Aftertaste Properties – SCA Cupping Form

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Aftertaste Properties - SCA Cupping Form - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Aftertaste Properties – SCA Cupping Form​​​​​​​​​ – This article is part of a group of posts that explain the ten sensory attributes of the SCA Cupping Form (or SCA Arabica Cupping Form) based on knowledge from the book Sensory Science.

Following the Flavor Properties Aftertaste, defined in the cupping technique as the combined sensation of basic tastes and scents remaining after coffee leaves the mouth, either through swallowing or spitting.

When cupping, the cupper usually spits coffee after holding it in his mouth for a short time, then stops and feels how the Aftertaste progresses. Since the coffee aftertaste can last up to 30 seconds or more, the copper should not rush for the next cup.

Aftertaste Properties - SCA Cupping Form - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Illustration of how to evaluate the Aftertaste attribute on SCA’s Cupping form

The aftertaste is considered particularly important in coffee precisely because of the retention of coffee flavor in the mouth – a prolonged pleasant aftertaste adds value to the coffee-drinking experience. In contrast, a long, unpleasant aftertaste can significantly negatively impact consumers.

The aftertaste sensation can be described as the previous “taste.” Aftertaste duration is an important characteristic, along with different sensations.

Aftertaste Scoring

According to the SCA standard, both Flavor and Aftertaste must be evaluated when the coffee is at a temperature of about 70°C; the impression of the quality of the Aftertaste attribute is recorded with a score of 6 to 10, based on the cupper’s estimate of how Aftertaste affects the value of coffee in the market.

NOTE: Aftertaste is derived from less volatile and less polarizing fragrance ingredients. These substances take longer to evaporate and reach the nose, so they can linger seconds and even minutes after the coffee is smoked or swallowed.


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