Why We Give Sugar In Coffee?

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Why We Give Sugar In Coffee?

Why We Give Sugar In Coffee? – Many people drink very bitter coffee, even so, upset that they cannot drink without adding a teaspoon or two of sugar to it. This suggests that they may have been using poor quality coffee that was burnt, and all the good flavors (including sweetness) were gone during the high heat of the roasting process. It is also possible to create the habit of adding sugar or milk to coffee.

As we all know, high-quality coffee has been pre-processed, roasted, and blended to optimize the sweetness available in the coffee. Therefore, adding sugar to coffee will make almost all that effort meaningless.

We don’t feel the good sweet taste as we have been

Most of us do not perceive the natural sweetness of the coffee. There’s a reason why modern foods have too much sugar, a vast amount that is enough to make us less sensitive to sweetness.

A soft drink can contain about 39 grams of sugar or about nine tablespoons of sugar. Imagine having such a sweet taste; you need to add the same amount of sugar to the coffee.

Ironically, the sweetness can also be found in natural products, but we no longer perceive it as clearly our natural ability.

Recovery natural sweet personality

The only way to restore the ability to taste sweetness is to limit the use of sugary foods. One exercise to rehearse sweetness in nature is to taste the juices of lemons and oranges side by side. You’ll see the sweetness in the oranges more clearly than ever, and you probably won’t need to add sugar to the orange juice anymore.

High-quality coffee products are like oranges; they are naturally sweet, delicious, and healthy. All you need to do is rediscover your inherent sweetness sensitivity. Good luck!


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