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Best Vietnam Coffee Beans: If you are a coffee addict, everyone will choose their own “taste,” such as black coffee and milk coffee, but do you know how many types of coffee are in the best Vietnam coffee beans? Let’s follow the answer later.

Arabica coffee

Arabica is the name of the world for this coffee variety. In Vietnam, it is called by the familiar word “tea coffee” because its style and size are pretty similar to tea trees.

People first discovered arabica coffee in Africa in the 16th century, then introduced it to Yemen and worldwide. Although they are of Arabica, people divide it into two small groups A.Typica and A. Bourbon. This division is due to the origin of human dispersion when brought to different countries in the early years when humanity knew about coffee trees.

Best Vietnam Coffee Beans (1)

The A.Typica coffee variety began to come to countries other than Yemen in 1670. The following country they appeared in was India, then Indonesia, the island of Java. The climate of Asia is highly suitable for the growth of this plant. Sun and wind help plants mature and grow in a better way.

People named coffee A. Bourbon after an island in the Indian Ocean, and the French first brought the seeds in 1708. The difference between these two groups is that A. Bourbon usually has more rounded grains and fruits than A. Typical, and the yield is about 20% higher. Delicious arabica coffee varieties include:


People liken Typica to the royal family’s premium coffee when classifying coffee. That is due to the rarity and unique taste it possesses. For the devotees of this drink, this coffee can show that they are immersed in the world of ecstatic aromas mixed with an exceptional sour taste. The sound that coffee beans bring is very long and impressive.

This type of coffee belongs to the genus Arabica. It is grown at 1500m, so the yield is minimal. In particular, it is one of the coffees with very high requirements for climate, soil, and care regimen. That is why Typica coffee has become so rare in the market. She is considered the “queen” in the coffee world. Only coffee connoisseurs can feel all the rich taste that this noble coffee brings.


Located in the genus of Arabica coffee, Bourbon is known as one of the coffees in Vietnam with a significant influence. This type of coffee is capable of growing in many different lands. However, the most suitable place for this plant to grow well is 1100-2000 meters above sea level. That’s why the taste will also be different.

Best Vietnam Coffee Beans (1)


In addition to the rich and delicate sweetness, the taste of Bourbon coffee is also very complex depending on the different planting land. Bourbon is popular with red or yellow fruits to distinguish between coffee types. In addition, its fruit is also rounder than Typica coffee.


Catimor coffee is a favorite coffee in Vietnam. That is a “soft” coffee suitable for Vietnamese economic conditions. The characteristics of this coffee are the low canopy, cheap planting cost, and less deciduous. Catimor has a slightly sour taste and a strong aroma. So, it can bring ecstasy, warmth, and very refreshing to the drinker when enjoyed.


Of the coffee beans of Arabica, Catuai is a coffee originating from Brazil. Scientists bred it between the Mundo Novo and the dwarf Caturra. Compared to bourbon coffee, it is much more productive. In 1980, this coffee variety was introduced to the Vietnamese market with yellow or red fruits and had a circular nucleus.

The highlight of Catuai coffee is that it possesses the aroma of fruit and the smell of ginseng. That is something that other coffee beans on the market do not have. You will feel the sour taste balanced with sweetness and a slight bitterness when enjoying. That is why this coffee is not as picky as it is today.


Robusta Coffee

Besides Arabica, Robusta is a popular coffee variety in Vietnam. They occur in the eastern part of Africa. In 1900, People officially introduced coffee Robusta to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

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The most favorable environment for this plant to grow is a temperature from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, high humidity, a large amount of light. In Vietnam, the price of Robusta coffee has increased quite a lot. They are well resistant to pests, high yield, and often have a characteristic taste of mildly spicy, the smell of smoke when brewed, and a distinctively bitter taste.


Cherry coffee is, also known as jackfruit coffee, consists of two main varieties: Liberica and Exelsa. A coffee variety with a high body and excellent resistance to pests should be preferred and often used as a graft breed.

Three kinds of good coffee in the world

Which coffee is the best is the question of many “brown drink devotees.” Every taste, every coffee country has a difference in taste. However, to list the top 3 impressive coffees, there is no shortage of the following names.

Famous weasel coffee flavor in Kopi Luwak

As the No. 1 brand for quality coffee, mink coffee appears in Indonesia. And only on the islands here, coffee is worthy of the brand of real mink coffee.

In this region, spotted cockers are pretty famous, and also prefer fruits and coffee fruits. However, thanks to the unique digestive system of this weasel, the coffee beans are not digested and go out. That’s why I have a unique taste in coffee like this.

We can say that “mink coffee” is the correct answer to “which coffee is the best” because this coffee taste is lovely to people to enjoy. Thanks to the special fluid from the stomach of the mink, through special processing, coffee has a charming taste. There is the warmth of coffee and the lovely aroma from the unique way of brewing.

Which coffee is the best? You must be talking about coffee. With many ways of processing, people sell a variety of these coffees in many different styles. However, the price of coffee is relatively high. Depending on the type, mink coffee costs 20-50 million / kg.

Blue Mountain Coffee – The Answer to “Which Coffee Is Good”

Not as famous and premium as mink coffee. Blue Mountain Coffee quietly captivates people who enjoy it everywhere. Originally from Arabica beans, this coffee line is native to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Therefore, it owns the name of its birthplace.

Blue Mountain offers a very different taste experience with no less than premium coffee. The distinctive bitterness and aromatic coffee come only from Jamaica Mountain. The perfect taste sensations that this product gives are worthy of voting. It is the answer to“which coffee is the best?”

Best Vietnam Coffee Beans (1)

The most striking feature of this best coffee flavor is the lightness when first enjoyed. But hold on to the person wanting the special bittersweetness in the throat. Make the taste charming without leaving.

The price of this coffee is currently about $ 100 / kg. The price is also worth it for Blue Mountain to answer the question of “which coffee is the best.”

The Ethiopian coffee cradle.

Not far from Ethiopia, one of the cradles of world coffee. That is the place to give you the answer to “which coffee is the best.”

In Ethiopia, traditional coffee spread throughout the Middle East is a favorite of many coffee lovers. American coffee style with an exceptional taste. Coffee plants are grown on large farms with intensive care—performance for high fruit. The process of processing the feat does not lose the taste of fresh, pure coffee.

Therefore, when looking for the answer to “which coffee is the best,” people always specifically mention Ethiopian coffee.

The person who enjoys it will never forget the taste of fresh coffee is a little passionate and bitter when once wanted. Due to extensive processing and export, the price of this coffee is very high.

Coffee is not only a drink but also a culture, a bond that connects people in a society, a community with people who share a common interest. However, choose for yourself cafes that use unmetered pure coffee beans. In this way, coffee devotees can feel all the flavors of coffee and ensure health. Upper here is the Best Vietnam Coffee Beans.


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