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Coffee Beans Supplier: Robusta Dry-Processed Wholesale Bulk – The best dry-processed Robusta green coffee beans come from Buon Ho, Cumgar of Dak Lak province, Dak Nong province with good coffee grown in Dak Mil or good Robusta coffee in Dak Ha, Kon Tum province, Gia Lai province has Chu Se coffee.

Although it is also Robusta coffee, each locality brings different flavours, which are delicate and superior to other localities.

Characteristics of Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee has a slightly acrid taste and a light aroma mixed with a firm bitterness; it has a high caffeine content, which is why it is chosen by many people who like a pungent taste.

After harvesting, Robusta coffee is processed by many methods to create different Robusta product lines.

Robusta coffee has the scientific name Coffea Robusta, in Vietnam it is called Voi coffee, and has a caffeine content of 2 to 4%, a more pungent taste.

Robusta coffee’s fat and sugar content is also lower than that of other types of coffee. This characteristic gives Robusta a distinctively rich flavour. They are suitable for brewing or mixing with Arabica to increase the strength of the cup of coffee.

Compared to Arabica beans, Robusta beans are rounder and smaller.

Coffee Beans Supplier: Robusta Dry-Processed Wholesale Bulk - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Dry processed Robusta green coffee beans

Robusta coffee varieties are usually grown at altitudes below 1000 m. Usually, the mature tree’s height can be up to 10 m. Yields higher than Arabica coffee and at the same time easier to grow than Arabica varieties.

Almost 90% of the area is currently under cultivation. In the coffee regions of Vietnam, the main varieties of Robusta coffee are grown, and are famous in the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, Lam Dong.

Robusta coffee has a slightly acrid taste, and a light aroma mixed with a firm bitterness. Robusta coffee has a high caffeine content, which is why it is chosen by many people who like a pungent taste.

After harvesting, Robusta coffee is processed by many methods to create different product lines, of which dry processed Robusta coffee is the coffee with the most significant export reserves in the world and is considered the symbol of Vietnamese coffee.

Dry processing method of Robusta green coffee beans

Currently, 80% of coffee on the Vietnamese market is the product of dry processing. Dry processed green coffee is easily affected by weather, nutrients can be lost, and dirt can be mixed.

However, dry processed coffee tastes will be naturally sweet and less acidic. Dry processing coffee is the oldest method in the history of the coffee industry, often applied to Robusta coffee.

Dry processing process of Robusta green coffee beans

  • Step 1: After harvesting the coffee, pick up the leaves, soil, and stones… that is left over.
  • Step 2: Dry the coffee in the sun for about 30 days until the moisture content of the coffee beans drops to about 12%.

Usually, coffee is spread on concrete, sieved … and periodically raked to dry evenly, limiting mold.

At night, coffee is collected in one place and covered with tarpaulin to avoid night dew which increases the moisture content of the coffee, especially the coffee layer must be evenly coated and not too thick because the enzymes in the coffee cherries will make Coffee smells terrible.

Various types of dryers can be used to reduce coffee beans’ drying time, such as static dryers combined with mixing, tower dryers, floor dryers, etc.

  • Step 3: Grind the coffee berries to separate the skin and get the core inside; each coffee berry usually has 1-2 coffee beans.
  • Step 4: Remove impurities and sieve coffee beans by size.
  • Step 5: After step 4, you can produce green coffee for sale or roast and pack.

Are you looking for a dry processed Robusta Coffee supplier and wholesale?

Dried processed Robusta green coffee is one of the products that attract the attention and needs of many customers today. Because the demand for raw materials to produce quality coffee batches is extremely important.

Helena Coffee always strives to become the leading supplier of high quality dried processed Robusta green coffee and bulk dried coffee in Vietnam.

Coffee Beans Supplier: Robusta Dry-Processed Wholesale Bulk - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Product information View: dry processed Robusta green coffee beans

Helena Coffee‘s drying process Robusta green coffee is made from 100% clean, high-quality dry process coffee beans, without impurities, additives, chemicals or flavouring mixtures.

Why should you cooperate in developing with Helena Coffee

Helena Coffee prides itself on producing coffee as a business solution, with affordable prices and consistent quality. We are investing in growing areas, facilities, experts, and compliance management quality.

Become a Helena Coffee partner to deliver our fresh, high-quality coffee to your customers worldwide.

To promote the culture of enjoying clean, pure and healthy coffee, Helena Coffee has selected famous coffee growing areas such as Robusta Buon Ho in Dak Lak, Moka Cau Dat, and Arabica Tram Hanh in Lam Dong … and help farmers grow coffee according to a clean, safe and secure production process. Helena Coffee’s coffee is produced by a closed cycle with advanced technology.

We provide practical and economical solutions to companies that want to market roasted and ground coffee as well as pure coffee. Helena Coffee has a stable source of raw materials, an enthusiastic, experienced R&D team, dedicated ISO experts, and marketers.

All production stages are carried out according to standardized processes with modern machinery imported from Europe.

View Helena’s Products Introduction here:

Some of the certifications Helena Coffee has received: The Fair Trade Certification, The USDA Organic Certification, The Rainforest Alliance Certified, Direct TradeCertified.

Helena Coffee is currently providing a variety of speciality coffees in Vietnam, including pure roasted and ground coffee. We have devoted all our passion and responsibility to Vietnamese speciality coffee beans.

With serious work and research, Helena Coffee has developed product lines suitable for many customers. Let Helena Coffee become a partner ready to help you make a difference in your business. Business with attractive, long-term cooperation policy and competitive price.

Helena Coffee would like to send a cooperation invitation to our partners, who are organizations, companies and individuals who are interested and want to cooperate with us to jointly carry out coffee export activities to increase value and brand familiarity to both parties.

With the motto SHARE THE BEST BENEFITS FOR CUSTOMERS, Helena Coffee is committed to continually bringing the best services to its members along with a reasonable price policy and many other incentives.

Helena Coffee believes in our partnership and partners’ good, long-term success. We look forward to receiving your attention!

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