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You Should Switch To Fresh Coffee – Why?

You Should Switch To Fresh Coffee – Why? In Vietnam, the trend of consuming fresh coffee is spreading and gradually replacing traditional canned powdered coffee products. So what is the reason for this? Why should you switch to fresh coffee?

1. What is called fresh coffee? (brewing)

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Fresh coffee – or otherwise known as roasted coffee – is a type of coffee made with pure coffee beans, without any other additives. Previously, fresh coffee only appeared in coffee-growing areas or was bought according to the preferences of a few people who love the natural coffee taste. at present time, when people have found a way to process and preserve them while maintaining their deliciousness, fresh coffee is gradually becoming more and more popular. In the current situation of food hygiene and safety, fresh coffee is more and more popular because of its freshness, cleanliness, and safety for the health of users.

2. Reasons why you should drink fresh coffee (water, beans, instant, fresh)  

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Although it is a new consumer trend, there are still many people questioning that drinking fresh coffee compared to regular coffee is not the same, let alone the price of fresh coffee is not cheap at all. Everything is worth its value. The first is clean. Coffee beans do not use any chemical irrigation when planted, so it is more carefully and meticulously cared for by farmers. The processing process includes brewing, roasting, and grinding without additives, which adds to its cleanliness level. And clean means safe, the body will not suffer the bad effects that can happen if it is regular coffee.

Secondly, fresh coffee has a natural flavor and a characteristic scent of natural coffee that is extremely attractive. It will not be as greasy as the scent of regular coffee – the kind that people often mix with popcorn, roasted beans, etc. Especially when drinking, the coffee taste is completely overwhelmed by a series of other smells, and you Drink a cup of coffee without feeling anything at all.

Finally, pure coffee brings a lot of benefits in terms of health, preventing cancer, supporting people with diabetes, and providing energy and mental refreshment for you when starting a day of studying or working. efficient work. The benefits of coffee have been confirmed by many scientific studies.

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Grandparents often say, what is natural is also the best, applying it to fresh coffee is not wrong at all. Instead of drinking a coffee, the fee you don’t know how much is mixed into it, drinking fresh coffee makes you feel more trustworthy, especially when you also know that it is very beneficial for your needs. own health needs.

Changing a habit is not easy, but once you have tasted the taste of a fresh cup of coffee, you will feel the difference it makes. Drink fresh coffee today, to test all the above reasons, friends!

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