Coffee price today October 4, 2022: The world coffee market was mixed

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Price coffee Today October 4, 2022 - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Coffee price today October 4, 2022: The world coffee market was mixed when Robusta recovered slightly. The dollar is currently at a 20-year high. Ground pressure in New York.

Coffee price today October 4, 2022

At the end of the last trading session of the week, the price of Robusta coffee in London for delivery in November 2022 increased by 20 USD/ton to 2173 USD/ton, and the price delivered in January 2023 increased by 17 USD/ton to 2163 USD/ton.

Price of Robusta coffee traded in London – Coffee price today October 4, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
11/22 2173 +20 +0.93% 7442 2181 2150 2150 42333
01/23 2163 +17 +0.79% 5041 2168 2143 2145 23882
03/23 2139 +19 +0.9 % 1671 2145 2118 2120 16806
05/23 2126 +20 +0.95% 224 2131 2104 2104 7241
Unit: USD($)/ Ton Coffee priceTrading unit: lot = 10 tons


On the New York Stock Exchange, the price of arabica coffee delivered in December 2022 fell 5.8 cents/lb to 215.75 cents/lb, and the price for March delivery fell 5.2 cents/lb to 207.35 cents/lb. . After consecutive declines, the price of Robusta coffee recovered slightly in the past session.

Price of Arabica coffee traded in New York – Coffee price today October 4, 2022

Period PriceCoffee price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
12/22 215.75 -5.8 -2.62% 22842 222.65 214.75 220.8 87532
03/23 207.35 -5.2 -2.45% 9846 213.5 206.5 212 48286
05/23 202.55 -5.05 -2.43% 3797 208.6 201.75 207.85 26448
07/23 199.3 -4.8 -2.35% 1513 205.05 198.45 202.65 4791
Unit: USD Cent/lb 1USD = 100cent 1Lb ~= 0.45Kg Trading unit: lot = 37,500 lb


In the medium term, this coffee item remains under constant downward pressure. This is because the dismal economic situation in the EU has had a significant impact on speculative cash flows and consumer demand. Meanwhile, the dollar continues to pressure the New York Stock Exchange at a 20-year all-time high.

Coffee World News: Circle K to launch in South Africa through Millat Convenience partnership

The parent company of the US convenience store chain, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., claims that as the brand continues to develop in international markets, South Africa offers fresh growth potential.

In order to expand the American convenience store to South Africa, Millat Convenience, a division of the Millat Group with headquarters in Johannesburg, has signed a franchise deal with Circle K Alimentation owner Couche-Tard.

Through this collaboration, Millat is given the only right to establish franchised shops in the nation; the first Circle K site will debut in the Gauteng region of South Africa in October 2022.

The 25th international market for Circle K is South Africa. It presently has a network of 1,900 branded sites outside of North America and over 7,000 outlets within the US.

As part of a plan to add more downtown sites, Circle K started building smaller size shops in Dublin, Ireland, in February 2022.

Pre-gas station operators, including local firms Astron Energy Fresh Stop, Engen Quick Shop, and Sasol Delight, as well as global names Shell Select and BP Express, are the industry leaders in South Africa’s convenience retail market.

Seattle Coffee Company, a network of South African coffee shops, announced intentions to extend the collaboration by opening 100 more locations in selected Sasol Delight convenience stores across South Africa by 2026 in July 2022. retail.

Circle K Alimentation owner Co

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