Coffee roasting tips at home

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Coffee roasting tips at home

Coffee roasting tips at home: You can completely roast your coffee at home to create the aroma of pure, unadulterated coffee… and, most importantly, make it yourself.

That’s one of the reasons why so many people want to roast their coffee and enjoy the results with a cup of coffee made entirely by themselves. Try to apply the following coffee roasting tips to roasting and compare them with the store.

Tips for roasting coffee with a pan.

In fact, there are many ways to roast coffee at home. You can roast coffee with a pan, or saucepan, or use specialized tools such as a coffee roaster. Here is the easiest way to roast coffee beans at home with a pan that anyone can make.

Ingredients to be prepared

Coffee beans: Should choose pure coffee beans (coffee has many types such as Arabica, Robusta …, in which, the typical coffee in Vietnam is Robusta (no sour taste)).

Butter (fragrant butter, butter, rite butter…), delicious fish sauce (over 35 degrees of protein), brandy (you can roast pure coffee beans, but if you want the coffee to be fatter, delicious, and rich. then prepare more of these ingredients).


Large or small saucepan or saucepan depending on the amount of coffee.
A coffee grinder or manual grinder is used to grind coffee when finished roasting.

Coffee roasting tips at home
coffee grinder(Coffee roasting tips)

How to roast coffee

Step 1: Preliminary processing of coffee beans. After buying coffee beans, you should remove the husk to clean, then dry the coffee 1-2 times in the sun to dry, this helps to reduce the roasting time.

Step 2: Put the coffee beans into the hot pan, and stir constantly and evenly until the coffee is cooked evenly. After about 15 minutes, the coffee beans turn slightly yellow and then gradually turn dark yellow. When you hear the sporadic popping sound of coffee, turn down the heat, and continue to stir.

Step 3: When the coffee begins to crack more and more regularly, you turn on high heat to increase the temperature to 220-240°C to help the coffee ripen and smell. At this time, you will see more smoke, the aroma will start to rise.

Also starting from this point, you must pay attention to turning off the stove, then let the coffee cool down. Depending on the taste of coffee choose the time to turn off the stove, but remember not to burn too much, because if the coffee is too burnt, it will have a bitter taste, lose its aroma and produce substances that are not good for health.

If you want stronger roasted coffee, then use the three ingredients above with suggested quantities: 1 kg of coffee with about 50g of butter, one teaspoon of fish sauce, and three teaspoons of brandy. You add fish sauce and wine when the coffee has turned color, finally add butter, stir well to infuse, and then turn off the stove.

Step 4: Make the coffee cool quickly.

After turning off the stove, you quickly pour the coffee into a wide-sided tray or a well-ventilated place, use a fan to make the coffee cool quickly. This step helps the coffee to smell for a long time, preserving the full aroma of the coffee.

Some note:

  • Start roasting the coffee at about 120°C. The temperature to ensure the coffee is cooked without burning is about 180-240°C.
  • Roasting time: Each batch does not exceed 60 minutes, usually about 40 minutes (depending on the moisture content of the coffee and the taste the user wants to enjoy).
    That’s it, how to roast coffee manually at home with a pan. At first, you should try roasting with small batches to draw your own experience on how to roast good coffee. Coffee beans, after cooled for about 1 day, must be stored in sealed jars, in a cool, dry place, without direct sunlight.

How to roast coffee by machine

Coffee roasting tips at home with machine
Coffee roasting tips at home with machine

Buy unroasted green coffee beans

You can buy unroasted coffee at coffee shops or buy it online on online commerce sites. or contact us. However, if you are roasting coffee for the first time, you probably have no experience with the type of coffee you like. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a moderate amount for testing. Then you can buy more if you like the coffee.

Prepare coffee roasting equipment

Currently on the market there are small coffee roasters that are suitable for roasting coffee at home.Depending on your needs, you can choose the right coffee roaster for your family with a variety of prices and brands.

When roasting coffee with manual roasters at home, it is not possible to measure the internal temperature of the beans to finish the roast. However, you can rely on the crack to prepare the end of the roast. Specifically, the roasting steps are as follows:

Start roasting


Preheat the roasting cage for 6 – 7 minutes before placing the coffee in the cage. You can check by inserting your finger in the center of the roasting cage. If you feel burning after 3-5 seconds, then the temperature of the roasting cage is enough to put green coffee in.

  • Adjust the gas so that the first crack (First Crack) is about 8.5 minutes. You should experiment a few times with low-priced coffee to gain experience adjusting the amount of gas so that the noise occurs at this time.
  • Immediately after the first crack, reduce the heat and prolong the roasting for about 2 – 2.5 minutes: Suitable for pouring pour over.
  • Roast until 4:00 – 4:30 after the first bang: Suitable for mixing Syphon, French Press.
  • Roast until 5:00 – 6:00 occurs the 2nd explosion (Second Crack).
  • Roast more 1:15 to 2:30 after the second bang: Suitable for making filter, Espresso. Depending on the taste, prolong the roasting time accordingly.

Note when roasting coffee:

  • Depending on the type of coffee, depending on the preliminary processing method, the time for the explosion may vary slightly.
    For Robusta coffee, it is very difficult to notice the first explosion. In contrast, the first explosion occurred very clearly in Arabica coffee.
    You can also end the roast based on the color scale. If you are familiar with roasting, you can notice the correlation between roasting time and color scale very clearly.

Finish roasting

Depending on the purpose of roasting, you can finish the roast at the right time. You can study the taste variation of coffee by roast level to decide when to finish roasting.

Once you’re satisfied with the roast level, it’s time to take out the coffee. You need to use a blower to remove the silk skin and cool the coffee quickly. Usually the cooling time is shorter than 5 minutes to avoid salting.

Storing and using coffee after roasting

Coffee after roasting, there is a lot of CO2 released as they break down the grain structure in the first 24 hours. Therefore, as soon as roasting is complete, if you pack it right away, the coffee bag will swell, causing the seam to burst.

However, if the coffee is left outside for 24 hours, the coffee will lose its characteristic aroma. Therefore, it is best to pack it with packages with a 1-way valve so that the inside air can escape, and the outside air cannot enter.


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