinacafe, which has been in operation since 1968.

Vinacafe has consistently held the top spot in the coffee market despite numerous ups and downs and organizational changes. This unit, in particular, significantly developed the processing business since it was the first to investigate and create instant coffee items effectively.

Coffee wholesale supplier: Vinacafe
Coffee wholesale supplier: Vinacafe

Vinacafe has established strong brands and provides distinctive, premium food and drink items to customers worldwide while adhering to its key principles.

Vinacafe’s products have become familiar drinks everywhere in the country: from sidewalk cafes to restaurants and luxury hotels. Regardless of the circumstances, Vinacafe also captivates people with its delicious, pure Vietnamese flavor. Vinacafe – Vietnamese coffee of Vietnamese people.

Coffee wholesale supplier: Nestle

Nestle is not only a well-known food company but also a location where excellent coffees that are well-liked everywhere in the globe, including in Vietnam, are made and processed.

Nestle believes that happiness is best experienced when it is shared; therefore, they put all their love into making each cup of smooth, delicious coffee.

This way, you can begin your day with joy and happiness. Nestle has carried out that noble deed by particular acts, namely the constant efforts of the general public and Nestle personnel to develop a variety of coffees with new flavours, satisfying diverse tastes.

Nescafe 3 in 1, Nescafe 5 in 1, and iced milk coffee are some of Nestle’s best-known brands. Currently, Nestlé employs over 2300 people worldwide across six factories.

With a total investment capital of more than 600 million USD, Nestlé shows its long-term commitment to Vietnam’s development and a desire to better the lives of its consumers and contribute to a healthier future generation of Vietnamese families.

Trung Nguyen Legend

The pride of the Vietnamese people is Trung Nguyen coffee, which comes from the sunny and windy Buon Ma Thuot hill, where the best quality coffee beans are grown and nurtured.

The name of this potent coffee comes from the hidden oriental secret of creating an intense flavor that cannot be combined with any other coffee. It is filtered from the best coffee trees.

The appeal of Trung Nguyen coffee is universal. Trung Nguyen has worked hard and developed for over 30 years. They are now a pioneer in domestic coffee production and the export of coffee to more than 60 nations worldwide, including the US, Russia, and France.

Highlands Coffee

A never-ending enthusiasm for Vietnamese coffee beans led to the creation of Highlands Coffee. This company has consistently offered tasty, comparable coffee goods at affordable prices in a welcoming and courteous environment.

In addition to being well-known beverages, Highlands Coffee’s coffee cups also have a cultural mission that captures a portion of Vietnamese people’s contemporary way of life.

The Highlands Coffee brand was established in 1999 out of a love for Vietnam and a passion for coffee to elevate Vietnam’s long-standing coffee legacy and spread the spirit of pride and the harmonious relationship between tradition and tradition.

Beginning in Ha Noi in 2000 with packaged coffee products, Highlands Coffee swiftly grew into a well-known coffee shop brand and has steadily increased domestic and international operations since 2002.

Coffee wholesale supplier: Helena Coffee

Helena Coffee is a leading supplier, processor, and exporter of Robusta and Arabica coffee in Vietnam. In addition, we are regarded as one of the pioneers of success in exports of pepper and coffee to nations across the country, such as South-East Asia, China, and the world.

Coffee wholesale supplier: Helena Coffee

HELENA is committed to doing everything possible to ensure natural environments are protected and conserved in the best possible way.

HELENA supports training groups on good farming, first aid, fire safety, and GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) to encourage farmers to use safe and responsible methods that benefit the farm and its surrounding environment.

Farms are visited and surveyed regularly to maintain the comprehensive standards set by the certificate awarding bodies to provide the farmers with support and encouragement.

Intimex Group Joint Stock Company

Since July 1, 2006, Intimex Group Joint Stock Company has been in operation. The Intimex Group has chosen coffee as one of the essential export items starting in the context of the nation’s development into international integration.

With an average annual export volume of 450,000 tons, we are pleased to be the top exporter of coffee in Vietnam.

Currently, Intimex Group runs 13 green coffee processing facilities in strategic coffee raw material areas of Vietnam, one hank coffee processing business in strategic coffee raw material areas of Vietnam, and one instant coffee factory at VSIP II Industrial Park.

Ngon Vietnam Coffee Co., Ltd

Ngon Coffee Vietnam is an Indian-owned business that formally entered the Vietnamese market in 2011. With cutting-edge machinery and production methods, Ngon Coffee has steadily taken control of the Vietnamese coffee industry.

It has emerged as a significant rival to well-known brands like Vinacafe and Trung Nguyen.

The company leads the list of businesses that sell the most instant coffee, producing around 32,000 tons of finished coffee annually.

The best-selling items from Ngon Vietnam Coffee Co., Ltd. are instant coffees: 3 in 1, 5 in 1, and mink flavour… both easy to use yet flavorful and smooth, comparable to any other renowned coffee filter.

An Thai Group

An Thai became a significant coffee production, distribution, and export corporation after being officially created in 1996 after more than 20 years of development.

An Thai is proud to be one of the significant multi-industry corporations with many strengths in coffee production and processing, consistently receiving prestigious certificates and awards and earning the respect of domestic customers and international partners. This is the result of experience and ongoing efforts.

An Thai Group invests in the construction of a Production Center in the coffee capital of Buon Ma Thuot, where an abundance of raw materials is gathered, in the direction of “green development, powerful growth.”

To provide a closed production system from planting to fertilizing to managing each seed of coffee, there is a system of three commercial and industrial coffee factories and one factory that specializes in creating organic fertilizers generating coffee of exceptional quality while assuring consumer safe.

My reputation and potential have helped An Thai Group establish a broad product distribution network in the home market and expand into over 30 foreign markets, including the US, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Famous coffee companies worldwide have chosen An Thai Group to be a strategic partner and official supplier for many years, enabling it to achieve steady and sustained growth consistently.

King Coffee

The King Coffee shop system is dedicated to offering a posh setting and moments of savoring authentic coffee, connecting people, and stimulating creativity and passion.

The distinct earth coffee experiences and culture consumers have with each cup of coffee, and every way that King Coffee serves them will be enriched.

The King Coffee menu states that the company serves Arabica and Robusta coffee, with some coming from Buon Ma Thuot.

King Coffee offers creative coffees in addition to traditional Vietnamese coffee and earth coffee, which comes from coffee beans grown in Colombia and Brazil (Espresso combined with other drinks such as milk, fruit juice, etc.).

PETEC Coffee Joint Stock Company

PETEC Coffee Joint Stock Company has consistently provided tasty and connected coffee goods over a significant period.

Taking over the Technical Trading Corporation and PETEC investment’s communication system with the mission of offering extremely high-quality goods and services based on the tenet of maximum user satisfaction for the benefit of both parties. alongside.

As a current member of the Vietnam Coffee and Coffee Association (VICOFA), PETEC Coffee Joint Stock Company is one of the top export coffee manufacturers in the country.

With a capacity of 15-20 thousand tons per year, the factory has modern equipment managed and run by the company in Lam Dong Province.

It is situated on a 10,000-square-meter plot of land close to the Di Linh Plateau’s administrative center. Due to its reasonableness, superior product quality, and testing criteria, PETEC Coffee, which exports around 20,000 tons of coffee annually, strengthens its global reputation.

The Top 10 Best Quality Coffee Wholesale Production And Trading Companies are listed above, according to a list created by Helena Coffee. We hope that you will find a coffee wholesale production and trading company address that works for you by sharing.



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