10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds

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Ten unexpected uses of coffee grounds: Most people consider coffee grounds worthless. It has many surprising benefits such as gardening, repelling insects, nourishing the skin, smoothing hair, deodorizing…

10 unexpected uses of coffee grounds
Ten unexpected uses of coffee grounds

1. Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are very popular with gardeners because they are suitable as fertilizers. When mixed with nutrients, coffee grounds make the soil more fertile more acidic. Plants will thrive in acidic soil because they can get more nutrients from the earth. If you have a supply of coffee grounds, keep them and make your garden bloom year-round.

2. Pet grooming

Mix coffee grounds with a bit of water, and you have a great pet beauty solution. Apply this solution to the animal’s fur; it will have a softening effect, making the coat more beautiful. Furthermore, many people believe that coffee grounds can kill fleas and other parasites.

Food hoarding can cause your refrigerator to smell bad. At that time, a simple solution was to take a bowl full of coffee grounds and put it in the fridge; after a while, it would absorb all the unwanted odors.

3. Deodorize the refrigerator

Similarly, you can use coffee grounds to deodorize toilets and food containers for a long time. After cutting onions, garlic, or making fish, if you can’t get rid of the unpleasant smell on your hands, rub a little coffee grounds; the smell will disappear immediately. If you want to get rid of undesirable body odor, wrap coffee grounds in a cloth bag apply evenly on your body when bathing…

4. Instruct the pet to go to the toilet permanently

You love your animals but don’t know how to get them out in the long run. Very simply, take a mixture of coffee grounds plus discarded orange peels and leave them in the garden. The scent of the cross is too strange for pet poop standards will attract them immediately.

5. Exfoliate

It sounds silly, but this is an idea that works. The caffeine in coffee grounds helps increase blood volume by treating rough skin caused by fat accumulation or stretch marks due to less elastic skin and shrinking pores. So, in addition to the development of keeping the mind awake, this substance also brings vitality to your skin.

Tẩy tế bào chết

So, mix the coffee grounds and olive oil well or apply the coffee grounds on your face, relax for 30 minutes and then wash it off. You can mix yogurt before using it on your skin for oily skin. Summer is here; you can mix coffee grounds with a facial cleanser. Wash your face first, then apply sunscreen before going out for smooth, sun-free skin.

6. Deodorize shoes

After a day home from work, shoes and feet smell bad, tomorrow you will not be confident to wear those shoes anymore. Put some coffee grounds on your boots, let it deodorize the shoes. To remove foot odor, you can wash your feet with water mixed with coffee grounds every day. Or, if you want to get rid of underarm odor, you can also apply coffee grounds to it.

7. Solution for shiny hair

There is no better option than using coffee grounds for soft and silky hair. It’s like a great natural conditioner. To do this, you wet your hair, apply coffee grounds, let it sit for a while, and then wash your hair.

8. Pesticides

Insects like ants and termites can be irritating to your clothes. Once there, rub a few splashes of coffee into the closet; they will immediately disappear without a trace because ants don’t like the scent and characteristics of coffee.

9. Bottle cleaning

For pots with narrow mouths that cannot be washed by hand, put a little coffee grounds in and then rinse with cold water to clean.

10. Dyeing

If you pour boiling water over coffee grounds, you know you’ve made brown dye for fabric, for a work of art, or other uses.

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