3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And Always

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3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And Always

3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And Always: Before, I used to think that people who drink black coffee must be strong, mature people. Because only they can withstand that intense bitterness. But times have changed.

Black coffee has been sweeter, more aromatic, and opened up a completely different coffee world. So I couldn’t contain this excitement but had to share it with you:


Reason 1: The taste of coffee has changed a lot

Now, the black coffee is no longer bitter as before but becomes sour, sweet,  and extremely smooth. Specifically, the previous black coffee cups mostly only had bitter, dry flavors or the smell of caramel, the smell of butter.

And now black coffee has the sweetness of berries of molasses or chocolate, in addition to the fluttering scent of flowers. The most special thing is that all these flavors are natural, without going through any process of mixing.

3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And AlwaysSo, adding milk, adding sugar just “turns off” those amazing “taste sounds”. Drink black coffee to get an extreme “taste shock”. And then you will soon fall in love with this coffee world, a coffee world that exists without you knowing it.

Hint: If you are also new and curious. Then you can try Specialty or Fine Robusta coffee. The floral aromas and fruity sweetness of these coffees can make you “taste shocked” immediately.

Reason 2: Drinking black coffee is both healthy and beautiful, especially for girls (drinking)

In terms of health, when you drink black coffee, it will help reduce the rate of cancer, improve the heart, and reduce the rate of Parkinson’s disease… Then if it’s black coffee but filtered through filter paper, it can still be reduced. the maximum amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

However, what I want to focus on is the “Beautiful” section.

Black coffee has almost no calories. Or maybe it’s only about 3-5 Calories for drinks like Espresso, Americano, or Cold Brew.

3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And AlwaysHowever, when adding milk, the sugar is different. Detail:

  •  1 cup of Brown Ice has up to 157 Calories. (Each scoop of condensed milk is about 61 calories)
  •  1 cup of Silver Siu has 200+ Calories.
  •  1 cup of Cappuccino has “only” 80+ Calories.
  •  1 cup of Latte has about 100+ Calories.
  • It feels like we are drinking every sip of body fat.

So, if possible, just drink black coffee, once in a while, and reward yourself with a cup of coffee with milk. Because when you do that, maybe every time you pass by, people will have to say: “Wow or pee” with those wide eyes.

Reason 3: To love coffee all over again with more things to explore 

The world of coffee has changed. The new wave of coffee with  Specialty coffees ” is gradually taking over the hearts of coffee lovers.

At this time, black coffee cups not only have new flavor nuances but also have a series of “keywords for you to research, search and discover. If in the past, when you went to buy coffee, you were probably only interested in which brand of coffee, how much it cost, or more deeply what, Arabica or Robusta coffee.

But now, the black coffee cups will give you a bunch more information such as Coffee variety, coffee growing area, altitude, how to prepare coffee, how to roast coffee, and suitable coffee-making tools fit. So much information is because each of these factors has a significant influence on the final coffee flavor.

3 Reasons To Drink Black Coffee Immediately And Always

Specifically, coffee will taste different when:

  • Different varieties of coffee: Next, Arabica coffee will have more fruit flavors than Robusta coffee.
  • Different growing regions:  For example, coffee in Ethiopia often has more floral aromas than coffee from Brazil.
  • Different altitudes:  Costa Rica coffee at 1900m altitude can have more peach and rose flavors than coffee of the same type but grown at an altitude of 1200m.
  • Different ways of preparation:  For example, dry pre-processed coffee or honey often gives a feeling of thickness and fullness when drinking. While the pre-processed coffee is wet, it feels cleaner and brighter.
  • Different roasts:  Lightly roasted coffee will have a lot of fruity properties. While medium or dark roasted coffee will favor Caramel, Chocolate.
  • Different preparation tools:  Pour Over style coffee will be extremely cool and gentle when filtered through paper. And coffee brewed with French Press can give a rather fat and round mouth.

→ And those are the variables that can change the taste of coffee. Every time you drink coffee, you probably won’t want to read anymore, because the complexity is unbearable. But that could be because you’re not really into coffee yet. And if it’s a “Coffeholic”, trust me:

You will fall right into this coffee world without stopping.

In short, unless you are hypersensitive to caffeine. If not, then go ahead and put a passionate kiss on your “Black Coffee” lover. New levels of emotions and a variety of things to discover are waiting for you.

Hope you can find yourself black in offer overflowing with emotions!

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